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  1. You got to figure if the Jets trade down from 2 to let's say Atlanta even at 4, the Jets are going to get alot more than a 3rd and 4th rounder. If anything, I'd expect a 2nd rounder this year and probably a 1st and 3rd next year in order for us to move down. And if it's lets say the Panthers at 6, we should get alot more than that. I don't have that draft trade chart that they use handy but if Jets trade down, they are going to get a bigtime haul.
  2. I'm starting to wonder if Harris will even be there at 34 as his stock has gone way up. He's definitly be there at 23 but that might be too early too take him or Etienne. You guys convinced me of that a few weeks ago. So 34 would be golden but I'm afraid he's going to be gone same with Etienne.
  3. You make some good points and we are pretty much on the same page. I'm warming up to taking instead of Etienne who as you know I love, to instead taking Najee Harris at #34. We need someone like him...a playmaker who we can give the rock to 20 or so times a game. I know everyone says we can find RB's later in the draft and that may be true but when I see what guys like Derrick Henry and Dalvin Cook are doing both of them 2nd round picks, I really think bringing in a Harris with our 2nd round pick could be huge for this team....huge!!
  4. Now with the Saleh hire, my percentages of what we will do at the draft have shifted. I'm now 55% we trade down and get a haul which is up from 35 a week ago. Darnold is likely staying and Mike Lafleur will hopefully know how to fix him which means we need alot of #### to fortify the rest of the team and so a trade down to get some extra picks is kind of enticing to be honest. I'm 40% we'll take Sewell and either he or Becton goes to RT and we have the foundation for one of the best lines in the league within the next year or so after Douglas finishes adding too it. Remaining 5
  5. Ridiculous some of these peeps as some love to bash the Jets even when we do things right. What's ironic is this might be the first time in forever or at least since probably when Parcells came here almost 25 years ago, that most of Jet Nation is not #####ing and moaning about a coach we hired. From recollection as we go back in time, after Belichek flipped off the Jets and Al Groh came on board, I was pretty tepid about it nothing earth shattering. When Herm came on board I had a "wait and see" attitude and Herm to be honest grew on me and probably when I think about it, is one of the be
  6. My .02 coppers. Love this hire. Saleh's enthusiasm will be contagious. He'll help fix the defense and he'll likely bring in Mike Lafleur to run the offense and try and fix Darnold if it's possible. Tho I wanted Daboll or Brady as my top choices with Brady being the "out of the box" pick, Saleh was a very close 3rd choice and I'm very very very OK with this hire. I think Douglas got it right Also thank the good lord we didn't hire Pederson. That would have been very disappointing as I didn't want a retread even someone who just won a SB a few years ago. But we don't have to worry
  7. Well I for one am feeling a hell of alot better after listening to the Chris Johnson presser this afternoon. Apparently he will be doing what myself and any sane Jet fan wanted to have happen which was he will step aside to the background and he will let Joe Douglas do all the shopping and he will make the coaching hire.....phewwwwww thank the good lord!!!.....lol Sure Johnson will be consulted with but he will not be doing the hire and that's a huge relief to me. This is beyond huge and some of y'all might say big f'n deal. Well it is a big f'n deal because this is not how the Jets
  8. I've heard interviews with Brady and he's an "old soul". Just listening too him, you'd never believe he was 31-32 as he comes across like he's 45 or so. He doesn't seem to me to be a guy who would be intimidated by the job and I do think he and Douglas would make a heck of good team. I'm not sure McVay had alot of experience either other than being around teams his whole life because he's a "McVay" and he seemed to acclimate himself quite nicely to the Rams job from the get go. I dunno, I know Brady is very young but I'd really like the Jets to do something very different than they've do
  9. I've said for well over a month now and as recently as last night when news of Gase was history, that I like Joe Brady as my #1 choice. He gives off a Sean McVay type of vibe as he's innovative offensively and what I really like is he knows how to work with QB's and make them better.(ie...Burrow at LSU and even Bridgewater in Carolina this year played well). He would breath some fresh life into this cursed franchise of ours that sorely needs it. Also due to his very young age...I think he's 32, it would make working under Douglas likely quite seamless as you wouldn't have a situation wher
  10. So long as Chris Johnson stays far far far away and let Joe Douglas orchestrate the coaching search and ultimately make the hiring decision, than I feel very confident that the Jets will have done all the proper due diligence and whoever they hire even if it's a Dabol from the Bills who has all the credentials one would need for the gig, it will be the right hire. We now have a competent football guy in charge. There will be no more "Adam Gase horror show" hires anymore under Douglas watch. I feel supremely confident of this and maybe I'm on an island with this belief in Douglas but I do
  11. Now that Gase is gone...halafriggenluja...I can sleep again. Now we need to get it right....VERY right. We go either Joe Brady or Brian Dabol. We might not be able to wait tho for Dabol as Bills might be in for a long playoff run. This coaching hire will determine the future of this team for the next decade as what we do at QB is reliant on whoever the coach is. Chris Johnson...now get the F out of Joe Douglas's way...let him do what needs to be done. This is crucial we get this right. Did I mention we need to get this coaching hire right? lol. Oh and did I mention Becton ne
  12. This is another reason why I think we should take Sewell. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit concerned about how Becton is going to hold up over the years. He gets hurt way too much and it pretty much happens on a game by game basis. Despite how agile he is for his size, it's almost as if he's too big for his own good. I dunno...wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to have a potential Anthony Munoz lite like Sewell to play left tackle if Becton keeps getting hurt. No one has really discussed this but it needs to be said... during this offseason, Becton needs to lose weight as in 3
  13. Not hung up at all. Just stating the obvious. And let's be fair, Darnold has played pretty well the past 2 and half games. Had he played like this more often, we likely wouldn't be having this conversation nor considering taking another QB again in the draft. But yes he's been very inconsistent over the years some of it having to do with as I just said...poor weaponry, poor O-line play and especially poor coaching and some of it his fault obviously. So no matter what you or anyone in here thinks, Douglas has a heck of decision to have to make. I like Sewell and want him to take him. If th
  14. Friggen Sam....sometimes he can look damn good. That end of the half TD drive consisted of at least 3-4 solid passes which makes you think...better weapons, better line, better coaching...would it make a difference? Hmmmm...this is going to be to be a tough call for Joe D. If he takes Sewell, we know which route he'll be going.
  15. Justin Fields just helped make the Jets #2 pick that much more valuable with this insane performance of his tonight. Whether or not the Jets take a QB at 2...I personally don't think they will as I've said a ton of times but that said the #2 slot just got even more valuable than it already was. And a QB needy team might give up a haul to now want to bring Fields in. I mean it could possibly be us but I still think we are going Sewell if we stay at 2 or trading down. Now if we trade down to a team that want Sewell in a huge way, we could trade down and possibly take a Fields or Wilson
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