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  1. Im not concerned yet lol. They played Tampa Bay away without one of their best lineman. This is definitely not the time to be trading away Zeke.
  2. 10 Team Half Point PPR Redraft League: QB: A. Rodgers RB: A. Kamara RB: A. Ekeler WR: J. Jefferson WR: C. Davis TE: D. Waller Flex: C. Carson Def: Dolphins K: T. Bass Bench: J. Smith-Schuster, C. Hyde, C. Samuel, C. Edmonds, K. Coutee, J. Wilson Jr, G. Bernard Going up against: Hurts, D. Cook, M. Sanders, Fournette, D. Moore, M. Jones Jr, R. Tonyan, Texans, J. Sanders. Any chance I can still lose this week? I was already projected to win before Kamara blew up today. I think I put together a pretty good team this season. It was tough with the injuries but everybody had to deal with injuries this season. I drafted in the 9th spot in my league and got Kamara. He honestly took me to the promise land this season. I drafted poorly at the WR position but got lucky picking up Jefferson.
  3. Im down to just one fantasy football league. It is a 10 team half ppr redraft money league. I drafted in the 9th spot. People hated Kamara so much that he dropped all the way to me at the 9th pick lol. I was also lucky enough to get Ekeler, Carson, and Mostert. My team had a tough time keeping up with all the injuries but I have managed to put myself in 4th place going into the last week before the playoffs. Im only one game behind the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams. Slim chance I get a first round playoff bye but it could happen If I win. I had this plan. I have Hyde on my team. If Hyde didn't play this week, I was going to bench Kamara and play Ekeler, Carson, Mostert. Looks like Hyde is going to play so that makes my decision a little tougher. Im starting Ekeler and Mostert for sure. I'll probably leave Carson on the bench and start Kamara. I was hoping somebody would have offered me a good WR for one of my RB's so I wouldn't have to do this every week. They all stayed injured so long nobody would offer me anything. Im super happy now that I didn't trade Ekeler.
  4. My RB position is stacked. In a 10 team half point ppr I have Kamara, Ekeler, Mostert and Carson. I also have Hyde if Carson doesn’t play. I just can't pull the trigger and bench Kamara. Just not sure what Falcons team we will get this week. If they shut down Hill and Murray running down the middle, only option may be short passes to Kamara. Any way I look at it im going to leave a good player on the bench.
  5. Im leaving Mostert on my bench as well. I'll probably regret it but I have Ekeler in my flex. I picked up HIll. I also have Gio Bernard I could flex. I just don't like Gio with no Joe at QB. Hill might be safer than Ekeler?
  6. Im in a position where I own Mostert, Ekeler, and Carson. I currently have my main back Kamara in with Carson. I have to decide if I should flex Mostert or Ekeler after they have been off for so long. Carson has been out for a while also. Tough week to take risks this late in the season.
  7. That does answer the question lol. Regardless of what people like Hill had QB/TE listed per ESPN. It was completely fair for a owner to play him in either position. If Kamara was given QB/RB per ESPN it would be completely fair for him to be used at either spot. People wouldn't like it for sure. Regardless of either situation you should only be able to put a player in a position eligible per ESPN.
  8. If ESPN has Kamara listed as RB/QB he could be started in either position regardless of what people think lol. Right now Hill is only listed as QB but some people still have him in the TE spot.
  9. In a money league starting a QB in the TE spot should be considered cheating. Its exploiting a ESPN glitch if they allow this. I posted notice on my league page that I will not be ok with this. The owner got a chance to start him once. The owner moved all his other players out except the TE spot with Hill. Per what people are saying, he will not be able to add players to the other spots until he moves Hill out. Maybe I got lucky that he benched all his other players?
  10. In my ESPN league he isn't TE eligible but the player still has him in the TE spot. Is ESPN going to force Hill out of the spot? Im playing against Hill this week. If he isn't TE eligible and my opponent starts him in TE this is unfair. Its no longer playing a TE eligible player in the TE spot. Its exploiting a ESPN glitch. This is a money league.
  11. I also started jackson and didn't see the injury. Anyone see it?
  12. Looks like the Chargers backfield just got worse for fantasy football. Kelley, Jackson and now Ballage in the mix.
  13. My Team: (3-3) 5th place 10 team league half ppr QB: A. Rodgers RB: A. Kamara, C. Carson, A. Ekeler, R. Mostert, J. Jackson, D. Freeman WR: J. Jefferson, OBJ, JuJu Smith-Schuster, DJ Chark, J. Edelman, T. Fulgham TE: D. Waller K: J. Slye Def: Chargers Im playing the guy in 10th place with zero wins for the season. 0-6. We were tied going into tonight. I have C. Carson tonight and he has D. Montgomery tomorrow. I started OBJ and Chark as WR. I flexed Jackson. If Carson doesn't come back after half I'm going to give the last place guy his first victory. Even if he does come back I probably will still lose. Im at the point now that I don't think I can hold Ekeler, Mostert and OBJ. I hope OBJ is ok but if he is out for more than a few games I'll probably have to cut him. Probably time to drop Edelman and Freeman also. Im not going to give up but this sure is depressing.
  14. With these Covid cases and injuries I may have to start JJ this weekend. Anybody else starting him this week? I have Odel, Chark and Jefferson. I could actually go all LSU WR's this weekend. I have to bench JuJu and now Edelman may not play.
  15. Im up by 23.28 pts. I have Boone playing tonight. Opponent have Diggs and D.Bailey. Im projected to win without Boone but I sure hope he gets some action tonight lol. Yahoo has my odds of winning 76%
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