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  1. I have a couple shares and I'm pleased with how he held up this year. Hasn't missed a game despite his size. In PPR he was14.68pts/game. #3 Rookie. #8 RB. 75 receptions and 7 TDs help offset only 111 caries (double digits 3 times). And CAR is winning games. Tiering the rookies, he's Tier 2 Tier 1 Kamara, Hunt, Fournette and Cook Tier 2 Mixon, McCaffrey, Ju Ju, Davis, Engram, Watson
  2. a poor 1-4 in finals. PHI special teams TD on the last play sunk me in one Jax D over LAC D cost me in another (or I could blame Wilson, Freeman and Cooks)
  3. Cain has had some drops this year and the QB play has dropped off this year after Watson. He will test very well with speed, explosiveness and enough size. Predraft process will be crucial since has a character red flag (or two?). Guessing he comes out, Day 2 pick.
  4. I don't see any stud WRs, but there will be plenty of viable WR prospects taken the first two days (which means the landing spot will be even more important)
  5. this will be an excellent showcase for both RBs to see who can claim the top spot. It saves GB from having to use a pick on RB next year and use their draft capital elsewhere (FWIW, I think Jones looks better)
  6. I see this class being deep, but not top heavy after 2-3. