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  1. most of their challenges are tough but the last challenge for the 3 remaining contestants are brutal
  2. from my understanding thats very common and to be expected in AU . I believe i read somewhere it has to do with the tv contract , they need so many episodes
  3. the challenges in AU are tough , it was a great season I also love that the AU players want strong players to win and to make big moves plus on how sportsman like they are . i have watched the 1st 3 season of AU and on the season finale of season 4
  4. i was downloading it https://eztv.re/ https://rarbg.to/torrents.php Then someone in this thread mentioned a facebook group : the tribe has spoken this site posts the current season episodes and has past seasons of AUS, SA and NZ linked in their announcements . so far watched season 1 and 2 of AUS russel hantz is on season 3
  5. season 2 of AU was great love all the twists and challenges will start season 3 soon the current season is tremendous
  6. im loving Australian survivor great challenges lots of twists not just an idol scramble and hunt done season 1 episode 8 of season 2 current with the season
  7. yes because i watched it and those are the only 2 places i go to weird that you cant find a good one on either site
  8. none since covid started i would go once a month to a matinee , cheaper and empty the only movies i go for action movies , want the special affects and surround sound
  9. im ok with the idea of fully vaccinated travelers from anywhere coming here my problem is with the logistics with our border and international travel in general here in canada it was up to the provinces to decide on how to show people are vaxxed so each province is different which is like the US so with all our border crossings . it could be a major headache then the next problem on what vaccines each country approves or not plus add in the mix and match scenario for this the simple answer is whatever vaccine the WHO has approved is accepted as proof of vaccination to enter any country
  10. stats from Friday on Canada's vaccination rate we started off brutality from lack of vaccines and some hesitancy 12 and over with 1 dose 79% 12 and over fully vaccinated 50%
  11. BC is doing very well with vaccinations now Canada on the whole started out badly with vaccinations but once we started getting a steady supply of vaccines our vaccination rates have greatly improved On tues BC is very close to 80% of anyone over 12 with 1 dose and and 45% fully vaccinated. cases are low now 50-60 a day. these numbers are close to 2020 numbers (feb -sept) while the highs were 1k daily for awhile i got my 2nd AZ shot a month ago and started living life again after the 2 week interval . restaurants are fully open , theatres and casinos are open with capacity limits and masks are no longer mandatory im still trying to keep distance ,avoiding packed places and wearing masks on transit and in stores if the staff are wearing them im not worried about the delta variant but im aware of it and just trying to avoid huge crowds
  12. damn this was a long time ago dont even remember which xbox i had and if i even still have it
  13. i was posting about lytton bc setting the highest temp recorded in canada 3 days in a row sadly the situation turned in a horror story B.C. Wildfires: Lytton evacuated as 'catastrophic' fire destroys '90 per cent' of village The fire spread so swiftly, within 15 minutes according to the mayor, that people were forced to leave behind their belongings and pets.
  14. The heat wave is moving on from BC to Alberta The temp is going to drop to the mid 20's this week The village of Lytton, B.C., has broken the record for hottest temperature in Canada for the third straight day in a row. Heat wave linked to massive spike in sudden deaths across Lower Mainland
  15. yesterday Lytton, B.C. just broke the record for hottest temperature ever recorded in Canada On Sunday, Lytton, B.C. became the first location in Canada ever to record a temperature over 45 degrees Celsius, registering at least 46.1 degrees, according to Environment Canada. That's the hottest temperature ever recorded in the country, the weather agency said in a tweet Sunday. The previous record was set on July 5, 1937, in Saskatchewan. today A heat warning is in effect for the entire region with daytime highs expected to fall between 38-44 C Vancouver will shatter the city’s record high of 27.5 C for June 28 set in 1995. all the schools closed today due to extreme hear
  16. yeah i knew that , i guess my Canadian accent didn't help my joke response either
  17. that is English and what the rest of the world uses 😀 but to translate : effing hot 🥵
  18. Environment Canada is warning that 45 of the province’s 57 weather regions are experiencing a “dangerous, long-duration” heat wave. The temperature for Metro Vancouver is expected to range from 33 to 42 degrees, and only drop down to 18 to 21 degrees overnight. Regions such as the Okanagan Valley, Shuswap, Nicola Valley and the Kootenays, among several other Interior regions, are in for even higher temperatures. The daytime highs in these areas are expected to range from 40 to 46 degrees and continue through to Wednesday or Thursday. i hate the heat so avoiding going out for any reason and staying in front of the ac i cancelled all my planned hikes for the week and have been watching stories of hikers being rescued from heat exhaustion
  19. my next trip to Italy would be Amalfi coast and Sicily it would be my 3rd visit to it
  20. the vaccine rollout here in canada and bc has been bad bad communications , horrible roll outs and website plus just not having enough vaccines AstraZeneca was limited to 55 and up because of the blood clots but ontario and alberta opened it up to anyone over 40 this morning and i figured bc would follow. which they did this afternoon i have an appointment for my 1st shot tomorrow , im assuming it AZ but hoping its Pfizer or moderna I really want to wait for those but i just want to get some protection and be able to go out and start living again
  21. that was my thought but not a lawyer All i knew for sure was once he enacted that EO , there would be a court case to prove that its not enforceable/legal just very interesting to watch this scenario play out there and other places
  22. yes i know that , thats why i posted the article from the article they are going to enforce it from every departure we will find out soon on the validity of the florida's law about company's enforcing mandatory vaccinations
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