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  1. I like how the wife goes from "You are crazy for wanting to go to Fenway Park!" to "Oh by the way, I had a dream that you went to Fenway Park" in literally 2 seconds.
  2. This will have no effect on the 2022 or 2024 elections. It will be ancient history by then.
  3. I think your numbers are wrong. US average is 1892 deaths per million Florida is at 1898 deaths per million Worldometers says 1926 for USA and 1890 for Florida. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/
  4. I disagree that Desantis self-destructed. The guy stuck to his guns and preserved freedom for his constituents. And despite the current spike, he still kept Florida's COVID death rate way below the national average. Those things resonate with voters.
  5. I think you're being a bit harsh with the "conspiratorial" and "paranoid" accusations. It's too broad of a paintbrush IMO. That said, I agree that no individual can change the collective mentality. My social circle is 90% anti-mask and 90% pro-Trump and they're not going to change their beliefs just because of something Trump says.
  6. If a kid is big -- tall or wide -- he's playing on the OL. No point in putting him at WR when kids that age barely throw the ball anyway.
  7. Nailing Mikkelson for plagiarism is like nailing Al Capone for tax evasion. Check out Mikkelson's divorce papers. Much more interesting and more damning stuff in there.
  8. You shouldn't be surprised at all. Lengthy and/or permanent bans are all part of the New And Improved Footballguys (Lite Mode Only).
  9. Well, "Gil Hodges!" is just one of the worst anachronisms in the history of film, there's no disputing that one.
  10. You can't wrap your head around the idea of a black kid in Brooklyn in the 1950s being inspired by Jackie Robinson? Come on.
  11. I feel sorry for these people. I hope they've moved on, and what I mean by that is that I hope that they have moved on with their lives, not that I hope that they've moved on to a new conspiracy.
  12. I'm flying to Vegas tomorrow morning. Give me the name of the Venmo recipient and I'll ask around for ya.
  13. If ESPN is violating her contract, then she's not being hypocritical at all.
  14. Liberals don't want to say it because most libs are already vaccinated. So it's not in their best interest to promote something that would mostly benefit the other side. Conservatives don't want to say it because it goes against the anti-vax/anti-CDC/anti-Fauci talking points. (And I say this as a conservative who voted for Trump and has no love for Fauci, but I just have zero tolerance for the anti-vax nonsense.) And the mainstream media doesn't want to say it because they make lots of money during pandemics. It's better for them to say nothing and then report on the fallout.
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