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  1. Des Linden going for 50k record this morning in Oregon. “The current record is 3:07:20 held by @alydixon262. That’s 31.1 miles at 6:01-ish pace.”
  2. Joggling sub 3hr marathon is my favorite thing I saw today.
  3. I fit a nap in between the shots of these two in the last group. Doubt they speed up any as they go.
  4. Xander bandwagon leaving the station...
  5. Were hoards of runners trying to keep up with him as a wind shield?
  6. Juxt looks like a secret service runner BMF.
  7. Pretty sure I did 10 pushups I didn’t count but not sure. This sucks.
  8. Was googling “exponential gainz” and it brought me here.
  9. Dammit can’t ignore a googledoc.
  10. Q1 2021 I spared y’all monthly updates but you’ll get the qtr and I look forward to yours... I am very pleased with a mostly healthy 493 mile quarter. Ending it with a couple days rest before taking on a next build block ahead of a hopefully July marathon block start. I followed a 12 week structure to start the year that kept me accountable. Completed the MCM 218 mile challenge to earn a new pair of gloves 🧤 Minimal workouts as I was getting my health back in order, a couple November pre virus benchmarks from distance, pace & HR have been my measure. The easy run one is pre
  11. Nice work, you bastard. Here’s to better days and better measured courses.
  12. Horshel becomes more Christian Bale Batman every time I look.
  13. I thought Juxt was a running robot (no water/no fuel/occasional heartbeat ) and figured he would upgrade anti-virus software.
  14. Important - I finally found my first post on page 145, asking about socks for rainy race that ended up being a bonkfest of first half marathon.
  15. GL GB. Should pass today/tomorrow. We had a lot of folks at the office get whacked by the 2nd shots.
  16. Needed watch to count for me. Or an adult.
  17. Sitting here trying to remember how many 9% beers I had last night.
  18. I saw traces of me posting in the page 180s but haven’t found my first yet. So many race reports to get the intern to archive.
  19. I’d be up to try to fit in the Sept one, if it evolves I’ll assess the calendar more intently.
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