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  1. Taxi means I can promote him and assign him however many years I want at $1, then resign him for $2 for another 2 years. Essentially I can own him for his career if I want to. 45 active roster spots, 75 cap years, and 15 taxi spots in this league. Yes, top DE's could be worth late firsts....but more likely early 2nd rounds picks. Bosa scored as a rookie, about 5-6 points/game more than the low end DE1's, so he's worth it just in point differential. I think he will only improve.
  2. 12 team PPR, Full high scoring IDP lineups, contract dynasty league ($300 cap): Team A GETS: Eli Manning ($11, last year of contract), Quincy Enuwa ($1, 4 year contract), and 2018 2nd round rookie pick Team B GETS: Joey Bosa ($1, taxi) and 2108 3rd round rookie pick
  3. I made a phone call last week and the rep wasn't able to offer me anything. He went on to say they don't have their Sunday Ticket deals available yet and told me to try back next month. I plan on calling early to mid August. I haven't paid for NFL Sunday Ticket in all 10 years I've had it, so I hope I'm able to get it at a discount again this year.
  4. The "Ray Resection" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxIozFhI9qs Maybe it should be renamed the JPP resection?
  5. I got my special number and PIN from chat finally. $10 off Sunday Ticket Max x 6 months $30 off my bill x 12 months All in all over the heat I get ST Max for free and I gain $60 on the year. Not the best deal I've received in the years but I'll take it. Didn't have to sign a contract either.
  6. So I've never had a problem getting a reduction In the past. I'm not under contract and the best offered to me on my first call was $10 off for 6 months. I didn't take it. How did you exactly get your 'special agent' and pin?
  7. The problem you have is you have a contract. The mistake you made was having a 2 year signing. Basically you are Vernon Davis and DTV are the Niners.
  8. Has anyone called yet? My bill is due 8/22 so I will be calling within the next week.
  9. He's a TE1 if he's healthy, perhaps top 5-7 range
  10. What are people expecting from Kelce this year? I personally think he can be a top 10 TE. The Chiefs are void of receiving talent, Smith likes his TE's, and he was looking nice last offseason.
  11. All of us Gordon owners better pray it's only 4-6 games! Honestly 16 games might kill his career......1 entire year without organized football could be devastating to his career in the long haul. Does he stay out of trouble for that year? Does he stay in shape? Does he forget how to run routes and turns into basically a wash for the suspension year + his first year back? Does he say screw it and retire? Honestly, if it's 4-6 games we all should be jumping for joy!
  12. By all accounts , this RB class is weak and there aren't many clear cut RB's that I'd take a chance on that early in the rookie drafts. Watkins, Evans, ODB, Lee and maybe even Latimer are safer picks. I'm just curious which RB's you like? The reason I ask is that there seems to be a lot of disagreement on who even the top 5 RB's are......not the order of those RB's, but just who the top 5 ARE.....let alone ranking those top 5. Please tell me who you have ranked so high......because I bet you'll change your mind on said RB's once they aren't drafted as high as you anticipate.
  13. How much does OBD's value change if he goes to say the Jets versus the Bills versus the Giants? Those seem like are the three teams I hear mentioned right now and they make sense. I hope it's the Giants personally. Does his value take a hit on the Jets and Bills or would he still be the concensus 1.03?
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