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  1. 12 teams ppr, start 2RB/3WR/TE/Flex gave: Drake and 2019 2nd got: Marvin Jones and 2019 3rd picks are for combo rookie/devy draft, 12 devy players rostered so the 2nd has some value thought process: Drake was buried as my 5th rb, and i needed a startable WR to go with my young core (Thomas, Diggs, C Davis, M Williams and Gallup)
  2. important detail: combo rookie/devy draft with a max 12 devy players. That pick turned into Taylor WISC RB
  3. 12 team PPR, did this yesterday with Jones on the clock at 1.05 Gave: Gordon RB LAC Got: 1.05, 2.05 and 3.05 Thought process: same league i traded my first and a second last year during the season for Ingram. Won league. Net result of both deals: gave Gordon, 1.12 and 2.06 for Jones, Ingram, 2.05 and 3.05.
  4. this is one strange development.... on the face, it seems the suspension and injury cost him an opportunity, and NO realizing what they had in Kamara/Ingram/Thomas was working and winning games (Ginn was servicable, Fleener and Snead left for dead). But i wonder if there was something behind the scenes that caused Payton/Brees to sour on him? Dude has to get out of NO and start fresh.
  5. I appreciate the thought process, Tejas. Personally, i understand your goals as i tend to trade 1 for 2 or 1 for 3, but at some point i realized that fielding a strong weekly lineup and not having to pick between boom/bust WR3's and RB2's makes lineup setting (and therefore FF) easier. YMMV
  6. that's what makes this hobby fun, different valuations for different owners and different leagues. I have very little confidence that he will come back from the injury. The extra dart throws means i can take a couple fliers, including a QB
  7. Not a big trade, but it's a data point on Foreman Gave: Foreman Got: Rookie 3.6 and 3.7
  8. 2019 is a strong WR class. Not impressed with the RBs but we have been spoiled the past couple of years and the potential in 2020 is very, very strong. Also, a down year for QBs and I don't look at TEs much before rookie drafts Harry, Brown, Edwards, Harmon, Richards and Metcalf make a strong draftable core Love, Harris and Crockett don't really excite me too much at RB
  9. We just finished up a 14 team, one round devy draft. Lots of jockeying and trading in and out of the draft. 1 Dobbins Ohio St RB 2 Taylor Wisc RB 3 AJ Brown Ole Miss WR 4 Love Stanford RB 5 Swift GA RB 6 Montgomery Iowa St RB 7 Richards MIA WR 8 Harmon NC St WR 9 Edwards So CAR WR 10 Anderson OK RB 11 Sermon OK RB 12 Crocket Mizz RB 13 Marshall LSU WR 14 Shorter Penn St WR I had 9 and 11. 9 was an easy pick, 11 I thought of White, Carr, Ausbon, and Ettiene... maybe next year
  10. Multiple outlets are reporting that USC sophomore RB Stephen Carr (back) will miss spring practice. Carr (6'0/180) is set to take over as Trojans lead back in the wake of Ronald Jones' exit for the draft, but due to a herniated disc in his back, USC will have to lean on Vavae Malepeai and Aca’Cedric Ware in practice while he mends. There is no timetable for Carr's return to action at this juncture. As a true freshman, he rushed for 363 yards (5.6 YPC) and three touchdowns while adding another 188 yards on 17 receptions. He flashed on multiple occasions, but also dealt with a nagging foot
  11. ADP from Feb has him at 77, around rookies like Penny and Moore (way sexier with rookie fever starting). Duke's rushing DVOA was 15.8% on 82 carries and he was 4th in RB targets. Again, not sexy but productive and a high floor RB2. IMHO, his best case scenario is to sign somewhere when he is a FA and get 200+ touches. This year, best case is to remain in the same role and be the Kamara-lite to a rookie's Ingram.
  12. I need a price check on Duke Johnson in PPR. Finished 11th at RB last year with a solid 13.76 per game. He seems like an undervalued high floor RB in ppr, and is a FA next year.
