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  1. Does anyone know the extent of the injury ? He was carted off yesterday.
  2. This thread should end here. Drop the mic. This is actually the worst offer ever received by anyone on the planet.
  3. Add Murray and Williams to the suck list. Suck × 4 in the BAL backfield.
  4. Juwan Johnson is a great add this week, as TE is a lean position. Any advantage gained at TE could pay dividends.
  5. this. Le'veon Bell is a sneaky intelligent hold here, as no one seized the opportunity in week 1.
  6. I'll take Sutton over Tyson eeeeeeasily
  7. I agree Lat Murray is not going anywhere, but I don't see him as a viable fantasy producer. I would rather roll the dice with Le'Veon Bell right now as the next man up.
  8. What ? Run, don't walk to smash the accept button.
  9. I would hold Bell for one more week. Murray looks slow, and Ty'son is not the answer.
  10. Juwan Johnson is my pick as well. Big red zone target on a high octane offense.
  11. here's the love... https://forums.footballguys.com/topic/789755-wr-marquez-callaway-no/?tab=comments#comment-23040402
  12. Is this trade still being defended ? Admit that you got fleeced and move on. We've all made bad trades.
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