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  1. this is a great league, not too devy heavy so rookie/devy drafts have lots of talent
  2. with established teams, i try to shore up my rosters for playoff runs if i think i have a Top 4 team... but i don't think i have ever gone "all in" to the extent that i trade valuable young assets. Draft pics are different. I mainly play in devy leagues and rarely keep my rookie 1sts since they are later and the pool is depleted (3 years ago netted Ebron before the season, 2 years got Jackson/Samuel for Roth and my 1st, this year during the season RJIII). I keep my devy players and picks longer to try and replenish the youth pipeline. I construct rosters in rolling 3 year periods, ladder
  3. cashed out my only share of Gibson who i got a 3.7 in the rookie 12 Team ppr, QRRWWTFFKD Gave Gibson and 2022 3rd Got Hock, 2021 1st and 2022 2nd (very likely playoff team) Too long rebuild with some good parts (Jackson, CEH, J Jones, Jefferson, Higgins) and three 1sts
  4. not a Bryant owner, view him as a Tier 3 WR, which places him just outside the top 12 ish. Not sure if he will get the targets every week, but he can single handily win a week. carries significant upside and downside. in terms of picks, no lower than the 1.02, maybe 1.03 depending on how the draft goes
  5. no idea on the pass percentage, but the new FO states that PIT went 3WR sets 68% of the time (7th most frequent) and 4WR sets 4% (9th). so there will be targets
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