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  1. Cool, thanks for that lesson. Have you watched their games, by any chance? A fumble with minutes remaining inside the 20 against Miami and a missed FG off the post against Tampa Bay could have both EASILY gone the other way. Do you disagree with that?
  2. I said they easily could be a 4-1 team, those are just facts man.
  3. On what planet should the Cowboys be favored by double digits against the Pats on the road? New England easily could be 4-1 right now.
  4. I am really in a bind this week, some of these options.....🤮.......who would you roll with below? Minnesota at Carolina Cleveland vs. Arizona Seattle at Pittsburgh
  5. I watched a decent amount, Davis was involved early. A little too much Patterson for my liking overall, but game script sort of screwed him in the second half. Really really bad play calling and penalties in the red zone in their limited chances. I remain bullish on him overall.
  6. All excellent points, Sauce. Now let me ask you this - say there are NO restrictions on keepers, with no contracts or any rules prohibiting you from keeping certain players. Then how would you approach a keep 6?
  7. I think that makes a lot of sense. It's a subtle difference but definitely one to consider as well. Say I load up on younger guys who might go a round or two later in redraft, it would make sense to then go with an older QB (say Brady) because I know he's going to produce this year, and don't have to necessarily think of him as a keeper. Random question - as far as the Draft Dominator goes - is there a way to adjust for dynasty rankings? I know we have plenty of cheat sheets for dynasty but I don't see anything within the Draft Dominator. For instance, AJ Brown would be bumped way up if we were ranking in dynasty as opposed to redraft. Any tips?
  8. Thanks for the response! How would you approach it from the beginning? Just treat it like a dynasty league in terms of rankings?
  9. Hi everyone! First post this season and I just couldn't be more excited to spend most of my downtime for the next 6 months here with you all! I have sort of a broad question that I didn't find a recent thread on and wanted to see what everyone thought, and if they were in a similar situation as I am. So I am in a few different types of leagues - dynasty, two keeper, redraft, auction, etc. My question is around bigger keeper leagues, and how you compare it with say a full dynasty team. For those keeper leagues where you are able to keep up to six guys, are you just using dynasty rankings in that scenario? Or are you leaning more towards the redraft rankings because with six keepers there can still be a good deal of turnover from year to year? I struggle with this because while I get the inherent value of Kyle Pitts, is he worthy of a super high pick if you're keeping six guys? Am I bumping AJ Brown and Justin Jefferson ahead of Stefon Diggs and Tyreke Hill? I wouldn't do that in a redraft of course, but how are you guys feeling about these types of decisions?
  10. As someone who doesn’t love his draft from last night, this thread just made me feel so much better!
  11. A mock I did last night ended up with: Stafford Conner Ronald Jones M. Thomas G. Kittle A. Robinson K/D Bench: AP, Dillon, Jeudy, Tate,
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