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  1. If it helps, I’m on my back patio listening to Margaritaville while watching the ice melt. edit- good plan, good luck in a being just a twinge. I once had the audacity to look upwards in my garage rafters to find kayak paddle and my back went WtF for 2 days.
  2. That wasn’t that bad. Sun did a great job offsetting the wind and facilitating a melt. The only thing almost as awesome as the sun is the new Mortal Combat trailer.
  3. Today will be a Christmas Story/Waterworld run as I dress like Randy and seek dry land/road. I’ll have the cold wind today. Stupid winter.
  4. Between the crunchy ice, black ice and sheets of ice I am just glad to didn’t eat it this morning. I was fooled by my neighborhood roads being just wet and puddly and should have either stayed in bed or in the neighborhood. Next couple days are going to be crap with temps as projected to do a dumb tiny melt/refreeze, will need to high point temps and scope some clear shoulders to get a decent weekend.
  5. The ‘even open on Christmas’ beer store is closing at 4 bc of ice. This may be the apocalypse.
  6. I’ve gone arm band, flip belt and a watch that stores music the winner for me is good shorts with the back center pocket and a good drawstring. Path Projects are my preferred, I need to try the ones Z links 👆for half the $
  7. I have the hotel room, guess I should figure out when I need to register so I don’t forget.
  8. I have one of those days with no sun or high point to target. So I’ll just have to hulk up in a bit after a highly lazy morning.
  9. MCM site says registration closed for the desert storm thing.
  10. Doing this as well. Key to me finishing is to not swim (drown).
  11. I like balegas, I need to get ones that are higher. All my good socks are low cuts.
  12. I’ve been going two lower layers, 3 upper most runs that I can’t high point the sun/temp. I need to get some more quality warm socks, any recs from the crew?
  13. Thanks GB. First 50 since May. Need moar.
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