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  1. ⬆️ Price bumps Wednesday to $95 until end June
  2. This worked for us last year, guys did a great job and I napped.
  3. Master bath. And I’m in for monumental too.
  4. So many kitchen remodels, so many marathon blocks starting around July 4.
  5. Sure. Without using specific #s, recovery effort and corresponding HR should be considerably lower than runs that are longer or comprised of harder effort work. You’ll get a sense of your effort and HR correlation with just a bit more data to be directionally accurate. Then you can advance to the next stage, #####ing about bad HR readings.
  6. Poking a bit at the above. I think a lot of the big leaps folks report with Hanson’s can coincide with a more serious effort in running to improve on a prior outcome or take on the distance for the first time. So the mileage and structure can really take chunks off times for some. You weren’t in this camp really with mileage and dedication from marathon 1 so your first result wasn’t as soft and many are IMO. Paces can be tough for all runners to differentiate, particularly in early weeks. And as xulf brought up, getting an MP from an estimate of shorter/older races is tough. So recal
  7. Yan nailed it. Use a race equivalent chart to get started and you can refine +/- after the first chunk before the MP runs get longer. The book is very helpful. Having used it a few times, I’d advise to be conservative on the speed paces, I ran them too hard and think 10k ish pace for those is better for me than 5k ish. The long run of 16 miles is a guideline that can be misinterpreted. It’s a combination of time/miles that they recommend not exceeding as it can overly detrimental to recovery for some. Happy to help along the way.
  8. Running adjacent activities for me as a laze off a productive golf and beer day yesterday. *Waitlisted myself for a Feb2022 50k (flat MD trail variety, no vert boner, sorry ultra guys) *Bought shoes - New Balance rebel 2s *Discussed marathon plan with dog (aka coach)
  9. I dont know anything about Mizunos except their sweet forged irons when I used to golf. Anyway the traits you liked then (amount of cushion, stability, weight, drop, upper etc) are in other brands and an aggregate site like runningwarehouse will show you those specs about various shoes and most sites have a shoe finder that will help guide you too. Look up the specs on your old favs and find them in today’s offerings. Prob will be a bit lighter.
  10. Looks like a great opportunity for a father/son team to disrupt that market at a lower price point.
  11. That’s a PR for the buffer gap I think. Woof.
  12. Fav part of a great run and write up. Glad the heel is cooperating 👍
  13. Got lost in the woods yesterday when I tried to link up a trail and today’s run was a roaster. Garmin says to take 62 hours off. Finger.
  14. Incredible. Thanks for getting me to push some ups.
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