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  1. Not EE almost has to be Barkley, right? Seeing as how most ADPs have him there, going to skip him and make a comparison: Ezekiel Elliot: Player X: 0.875 TD/game 0.929 TD/game 111 yards/game 118 yards/game 3.3 Rec/game 3.8 rec/game Lots of mouths to feed on offense Few mouths to feed on offense Relatively Difficult Strength of Schedule Relatively Easy Strength of Schedule Dalvin Cook
  2. Pretty sure I had a post earlier in the thread along the lines of "priced like a luxury car, built like a 1990 Kia", quality of build issues are not new, especially with the Model 3s.
  3. Was going for Edmonds in late rounds, this better not draw attention to him
  4. I agree he is somewhat risky, I have him as the very last RB before a big tier drop to Carson, Conner, etc, in standard, while in PPR I would probably put him above Chubb. I am not seeing him as a first rounder often in redraft, he tends to be mid to late second in the ADPs I look at. Feels like if I want an RB at the end of the first I would take Aaron Jones, Miles Sanders, CEH, Jacobs etc. over him. I would be happy to grab him at pick 20 or so though, which means I already have someone like Dalvin Cook from the first round.
  5. I thought the implication was that he liked watching his wife with other guys. I don't care what adults do in their own home, but it is somewhat hypocritical.
  6. The trade seems fair to me, both teams improve since one is more overloaded on RB and the other on WR. With PPR I do not value Chubb that much, in a bubble I might actually value Golladay + the earlier pick more, but I think team 1 is more improved from the trade since Chubb is likely quite a bit better than whoever they would draft for RB2. Sutton is a reasonable WR2 IMO, so I don't think Golladay improves the team as much relative to team 1, but he definitely does improve the team.
  7. Does each team only keep one keeper, or are you just asking about one decision? I would be tempted to keep Mark Andrews as the 12th rounder, assuming your league starts a TE. With one keeper per team there will still be plenty of valuable players to draft early. I don't feel the ADP boost from Cook or Moore are that valuable compared to what you would get from Andrews and being set with the consensus TE #3 at such a late pick it might as well be free. Assuming 1 keeper per team there still should be enough RBs available to get solid starters. Moore and Andrews are not that far apart in ADP in my mind, so I cannot see any circumstance I keep Moore over Andrews with the 7 round keeper difference. I would pretty much only consider keeping Cook with a top 3 pick as @Gallymentioned, but with a top 3 pick you can probably grab a top RB that was not kept anyway (not sure which would be available in the league, maybe it would be Cook again), so you still would be above average at RB just from that pick.
  8. My parents are right on the border of an evacuation warning area, maybe 50 yards outside of it. I am not sure what that means, they do not seem extremely concerned. Is there an evacuation warning warning area? I assume they still have time to see what happens, since they are outside the warning area, which is then outside the mandatory evacuation area. It still seems pretty close.
  9. I prefer PP1st over PPR since they actually need to go forward to get points for it. There is no real strategy on a specific player who gets more first downs outside of ones that are good and get the ball often, so it does not really change your draft outside of slightly increasing the value of running QBs. It does make RBs a little better, since they tend to benefit more from first downs relative to receivers, comparing to PPR.
  10. (Bolding mine) This seems like a good way to get crackpots, when you figure that the top 2-4 people will have the vast majority of votes, by the time you get to 15 you are going to be getting to people that have 200 votes for some conspiracy theory about how vaccines cause COVID and the country is ran by lizard people. Ranked choice + a increase in house size should be enough to allow people to vote for their favorites. Allowing #53 in votes to become a congress person in CA just means you are going to have some nut.
  11. I think it would be ok to drop Fitzpatrick for Harris, between Burrows and Prescott you should be covered for superflex, and it is not like Fitzpatrick has any long term value with Tua getting drafted. Harris is at least young and has a chance to start some time in the future.
  12. CEH is significantly more valuable than the other 2.
  13. Probably should be in the assistant coach, but I do not value Chubb that highly in PPR leagues and would go for Adams or any other top tier WR or Kelce over Chubb.
  14. The Tea Party was fully funded by Republican donors, it was not attempting to make a 3rd party.
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