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  1. Such a smooth route runner with great hands
  2. just my $.02 Not a fan of the potential for this class. Maybe a couple RBs and a handful of WRs, but that's about it. YMMV
  3. 12 team superflex Gave: Herbert Got: Lawrence and Elijah Moore i offered and insta accept so i wondering if i didn't ask for enough
  4. Playoff team available for active devy owner. Premium TE scoring (Kelce finished 1st and Weller 7th above all RBs and WRs) Highlights of league and team: Deep roster of 30 in season, 35 off season 10 Man Devy Taxi Squad (devy can be on active roster, too) Start 11, No K or D Brady, Roth, Tua, M Thomas, Jeudy, Boyd, KELCE, WALLER Devy players Slovis, JT Daniels, and Breece Hall Devy pic 1.09 Devy draft ready to start when new owner is up to speed. Link to full roster: https://www79.myfantasyleague.com/2021/options?L=32421&O=07&F=0002 Message here, DM or email me at hesbonafide@yahoo.com
  5. teams will pay because he makes them instantly better (and if they want to win now)
  6. 12 team PPR, TE premium Gave: 1.05, 1.10, 3.07, 3.09 Got 1.02 and 3.02 Second year of a complete rebuild, need to consolidate picks, still have 1.01/1.09/2.01/2.10/3.01. [side bar: i see about 30 rookies that i would pick, i'm sure it will change after the draft]
  7. looked at the snap splits at Rotowire and saw some interesting nuggets in terms of usage: Snaps Kelce 1019, Waller 992, Hock 767, Fant 732 Lineup Tight/In Line Fant 84.7%, Waller 64.9%, Hock 62.1%, Kelce 39% Routes/Snaps Hock 60%, Fant 55%, Waller and Kelce 52% Routes/Targets/% Targeted Waller 516/146/28.3% Kelce 536/145/27.0% Fant 406/93/22.9% Hock 460/101/21.9% All this indicates to me that Pitts will run routes between 50-60% of his time on the field. By the second year, I would expect at least 20% of those routes he will be targeted... and all that matters in FF is targets. So landing in a place like CIN or ATL in the short run seems to be preferable to MIA. Where he lines up doesn't matter. I think stylistically, Pitts is a better Graham/Fant. Don't know if that means he gets a Kelce/Waller target %, but i would think any OC would want to maximize match ups. YMMV
  8. Motivated to fill the spot so first year's fee is waved, just have to pay the $55 for 2022 AND add three bonus devy picks in the upcoming draft (2.13, 3.13 and 4.13) for a total of 6, plus both rookies. Taxi Squad for Devy is 10 players and owner's can (and have) had more
  9. Looking for a replacement owner for an active $55 league. Very active during the two drafts. Roster: https://www79.myfantasyleague.com/2021/options?L=32421&O=07&F=0009 Has most of their picks including the 1.05 in the Devy and Rookie draft. You can ask me questions here of via DM. Thanks!
  10. this is a great league, not too devy heavy so rookie/devy drafts have lots of talent
  11. with established teams, i try to shore up my rosters for playoff runs if i think i have a Top 4 team... but i don't think i have ever gone "all in" to the extent that i trade valuable young assets. Draft pics are different. I mainly play in devy leagues and rarely keep my rookie 1sts since they are later and the pool is depleted (3 years ago netted Ebron before the season, 2 years got Jackson/Samuel for Roth and my 1st, this year during the season RJIII). I keep my devy players and picks longer to try and replenish the youth pipeline. I construct rosters in rolling 3 year periods, laddering the ages at each position like bonds or cds. The older players have zero trade value and I am willing to let them die on my roster. Guys like White, M Jones, Hilton may be a bye or flex filler... but to have the chuztpah to start in the playoffs? Jones, maybe. I respectfully disagree with CC about playoff appearance volume. Any chance to get money back and have a weighted coin flip for more money should always be taken. I'm realistic with three teams that are 6 seeds, but on any given Sunday, Monday and sometimes Tuesday and Wednesday, anything can happen. I rather have that than the 1.06 rookie pick. Any team that has no shot at the playoffs i am always looking to acquire youth/picks. But some leagues picks are thrown around like manhole covers as for finding value on the WW besides Robinson, last year Higbee before his run and Tonyan after week 3 are hits... usually you find some emergency depth like Bridgewater or Edwards Balt RB. But if its a 14 teamer and/or larger rosters, there is very little out there on the WW.
  12. cashed out my only share of Gibson who i got a 3.7 in the rookie 12 Team ppr, QRRWWTFFKD Gave Gibson and 2022 3rd Got Hock, 2021 1st and 2022 2nd (very likely playoff team) Too long rebuild with some good parts (Jackson, CEH, J Jones, Jefferson, Higgins) and three 1sts
  13. have quite a few shares of AJ, some handcuffed, some not... i thought holding him out vs Min was because GB felt like they could win without him at home, and wanted him 100% healthy (which nobody really is week 9). this game is pretty much a must win game for GB to right the ship, and even though SF is very dinged, they can still run the ball and play keep away against a poor GB Def, so i think AJ will play and I will start with confidence
  14. 12 team ppr, qrrwwtffdk Gave Goedert and 2021 3rd Got 2021 1st Reasoning: have Fant/Ebron/Everett, not a playoff team 3-5 (but getting closer) and want an extra first next year. Other team is borderline playoff team.
  15. Good talk on the lower tier RBs... I've sold Robinson for a later 1st, and have him in my weekly lineup for contending teams. I have no problem turning a quick profit. And almost had one owner accept a straight Robinson for Akers trade. Robinson has a high floor in PPR. I don't know what kind of competition or coaching staff he will have in 2021, but he's making a case for Jax to spend resources elsewhere. I'd buy for a late first if i was a contender, maybe high second if not if i had lots of draft capital (down on RBs in 2021, but WRs, TEs and QBs will fall to the 2nd and 3rd next year) I sold Montgomery early this year in a rebuild (late 1st and 2nd), and targeted him in a couple leagues when I lost McCaffrey. Had to "settle" for Jones for a devy depleted 1st round rookie pick. Liking that trade since he has performed well and is still young enough to get better.
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