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  1. a lot of hype in this thread, but guys like McManus or Carlson have been MUCH more productive.
  2. I did that in my league. I still have the Broncos D but there was no way I was going with the Pats D against the GOAT in his return to NE. I grabbed the Bengals and will roll with them tonight against Jax. No doubt someone in my league will scoop up the Pats D off waivers before I can grab them back.
  3. I dropped Succop for McPherson. I drafted Succop thinking that getting Brady's kicker was a good thing. And it is.....for extra points, not field goals.
  4. I am always reminded of the Fitzmagic spin-wheel which gets posted each year (with him starting off great, then getting benched, etc...).
  5. I hear you. In my big money 0.5 PPR league I pick 9th. If somehow Adams falls to me I will take him, but if he is not there, I am going Ekeler. GL to you !
  6. Well, in a full PPR, I think Ekeler is at or very near the top of the list. Chubb is a beast (no doubt) but Hunt does take away some of his shine. Jones is injury prone and just got paid. Plus, I expect the Packers to use Dillon a lot this year. Zeke got paid and went soft. That trend continues this season. Taylor is good but there are a few too many mouths to feed in that backfield (Mack and Wilkins) plus Hines being their pass down back. Mixon ? Can't trust him. He's fooled us all a few too many times. I also think Perrine gets more play than the experts predict. Barkley ? Love me some Saquon (We Are !) but that injury concerns me and I do think he will be on a limited usage basis for awhile.
  7. Glad to hear I am not the only dinosaur when it comes to this. I may not win my leagues each year, but that is typically because of trades that didn't work out, injuries, bad line-up decisions or just plain bad luck. It is NEVER because I did not draft well.
  8. I know what I am about to say is archaic, but I enter my league scoring, print out the Draft Dominator sheets, go to the draft with my sheets and a "wish list" of guys I am looking for in each round (based upon my own research, FBG analysis articles like Waldman's gut-check teams, etc.) and a draft chart. As guys are picked I cross them off the cheat sheets and enter them in my chart. When it's my pick I look at my wish lists and the cheat sheets (and the chart of who has been picked already so I can get a sense of what the guys picking around me are likely to do) and go from there. Probably about as old school as you can get, I know, but the whole idea of the computer telling me who to pick was always something I thought took away from the whole fun of drafting in the first place.
  9. OR the Draft Dominator Classic printed cheat sheets. I have NEVER drafted without them.
  10. One of the things no one has mentioned is that Fitzmagic can elevate a good player into a star, as keeps going back to his guy over and over. He did it with Parker in Miami and if McLaurin is "his guy", I would have a similar expectation for McLaurin as well.
  11. In 0.5 point PPR, his ADP is 17. I don't see any mocks where he lasts until the 3rd round.
  12. In a full point PPR, I personally would take Ekeler over all of them. Of course if Saquon is healthy then he goes before him. In a 0.5 PPR, then Chubb and Zeke are certainly in the discussion.
  13. Nice to know I am not the only person who will do that. LOL.
  14. Been doing that for well over a decade
  15. Kind of reminds me of Mark Bavarro in that respect.
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