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  1. @pbm107 chasing that bourbon all over Kentucky. Sure hope he catches it at some point.
  2. One more please, so sub the 3:25 45 yr old standard (not factoring any buffer) in late 2022 or up through November something 2023 would be a BQ in 2024 as I’ll be over 45 as of race day 2024.
  3. Help a brother out please. The age at race day part screws me with my bday about a week following the race in April, right? So I will be 46 when I can qualify under the 45 yr old standard. I’ll turn 45 in 2023 in late April.
  4. Saw that and figured as much. Sorry things came to this point, good luck resting and strengthening.
  5. #### @MAC_32, good luck on getting healthy. Speaking of, how you feeling @Juxtatarot ?
  6. Any specific tie to that race not to push out a few weeks to another race to get a bit more physical recovery? I’m sure you weighed the options but have to ask.
  7. Putting a bow on dude’s 3 sub 2:30 efforts, came close… “Congrats to Jordan Tropf, who just finished 3 marathons in 3 days (really 51 hours). Includes a flight cancellation in CHI and a frantic drive to DET to catch a last-minute flight to BOS.” Baltimore Marathon: 2:27:23 Chicago: 2:31:54 Boston: 2:32:13 Average per race: 2:30:30
  8. Steel (and his posse) coming in for a landing right on track in a few minutes.
  9. 2 more splits to come from Tri, he is ####### doing the thing!
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