  13. I think RJ has elite speed and Michel is built better It's a coin flip until combine and draft, but I'd rather have RJ in dynasty right this moment
  14. thanks for sharing this and your thoughts. I'm starting to wonder about the gestation period of rookie WRs. We went from Year 3 breakout to getting some studs that produced in Year 1 and 2, and now owners are accepting more time is needed (like QB and TE). Maybe it's the quality of the rookies since there has been a dearth of "stud" WRs recently (though I still like Davis vis a vis rookies in 2016, 2017 and 2018). I will say that WRs hold their value after the first year, but the decline D+2 is real and can be spectacular. So come draft time, each owner has to balance instant gratifi
  15. Solid team that is a tweak or a break away from playoffs. team finished 6-7, 7th in points. Active league with some well known FBG/DLF posters Wentz, Garoppolo, Bortles Mixon, Perine, AA (devy Gaskin and Jacobs) Hill, Ju Ju, Robinson, Crabtree Eifert 1.02 and 1.07 devy (with Dobbins, Taylor, Love, Montgomery, etc available) and 1.07 rookie DM me for more details
  16. Experienced devy owner needed for an established league. Must be able to handle "strong" personalities. Open Team has some good pieces and picks: http://www73.myfantasyleague.com/2018/options?L=40984&O=07&F=0010 Picks include 1.02 and 1.07 Devy pick, 1.07 Rookie pick Devy draft is 1 round (14 picks) and scheduled to start next week. Graded PPR league (.75, 1.0, 1.25) and passing TDs 6 points. Start QRRWWWTFD Two years up front, so $310. Use League Safe. 100% payout ($5/year per team for MFL) If interested, post in this thread and I will resp
  17. The Darnold and Ridley grades really jumps out... but to touch upon the QBs, I think it is a very strong class and I can see drafting one of four on every one of my teams depending on who falls where (Rosen, Darnold, Jackson and Mayfield). Same with the TEs, i'll end up with one of four on every roster (Andrews, Goedert, Gesicki or Fumagalli ) That's 8 players. I know I can find a dozen RBs I would roster, WRs maybe 10. That's 30 players, so even top have 3rd rounders have some appeal to me
  18. the combine should fuel the rookie hype. I've always thought this class had good depth, but light on the high end. I think there will be quality through the Top 24 ish, and worthy fliers after that.
  19. I paid a late 2nd last year and would pay that now. Too much uncertainty to want to pay more. I would sell for a mid 2nd. I do have a sneaky suspicion that to keep Rodgers happy, they bring both Jordy and Cobb back at a reduced contract (off the wall idea is moving Montgomery back to WR and letting Cobb go). Then draft a WR in the 2nd or 3rd to groom a year or two.
  20. I think RGIII could have been a starter in the league for a decade if it wasn't for The Rat... I'm very curious about Jackson's prospects. I think he is a late first candidate, probably a trade up scenario
  21. strong RB class this year forced some to reevaluate... 2019 is still not a strong RB class, Love and Harris do make it better
  22. 12 team, 2RB, 2WR, TE, Flex. No PPR for RB, 0.5 for WR and TE gave: Hunt, Graham and 3.11 rookie got: 1.02, 2.02 and M Williams LAC i love Guice, and I should get a good rookie at 2.02 plus Williams is worth a flier. My team is solid (finished 2nd and 1st the past two years) and want to keep adding youth to my roster
  23. I would not give a first for Dez. He did not look good at all this year and sometimes the body just gives out. I'd buy Jones, Tate and Crabtree before Dez, but not pay a 1st Ingram to me is worth a late first in the 1.10-1.12 range (age and Kamara). I did trade my 1st and a 2nd for Ingram in a PPR league after Week 7 figuring I would get 2.5 years out of him. Helped me win the league. Now for 2 years, his price is a little less.
  24. I would take Barkley over AB in any format every time. AB's value is tied to Roth AND he is getting up in age.
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