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  1. I dropped Succop for McPherson. I drafted Succop thinking that getting Brady's kicker was a good thing. And it is.....for extra points, not field goals.
  2. I am always reminded of the Fitzmagic spin-wheel which gets posted each year (with him starting off great, then getting benched, etc...).
  3. I hear you. In my big money 0.5 PPR league I pick 9th. If somehow Adams falls to me I will take him, but if he is not there, I am going Ekeler. GL to you !
  4. Well, in a full PPR, I think Ekeler is at or very near the top of the list. Chubb is a beast (no doubt) but Hunt does take away some of his shine. Jones is injury prone and just got paid. Plus, I expect the Packers to use Dillon a lot this year. Zeke got paid and went soft. That trend continues this season. Taylor is good but there are a few too many mouths to feed in that backfield (Mack and Wilkins) plus Hines being their pass down back. Mixon ? Can't trust him. He's fooled us all a few too many times. I also think Perrine gets more play than the experts predict. Barkley ? Love me some Saquon (We Are !) but that injury concerns me and I do think he will be on a limited usage basis for awhile.
  5. Glad to hear I am not the only dinosaur when it comes to this. I may not win my leagues each year, but that is typically because of trades that didn't work out, injuries, bad line-up decisions or just plain bad luck. It is NEVER because I did not draft well.
  6. I know what I am about to say is archaic, but I enter my league scoring, print out the Draft Dominator sheets, go to the draft with my sheets and a "wish list" of guys I am looking for in each round (based upon my own research, FBG analysis articles like Waldman's gut-check teams, etc.) and a draft chart. As guys are picked I cross them off the cheat sheets and enter them in my chart. When it's my pick I look at my wish lists and the cheat sheets (and the chart of who has been picked already so I can get a sense of what the guys picking around me are likely to do) and go from there. Probably about as old school as you can get, I know, but the whole idea of the computer telling me who to pick was always something I thought took away from the whole fun of drafting in the first place.
  7. OR the Draft Dominator Classic printed cheat sheets. I have NEVER drafted without them.
  8. One of the things no one has mentioned is that Fitzmagic can elevate a good player into a star, as keeps going back to his guy over and over. He did it with Parker in Miami and if McLaurin is "his guy", I would have a similar expectation for McLaurin as well.
  9. In 0.5 point PPR, his ADP is 17. I don't see any mocks where he lasts until the 3rd round.
  10. In a full point PPR, I personally would take Ekeler over all of them. Of course if Saquon is healthy then he goes before him. In a 0.5 PPR, then Chubb and Zeke are certainly in the discussion.
  11. Nice to know I am not the only person who will do that. LOL.
  12. Been doing that for well over a decade
  13. Kind of reminds me of Mark Bavarro in that respect.
  14. Hurt a lot of the time. Doesn't score TDs when he isn't hurt. Tough as a bull no doubt, but....
  15. My bad. It wasn't a TD pass. It wasn't just a "no look" pass. It was a "no look" pass, with your head literally being ripped the other way.
  16. Perhaps, although the flip side is that for 13 weeks to start the season, you can "set it and forget it."
  17. well, he is in the same grouping as Russ, Rodgers, Brady and Hurts. Russ is held back by his coaching staff (as we saw in the 2nd half last year). Rodgers we have no idea about but his ADP will jump considerably if/when he returns. That said, prior to last season he had been starting to show some decline. Brady had a monster year no doubt, but no way I am pinning my hopes to a 42 year old QB. As for Hurts, his team sucks, and he certainly did not look as good as Herbert did last year. As for the loudness of the stadiums, he seemed to do OK playing in front of huge PAC12 crowds and if the Chargers start winning, the home games will in fact be "home" games. Just my 2 cents of course.
  18. I know things change from season to season but I had him last year and he left me....meh. Like washing your hands with rubber kitchen gloves on. You know they are in the water but they are not getting wet.
  19. It's still early July, but I think I might reach for Justin Herbert
  20. Apparently Nick's anti-Semitic comments from last year are a distant memory, as he is about to get his own talk show.
  21. Does this really surprise anyone about Le'Veon Bell ? The guy who objected to being drug tested (despite his prior drug transgressions) by claiming he "doesn't like needles"....even though he is covered in tattoos. LMAO.
  22. Personally I happen to like Tannehill a decent amount as well, but I could not disagree more with the author's suggestion that Jalen Hurts is a better choice than Herbert--even with a later ADP.
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