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  1. I can't fathom a reason to keep this place.
  2. 12-15% is probably the going rate for people who can't get a conventional bank loan. But I'd much rather have my money in the market right now, so if I'm loaning money to anyone, it's because I believe in them, not because I want to make a profit.
  3. LOL How many times have we heard that some political figure's arrest was "imminent" over the past 5 years? IMMINENT!!
  4. Wow. She changed key three times. #AllKeysMatter
  5. Trump was telling these traitors that Pence could stop the count Jan 6th You have to be trolling me. He's not trolling, he's just very narrowly defining the word "plan."
  6. Agree with the sentiment but Hershel shouldn't be talking politics.
  7. Yeah, it's a dumb semantic argument rooted in deep denial. I'm a big boy. I can admit that some protesters had weapons. It's not going to give me a nervous breakdown.
  8. Do you think that applies if he’s under indictment (but not yet convicted)? Trump's potential legal issues would only make his candidacy stronger, IMO. After watching the partisan Justice Department go after all those patriotic Trump supporters while totally ignoring the crimes of BLM, Republicans will eagerly vote for the man who promises to drain the swamp (again).
  9. The economy could completely implode to the point we’re back to bartering for goods and services, and I would still never vote for any of these GOP candidates. People like you are a rarity, IMO. Most of the Republicans who are currently angry with the "Trump Wing" will eventually transfer their anger to Biden if he wrecks the economy.
  10. Nope. The economy could completely go to hell and he still wouldn’t win. If Uncle Joe runs the economy into the ground, Republicans could nominate a Ham Sandwich and win in a landslide. All the stuff about insurrections and impeachments will be completely forgotten. It's all about the economy.
  11. He's got the 2024 nomination wrapped up if he wants it. Whether he can win will largely be based on what happens to the economy in the next 4 years, IMO.
  12. This actually makes a lot of sense. But it only matters on the Republican side. Any Democrat governor will get hammered for crippling their state's economy. Add in Cuomo's sexual harassment problem and the nursing home deaths and he has no chance whatsoever. Would love to see the Dems nominate him though!
  13. Both parties would be foolish to nominate any Governor because they'll just get hammered by the other side for their response to COVID.
  14. Is 23andMe more likely or less likely to include the same proportion of gay people as the rest of society? I could see the argument going both ways (no pun intended).
  15. Yes this is sure to win lots of votes for you guys. I've said it before, but I think the anti-mask thing was the #1 reason why Trump lost. All the crap about "Freedom!" was the wrong message. Did any Republicans cry "Freedom!" when we all wore ribbons to support our troops? Nope. We took the lead and shamed the rest of the country into following. That's how you do it.
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