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  1. i'm trying to gauge the tempertature of some of the "older" WRs like VJax & Colston. I've always been a little leary of Colston's knees but he finished the year strong after missing a couple games early. And if he stays in NO, I see him remaining 1A or 1B with Graham for the next 2-3 years. VJax can take over a game when he gets the targets (and can single handily win you a week) I like his big play ability but is all his value tied to the deep ball in Norv's offense. Last year he set a personal record of 114 targets, which is just over 7/game. I know their value will be directly re
  2. it has been a while since i've seen something worth posting (redraft is another story). Team A Would Give Rivers, Philip SDC QB Branch, Deion NEP WR Burress, Plaxico NYJ WR Year 2012 Round 1 (currently 4-3) Team B Would Give Tebow, Tim DEN QB Murray, DeMarco DAL RB Green, A.J. CIN WR Year 2012 Round 1 (currently 3-4) why would anyone want to acquire a 32 and 34 year old WR in a dynasty league if they are not in a win now mode?
  3. there are more and more coming down the pike. today: I give up Roth I get Peyton AND Kerry Collins
  4. since the season has started, i figured there will be more offers like these Them Helu Royster 2012 2nd Me Wallace M Bush Locker Not the worst i have ever been offered, but don't think i could hit decline any faster
  5. Just got this one... and I wouldn't trade Dez for all four of them "Really, Owner?" Helu, Roy WAS RB Thomas, Daniel MIA RB Alexander, Danario STL WR Marshall, Brandon MIA WR ME Johnson, Chris TEN RB Ringer, Javon TEN RB Smith, Kevin DET RB Bryant, Dez DAL WR
  6. "Clueless" proposed a trade with dexterdew "Clueless" will give Freeman, Josh TBB QB Newton, Cam CAR QB Addai, Joseph IND RB Green-Ellis, BenJarvus NEP RB Gates, Edmond MIA WR Lloyd, Brandon DEN WR To dexterdew for Tebow, Tim DEN QB Johnson, Chris TEN RB Bowe, Dwayne KCC WR The response was something like "adding more players does not make it better, and I don't have 3 players I want to drop" Not sure why I didn't offer a fifth rounder and 5 non-starters for his 1st and 3rd round pick
  7. i knew i saved some of these offers in my Outlook for a reason: CJ, Dez and M Thomas for SJax, Lloyd and Meacham Bowe, Scott and 1.08 for Wells, Alexander, and Nelson and there was a rash of offers involving their last play picked in the start up. There is a reason I passed on that player 22 times.
  8. Great post EBF! I'm trying to evaluate the young QBs and there are so many variables and intangables, that I get paralysis... Before the playoffs, I was all ready to go after Bradford (my 1.08 and Sanchez), but after seeing how Sanchez responded to playoff pressure, as well as the skill players around him, I could see him developing into a Top 10 QB sooner than later. Mind you, that is not a difference maker, but in a league with so few QBs available, he would be marketable. Basically, I think it would be short-sighted to be making deals before the draft. If Jones ends up in STL, and NYJ d
  9. Im not sure Henne is much worse than Collins. Either way though, Britt lacking a good QB shouldnt hurt him as much a it did Fitz. Fitzgeralds numbers didnt suffer because he had a bad QB, they suffered because he was getting double/triple covered AND had a bad QB. As long as CJ is in the Titans backfield, Britt shouldnt have the problems Fitz did in 2010.Dont miss the boat on Britt, he is going to be a consensus top 10 dynasty WR after next season. He is like a young TO, minus the six pack.I think Britt is a major talent that benefits from opposing D's focused on stopping CJ... I love the fact
  10. i'd be curious to find out the Shark Pool's opinion on Troy Smith. I think he is in a great situation in SF with the talent he has around him (Crabtree, Davis and Gore). He is on the WW right now, and I don't "need" another QB, but might be worth a roster stash and become trade bait or spot starter. With the state of starting QBs in the NFL right now, he could be Top 20 for the next few years... I would rather have him in Dynasty than McCoy, Clauson, Tebow and other developemental players. thoughts?
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