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  1. OK I've done the research, seen the videos, listened to the "experts and I've come to the conclusion we should and will take Wilson at 2. I'm not saying I wouldn't trade down but I don't want to trade down that far into the 8-9 range some have mentioned . 6 is about as far as I'd want to go and even than, unless we were getting such a sweetheart deal, I don't see how Douglas goes down anywhere, past there. I just have a feeling the new coaching staff is going to want to bring in a new QB rather than try to fix an existing one hence Wilson. Now what we really should do and I've mentioned this a bunch of times, is talk about Sewell so much that the Bengals who desperately need Sewell and most definitely want him too protect Burrow who might be the most talented QB they've ever had, get antsy and think Douglas is going to take Sewell and than they offer a ton too us in order to move down. Maybe Douglas can get the Bengals to trade up to 2 in return for their 5 plus we get their 2nd round 38th...3rd round 69th overall and next years #1.We might have too add a bit more to the deal but if Douglas can do that considering the Dolphins at 3 won't be taking a QB, depending upon who the Falcons took at 4(Fields or Wilson), we could still get Wilson and/or Fields at 5 who I wouldn't mind taking at 5 if Wilson was taken by Atlanta. Bottom line...Douglas is in a great spot and if he plays his cards right, the Jets could get a windfall by trading down and still get Wilson. How good would that be? Funny and I've said this before as well quite a bit, I'm actually very confident we are going to do the right thing no matter what we do and that's because Joe Douglas is making the decisions. Feels good to have someone competent in charge. In Joe I Trust!!....😎
  2. Well as I suspected would happen, my unreasonable hatred for Brady cost me $200. One of the worst SB's I've ever seen ever as it ranks up there with the Seattle/Denver debacle and the Pats/Rams bore fest as well just a few years ago. No question KC missing those O-lineman was huge and so Bowles took advantage of it as Bucs D dominated. Whatever kind of glad the season is over now so that we here in Jet land can get down to the business of making this team of ours at least competitive next year. Forget playoffs or anything like that, all I'm asking from Joe is to have a really good draft, plug some holes in UFA and lets at least get this choo choo train of ours at least on track. For some bizarre reason I'm oddly optimistic that this off season is going to be fruitful. Probably because I firmly believe we have the right guy doing the shopping...in Joe I trust!!...😎
  3. I dunno Doc...I hear what your saying and I've tried to root for him...heck I even traded for him late this past season in my big $$ league and I still found myself not wanting to start him or root for him. I know it's unreasonable of me and I admit to being jaded from all those losses our Jets have suffered due to mostly him when we've played the Patriots but something about him always rubs me the wrong way. He's always whining, complaining and #####ing to the refs whenever he gets breathed on. When he loses, he invariably doesn't shake the opposing QB's hands unless it's a Brees, Mahomes type as indicated by what he did to Goff and I forget who else he did it too this year. I find him extremely unlikable and simply can't root for him to do well...today is no different!. Yes it's likely going to cost me this hatred for him but F it...at least I'm being true to myself and my integrity is still intact tho my wallet might be $200 lighter as well...lol
  4. Gotta have some action for the SB and so the call for me is: Chiefs -3 for $100 which would win $83 Over 55 for $100 which would win $87 I might be just throwing away $200 but F it, no way on gods green earth can I or any Jet fan for that for that matter root for Brady and want him too do well. I mean ####, it's bad enough that we have to watch his pansy ### for the zillionth time in the SB. Not a chance in hell could I root for him to win it again even if means winning a little cashish. I'd rather lose 100-200 than root for Brady ..F him!....lol So go Chiefs and hopefully Mahomes has a great day and Brady goes home crying...fingers crossed...😎
  5. For ####s and giggles, I just rewatched some of the "highlights" of the Gase introductory presser from a few years ago and my lord what a #### show it really was. Besides the bug eyes and how bizarre that was, the way Gase communicated his vision compared to Saleh was like night and day. I could barely even comprehend what Gase wanted to accomplish. Saleh's vision and the way he's going to go about things were crystal clear....he's going to oversee everything for the most part. I love the fact that tho he's going to be involved with both the offense and defense. Jets need someone like that. No more of the head coach doesn't give a #### about the other side of the ball crap.It's going to be a truly collaborative effort. The fact that Saleh is going to report directly too Douglass and no more of the BS way things used to be warmed my heart as well. I dunno...I'm feeling actually oddly optimistic as crazy as that sounds for a Jet fan to say....hah
  6. Been away on biz for a few days...couple of things: Was watching the Saleh presser online while I was away and I gotta say....sure there was a lot of "coach speak" going on but dang...what a tremendously different vibe you get from him than what Gase gave us 3 years ago. We got a new slogan too look forward too as well...."all gas no brakes" is the new mantra here for the Jets. The guy knows his ####, his passion for football resonates and most importantly he has normal eyes!....lol. In all seriousness, I really do like what I heard from Saleh.
  7. Biden slayed it...very inspired. I'm ready to run thru a wall for you coach!...😎
  8. You got to figure if the Jets trade down from 2 to let's say Atlanta even at 4, the Jets are going to get alot more than a 3rd and 4th rounder. If anything, I'd expect a 2nd rounder this year and probably a 1st and 3rd next year in order for us to move down. And if it's lets say the Panthers at 6, we should get alot more than that. I don't have that draft trade chart that they use handy but if Jets trade down, they are going to get a bigtime haul.
  9. I'm starting to wonder if Harris will even be there at 34 as his stock has gone way up. He's definitly be there at 23 but that might be too early too take him or Etienne. You guys convinced me of that a few weeks ago. So 34 would be golden but I'm afraid he's going to be gone same with Etienne.
  10. You make some good points and we are pretty much on the same page. I'm warming up to taking instead of Etienne who as you know I love, to instead taking Najee Harris at #34. We need someone like him...a playmaker who we can give the rock to 20 or so times a game. I know everyone says we can find RB's later in the draft and that may be true but when I see what guys like Derrick Henry and Dalvin Cook are doing both of them 2nd round picks, I really think bringing in a Harris with our 2nd round pick could be huge for this team....huge!!
  11. Now with the Saleh hire, my percentages of what we will do at the draft have shifted. I'm now 55% we trade down and get a haul which is up from 35 a week ago. Darnold is likely staying and Mike Lafleur will hopefully know how to fix him which means we need alot of #### to fortify the rest of the team and so a trade down to get some extra picks is kind of enticing to be honest. I'm 40% we'll take Sewell and either he or Becton goes to RT and we have the foundation for one of the best lines in the league within the next year or so after Douglas finishes adding too it. Remaining 5% is if the Jets shockingly take a WR like Smith or one of the two QB's. I really don't think we are going this route as both QB's are simply not that much better than Darnold is and #2 is too soon to take one of those stud WR's.
  12. Ridiculous some of these peeps as some love to bash the Jets even when we do things right. What's ironic is this might be the first time in forever or at least since probably when Parcells came here almost 25 years ago, that most of Jet Nation is not #####ing and moaning about a coach we hired. From recollection as we go back in time, after Belichek flipped off the Jets and Al Groh came on board, I was pretty tepid about it nothing earth shattering. When Herm came on board I had a "wait and see" attitude and Herm to be honest grew on me and probably when I think about it, is one of the better Jet coaching hires ever as he did a pretty good job. Mangini from the get go I was not thrilled about as he was a Patriot and I didn't want any Patriots in charge here. He was OK his first year but his personality was like watching paint dry. It was excruciating watching him on the sidelines with his sour #### face...ugh. He needed too go. Rex I do recall being a little enthusiastic about...not alot but a little seeing I was happy we finally had a guy who would have a personality again and his Daddy was Buddy and so I was kind of on board when Rex came to town. I gotta admit, those first two years of Rex was just about as much fun as I've had as a Jet fan since those solid Jet teams of the 80's. But eventually Rex had to go as the whole BS Jet hierarchy way of doing things just was a disaster waiting to happen and it sure did implode with Idzik and than Mac. Was not happy with the Bowles signing as I recall I wanted Arians I believe at the time. And obviously Gase was a disasterous hire from the get go and we all knew it from the get go. So now we have Saleh. So yeah this is first time since Parcells I'm fully on board with a Jet hire which says alot and how incompetent we've been over the past two decades and change.
  13. My .02 coppers. Love this hire. Saleh's enthusiasm will be contagious. He'll help fix the defense and he'll likely bring in Mike Lafleur to run the offense and try and fix Darnold if it's possible. Tho I wanted Daboll or Brady as my top choices with Brady being the "out of the box" pick, Saleh was a very close 3rd choice and I'm very very very OK with this hire. I think Douglas got it right Also thank the good lord we didn't hire Pederson. That would have been very disappointing as I didn't want a retread even someone who just won a SB a few years ago. But we don't have to worry about that thankfully. I've always had confidence in Douglas from the get go. He gave me a really good vibe early on. And this faith in him has proved correct as I believe for the first time in a very very long time, the Jets are actually on the right track. Let me repeat that....the Jets are actually on the right track....lol. In all seriousness, I don't believe I've said or thought that since the early Rex days. As I felt with Jeff Gorton when he first got the NY Ranger gig, have felt same with Douglas. We actually have a football guy who knows what the F he's doing and is respected around the league. This hire of Saleh is just what the doctor ordered and what we needed. So like most of my Jet brothers in here, I'm pumped up. That said, if we can nail the upcoming draft which I have the utmost confidence in Douglas too do and we can work on fixing Sam which is very likely the route we are going to go in as I'd be shocked if we took any of those QB's at #2, we'll have hit a home run if not a grand slam and this hire of Saleh is just the start!
  14. Well I for one am feeling a hell of alot better after listening to the Chris Johnson presser this afternoon. Apparently he will be doing what myself and any sane Jet fan wanted to have happen which was he will step aside to the background and he will let Joe Douglas do all the shopping and he will make the coaching hire.....phewwwwww thank the good lord!!!.....lol Sure Johnson will be consulted with but he will not be doing the hire and that's a huge relief to me. This is beyond huge and some of y'all might say big f'n deal. Well it is a big f'n deal because this is not how the Jets have done things over the years. But and this is huge also and why I believe the change in philosophy is taking place is that we also have never had a more respected and competent GM as we do now in Douglas. Anyways, Gase gone and now knowing Douglas will be the one to make the coaching hire, I do believe I will be sleeping like a baby for awhile...yeah baby!
  15. I've heard interviews with Brady and he's an "old soul". Just listening too him, you'd never believe he was 31-32 as he comes across like he's 45 or so. He doesn't seem to me to be a guy who would be intimidated by the job and I do think he and Douglas would make a heck of good team. I'm not sure McVay had alot of experience either other than being around teams his whole life because he's a "McVay" and he seemed to acclimate himself quite nicely to the Rams job from the get go. I dunno, I know Brady is very young but I'd really like the Jets to do something very different than they've done before...outside the box type thing. And hiring an innovative offensive genius like Brady would do the trick. Oh and like you, tho I mention Bienemy, he would be pretty far down my list as I'm concerned as well that it's Reid and not him who is pulling 95% of the strings in KC. Who knows but Bienemy just seems like he'd be a guy we'd settle for. I don't want too settle...I want forward thinking this time and I do think Douglas is going to go that route and not settle.
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