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  1. my next trip to Italy would be Amalfi coast and Sicily it would be my 3rd visit to it
  2. the vaccine rollout here in canada and bc has been bad bad communications , horrible roll outs and website plus just not having enough vaccines AstraZeneca was limited to 55 and up because of the blood clots but ontario and alberta opened it up to anyone over 40 this morning and i figured bc would follow. which they did this afternoon i have an appointment for my 1st shot tomorrow , im assuming it AZ but hoping its Pfizer or moderna I really want to wait for those but i just want to get some protection and be able to go out and start living again
  3. that was my thought but not a lawyer All i knew for sure was once he enacted that EO , there would be a court case to prove that its not enforceable/legal just very interesting to watch this scenario play out there and other places
  4. yes i know that , thats why i posted the article from the article they are going to enforce it from every departure we will find out soon on the validity of the florida's law about company's enforcing mandatory vaccinations
  5. from the article that i linked The intention, Del Rio said, is for the vaccination policy to apply to all ships, no matter the port of departure. No age group will be exempt from the vaccination requirement. from what i recall from another article ( i will look for it later) that their lawyer believed that they were legally ok to have this policy , i cant remember why and again i will look for it
  6. '100% vaccinated': Norwegian announces vaccine requirement for all passengers, crew on cruises Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd., parent company to Norwegian Cruise Line, Regent Seven Seas Cruises and Oceania Cruises, announced Monday that it would require all passengers and crew on its ships to be "100% vaccinated" two weeks before boarding. "That one-two punch is ironclad," Frank Del Rio, the company's president and CEO, told USA TODAY on Monday, pointing to the new vaccination requirement and health and safety protocols the company has said will be implemented on board. "No one
  7. i thought i would be able to figure it out at some point , i did get better at it but still most of it went over my head and just wasted my free time
  8. i started the series because of the glowing reviews in this thread and finally finished the series this week i didnt have a clue in episode 1.1 and by the end i was still clueless , i kept wondering to myself , why i even bother to finish it Im glad its over and will find the next series to start
  9. it was a few things that combined for the delay , some that the government couldnt control and some stuff that they were in control of made mistakes imo i didnt respond to it so this thread wouldnt get bogged into a political discussion about the pros and cons of universal healthcare
  10. earlier today someone mentioned about canada being screwed there are different restrictions levels throughout the country here in BC , we are have to mask in public buildings and transit but its ok to walk on the street or parks without one. Restaurants and pubs are open with capacity restrictions and you are only suppose to go with your immediate household no gathering for groups for anything Vaccines these has been consistent across Canada ; non existent in late December/early January some front line workers got some then canada got no shipments of any vaccines until
  11. thats pretty common in costa rica happened a few times on my trip costa rica was a top 5 bucket list destination for me , i really enjoyed it but didnt love it I did love all the wildlife i do need to go back to see the national park in the south will fly into san jose then head south to the park then into panama
  12. i got drunk there 1 night as i tried to drink all their beers . got through about 80% of their beers listed , thats the night i heard about the McCaw sanctuary and visited it the next day
  13. Finally got to watch the Naples episode , man do i miss Italy . I wish i would known of the hole in the wall restaurant (the 1st one mentioned) as i would of for sure tried it out as i mostly walked the city exploring . The others looked great as well but would've been tough for me to get to
  14. I'm putting a Tanzania safari together for jan 2022 but everything else is on hold until our restrictions ease. Mandatory 3 hotel quarantine with a 2K cost applied when arriving back in Canada then the remainder of the 2 week quarantine at home . Fingers are crossed that the restrictions are lifted or changed once we get vaccinated but so far the vaccine roll out across Canada has been horrible. from what i have heard from lawyers interviewed , they expect someone to challenge the mandatory 3 day hotel quarantine as they believe its against our charter of rights but they also said they
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