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  1. The vast majority of terrorism isn’t coming from the left.
  2. I was simply shocked that you thought he’d done anything illegal in posting anti-immigrant writings. He hadn’t. No more so than trump has.
  3. So - by your own words, you were just as law abiding as Patrick Crusius until earlier today. And yet you think it realistic to prevent a gun from getting in his hands and still getting you one? What about the guy without a manifesto as a warning?
  4. He didn’t debate Hilary either. He just threw out insults - which worked for people who were persuasive.
  5. The point is that calling people “law abiding gun owners” is kinda missing the point.
  6. They’re law abiding up until the mass murder. How do you know who Will remain and who won’t?
  7. El Paso Gilroy Philadelphia Charlottesville Christchurch All murderers with racist intent. All followers of trump who cited his beliefs as support for their actions. Still think that it’s unreasonable to hold trump partially responsible, Tim?
  8. They are posting in other threads.
  9. Interesting that the overt (stealthy) and covert (Jon_mx) trump supporters are keeping a low profile tonight. There’s no defending their boy today.
  10. You can’t have a patchwork of state regulations and not expect interstate commerce to undermine state regulation.
  11. I have no idea how you feel. I was just thinking of some of the approaches that republicans and the gun lobby have put in place to stymie real investigation into gun violence solutions. If we are going to take an honest look at it, we need to stop putting up barriers.
  12. Sounds like a plan. And let’s start staffing the agencies fully. And allow research into gun violence to be government funded. Let’s deal with the issue, with all plans of attack open.
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