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  1. Another crappy week...$205 in, $80 out. UGH.
  2. Awful week with too many nobodys scoring multiple TDs. $205 in, $80 out. Best LU finished 14,405 out of 608k. Going with Evans (MVP) - Brady, Fournette, Mac Jones, Brandon Bolden for the late game to HOPEFULLY make up the losses.
  3. I always focus on usage at the RB position. That's easily the most consistent indiciator of highest upside. This week I see only 5 guys projected at 20+ touches. With AJ Brown and Julio both out Sunday, I think you have to bet on Henry but his ownership will be through the roof. Best pivot would be someone from the Sea SF game because of the projected point total. Sermon might be the guy, but I prefer Carson as he's more consistent.
  4. At QB I'll do the following 6 guys (number of plays in paren) and stack same team WR and also opponent WR: Mahomes (8), Allen (8), Stafford (8), Murray (4), Garoppolo (8), Wilson (4) RBs I like are few this week, will max exposure at 60% each: Henry, Kamara, Najee, Gibson, Dalvin I'll let the optimizer flesh out the rest with max 30% exposure to any one player/DEF For our league I'll go Mahomes - Chase Edmonds, Zack Moss - Kupp, Hopkins, Devontae Smith, Gabriel Davis - Kelce - Lions DEF
  5. $200 in, $149 out. Not great but still have enough to stake for next week. Have Rodgers - Jones, Sermon, Tonyan, Kittle for the late game...Go Bears (i.e. Aaron Rodgers and GB)...
  6. So, just pulling into this week. On Friday, the FBG multi-lineup builder made my LUs and NONE had Henry, but many had Dalvin. That was a nice, easy swap as there was only $200 more for Henry. In many cases, I was able to actually swap Henry in, and drop a random WR and swap in Mattison as flex. For our league I'm going Brady - Carson, Mattison - Godwin, Woods, Metcalf, Allen - Waller - BAL Def
  7. Best LU finished 2,595th in FD. $205 in, $157 out so still up for the year but today was a slight disappointment as I had that Vikings afterthought WR in a few of my better LUs and they just didn't get over the hump. Mixon killed me. In our league I did horrible despite having Brady at QB as I ended up taking Anotnio Brown as my WR and, well, you know...
  8. I'm going with Mahomes and Murray as QB stacks, And then game stacks for DAL-LAC and TEN-SEA. 40 entries into the Sunday Millions. Obviously I missed that the KC game is the Sunday late game, so swapping out Mahomes for Josh Allen... QBs (number of LUs in paren): Allen (8), Murray (8), Herbert (8), Wilson (8), Dak (4), Tannehill (4). Will stack each with at least one of the WR/TE (Kelce) and the opposing WR1 (trying it again). RBs I like: CMC, Dalvin, Chubb, Carson, Henry, Mixon, Najee, Zeke. Will use ONLY them throughout my 40 LUs. I'll let the builder do the rest. So, OBJ already ruled out for Sunday so.... For our league (I finished 2nd place in week 1 and likely would have won if not for Mostert's injury): Brady - Fournette, Zeke - Ridley, Keenan, Landry, Antonio Brown - Pitts - Denver D
  9. Finished 120th with my best lineup. If Mahomes had thrown one more TD to Hil I would have been close to winning. $203 in, $343 out. Net positive for the week and stakes me for next week.
  10. LOL, obviously Kelce is the Mahomes WR stack option (as opposed to Tyreek). I like Hunt as a pass-catching pivot, also...
  11. Alright, in our league I'm going with Mahomes - Robinson, Mostert, Hunt - Landry, Metcalf - Kelce - 49ers
  12. So I used the QB + WR1 + opp WR1 almost every lineup last year and never hit big, so I'm going exclusively with the QB + WR1 as my stacks, and then piling on players I like. I will pick 8 or so RBs and use them exclusively (always high usage guys (20+ touches / game)) and then let the builders do the rest.
  13. Also only FD. 66 entries into the Sunday milly. I like stacks with Kyler Murray, Ryan Tannehill, Russell Wilson, Carson Wentz/Eason, Mahomes, and Josh Allen. RBs I like are Mixon, Ekeler, Kamara, Chubb, Cook, Barkley, Henry, and CMC. High WR exposure on Lockett, McLaurin, Higgins, Robby Anderson, Chase Claypool, and Deebo Samuel.
  14. That's great, I loved the weekly contests! I'm also a Bengals fan from the Eric Bieniemy days, so who dey!
  15. Wow, had no idea all these loser bot idiot morons were starting topics here, lol. Had to scroll past like 10 fake topics to realize nobody had started a new 2021 DFS thread. Well here it is!!! Thoughts on this season and how you plan on "investing" your Fanduel $$$. Personally. I'm going in with a $2k billfold, 10% play per week and all on Sunday Millions. What are all y'all thinking?
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