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  1. I got a prescription for this a few months back to help with frequent urination overnight. I didn't like it. After about a week or so, my extremities got super swollen, mostly my feet. It almost felt like it increased my bloodflow *everywhere* -- including my hands and feet. Strange.
  2. So are you saying that people should wear masks, even when all participants are fully vaccinated? I don't agree, but to each their own.
  3. I think it should be possible to have a discussion about these things without it devolving. Doesn't it seem reasonable that for events in which everyone is vaccinated (e.g., the "Met Gala" a couple weeks ago; and I'm assuming this event here), that it's ok for people to go without a mask? If so, then there is a difference in those situations than in schools, right? I mean, in elementary schools, kids aren't vaccinated, so I understand the concern about masks, and in colleges, everyone DOES have a vaccination (again, an assumption), so it would seem silly to have them wearing masks. There is plenty of real stuff to fight about. Let's not make up stuff.
  4. I was excited to watch the Beard episode based on what I read here. But when I watched it, my reaction was mostly . . . . meh. My complaint is that they seemed like they couldn't really commit to the concept 100%. Like they held a little back. If they were going to do something wacky, they should have really swung for the fences. I was expecting something a little more off the wall. Beard is a weird cat, they could have really explored the space there. (but still entertaining and better than most of the stuff on network TV, so I'll take it). Just finished Season 2 of Mr. Inbetween and loving it so far. How is the ONLY place I'm hearing about this show on the FBG FFA? It's CRIMINAL that this show isn't getting more love. Oh, and no spoilers for Season 3!
  5. I'm not a statistician, but I've worked with them in the past. Very, very, very smart people have a lot to say about the size of the population you need for testing well, anything. You'd be surprised by how small a population that a statistician believes is necessary.
  6. To be fair to QH, I believe he is joking. But on the interwebs, it's hard to tell . . .
  7. Yes, you missed a huge part of what he's saying. I'm going to take you at your word that it wasn't intentional. He is saying that there is another driver in the analysis besides "number of people affected." That other driver is the "severity of each population being affected." You completely ignored that point. Again, feel free to disagree with him (he even invited you to disagree), but at least take the argument on it's merits.
  8. the funny thing is that I get that argument. History is replete with the medical field giving us stuff that turns out to be harmful. Where they lose me is with talks of vast conspiracies or attempts by the government of "controlling' the population, or even intentionally depopulating the world. Just wacky stuff. If we could limit the arguments to those based in a reasonable sense of reality, there is a conversation to be had. I mean, at least I get the argument that someone doesn't want to take the vaccine because it hasn't been tested enough. I disagree with it, but I understand where it's coming from. But the level of anger/snark/vitriol around all this is disheartening.
  9. Jesus, you either misread his post or intentionally mischaracterized it. And he was just like "please don't misread what I wrote, I'm trying to be super clear."
  10. You ain't kidding, brother. I look back, and there were sooooooooooo many mistakes made. Good gravy.
  11. LOL. This makes me chuckle in a non-snarky way. I think good-natured ribbing is a lost art. I tip my hat to you, sir.
  12. No, I'd guess that she was on the left. This person's letter basically says "I don't think we should separate acting award categories into male/female, we don't do that for director or producer, and besides I don't really fall into a category for male or female so it's hard for me personally." I read this and kind of shrug. I say to myself, "sure, I get what they are saying about director/producer, but having separate categories for male/female is kind of fun. But I get it. But also, whatever." But some people read that and it drives them crazy and it is somehow associated with fascism and the downfall of America that it's something really bad. I generally think of those as being on the right, but if you say you aren't on the right, then ok.
  13. I'm trying a new things where I keep the snark to a minimum. I've already failed in this thread once, but I'll keep trying. Anyway, my response to this is that I think it's a bit of stretch to compare these two things. And that it would probably be a stretch to call myself an activist.
  14. This post reminds me how much fun philosophy majors were at college parties.
  15. hmmmm. Interesting. I could see decent arguments both ways for either keeping gender-specific categories, or getting rid of them. I mean, we don't have separate categories for "best male director" and "best female director." But I also don't really see a huge harm in separating out male and female either. I see this as more culture-wars that the right is trying to do. You guys LOVE to get heated over cultural divide "us vs. them" kind of stuff that could be handled less . . . I don't know, emotionally?
  16. I don't really understand anything the OP is posting. Is he saying that a trans person who transitions from a man to a woman shouldn't be allowed to compete for an acting award as a woman? That's an awfully roundabout way of saying "I don't think we should have Trans people." Of course, because the OP uses a lot of words to say something, I certainly could have misinterpreted his post.
  17. I was a little disappointed with the Ten Rings movie. It may just be that I had my expectations too high based on reviews/Rotten Tomato. It was ok, but seemed like one big 2 hour fight.
  18. Been away from this place for a long, long time. Lots of my own stuff. It's great to come back and see threads like this. I admire you, Stryker. Thanks for the posts.
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