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  1. Some day I will find a loophole and kill you

  2. Bait? Anyways he's pretty much considered a comedic god by a lot people in the FFA.
  3. Not a fan of the the major award winners. The Social Network was overrated, I have no interest in watching Glee and I stopped watching Boardwalk Empire after two episodes.
  4. Just finished season 4 for the first time. I really enjoyed it. Sad to see Bode get whacked. I really liked his character.
  5. Finished off the first season and really enjoyed it. Love me some good drug storylines. I'm about four episodes into season 2 and I'm not really feeling the dock storyline. Oh and Zigi might be the most annoying character ever.
  6. Just started watching this show. I'm five episodes into the first season and I'm really starting to get into it.
  7. Using _______gate for any type of incident or scandal. Stop it or I will hurt you.
  8. Since you're hooked on AMC: Rubicon is very slow, but I think it's an amazing series.So amazing that it got canceled.
  9. Pretty awesome episode. at Charlie watching that kid bathe.
  10. The fire alarm story wasn't the funniest but it brought out the slightly more serious side in Phil (losing business at work). It makes his character more realistic.
  11. Saw the first episode and thought it was pretty good. After reading this thread, I hate the episode.
  12. "That's something you'll never be able to take away from him/her/me"
  13. Easily a top 5 quote in Modern family history. My beer ended up all over my shirt. I preferred: "Disabled, inter-racial lesbians with an African kicker?" This had me rolling
  14. This will be inevitable when Henry leaves Betty and she has a nervous breakdown.Betty to the psych ward
  15. I thought the finale was solid. Single Don was fun to watch but I'm interested to see how different his new marriage will be compared to the old one. Megan is clearly a more nurturing figure than either that Doctor lady or Betty. She's hot (teeth and all) so I'm ok with her having a more prominent role next year. Is Betty going to be written off? And where the #### is Sep's write up? I have four hours to waste. Edit: I didn't really care for Joan's storyline.
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