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  1. You forgot about Steve, the Origami Boulder, something about blue or orange dots, and that not why were here.
  2. What'd you say about my momma???
  3. Sure, it's inappropriate because of the "indigenous/whatever" part. Aside from that, it's just kind of got a dickish tone.
  4. I don't know if we are avoiding spoilers, but I LOVED the heel turn at the end. And the way he rationalized it in his head felt . . . very real to me. I can absolutely see a broken person twisting their own perceptions to rationalize poor behavior. And the show really did the legwork this season to build to that point. A great reveal at the end that made it fun and worth it.
  5. I think the fact that the Patriots replaced WHOLE TEAMS around him, and he still went to playoffs and won superbowls should tell us what we need to know. How many years straight, if any football team could pick any player from, say, 2003-20015 (or so) as the first pick of an expansion draft -- how many would pick Brady as the clear #1? Not just first quarterback, but first pick overall? For many of those patriot superbowls, he was the only common denominator.
  6. Not sure what you mean "never get this corrected in society." But I agree with you that "gender" is not "sex." Or at least "gender" is not "sexual organs." That seems to be what they are teaching kids these days. If my daughter's high school classmates are any indication, society will figure this out soon enough. Kind of like we did with marijuana and gay marriage.
  7. Dice Clay is a good example. He fell off the map not because he wasn't politically correct, but because he wasn't funny.
  8. Is this the movie with the "one of us" scene? I know that scene, but haven't seen the movie.
  9. I got a prescription for this a few months back to help with frequent urination overnight. I didn't like it. After about a week or so, my extremities got super swollen, mostly my feet. It almost felt like it increased my bloodflow *everywhere* -- including my hands and feet. Strange.
  10. So are you saying that people should wear masks, even when all participants are fully vaccinated? I don't agree, but to each their own.
  11. I think it should be possible to have a discussion about these things without it devolving. Doesn't it seem reasonable that for events in which everyone is vaccinated (e.g., the "Met Gala" a couple weeks ago; and I'm assuming this event here), that it's ok for people to go without a mask? If so, then there is a difference in those situations than in schools, right? I mean, in elementary schools, kids aren't vaccinated, so I understand the concern about masks, and in colleges, everyone DOES have a vaccination (again, an assumption), so it would seem silly to have them wearing masks. There is plenty of real stuff to fight about. Let's not make up stuff.
  12. I was excited to watch the Beard episode based on what I read here. But when I watched it, my reaction was mostly . . . . meh. My complaint is that they seemed like they couldn't really commit to the concept 100%. Like they held a little back. If they were going to do something wacky, they should have really swung for the fences. I was expecting something a little more off the wall. Beard is a weird cat, they could have really explored the space there. (but still entertaining and better than most of the stuff on network TV, so I'll take it). Just finished Season 2 of Mr. Inbetween and loving it so far. How is the ONLY place I'm hearing about this show on the FBG FFA? It's CRIMINAL that this show isn't getting more love. Oh, and no spoilers for Season 3!
  13. I'm not a statistician, but I've worked with them in the past. Very, very, very smart people have a lot to say about the size of the population you need for testing well, anything. You'd be surprised by how small a population that a statistician believes is necessary.
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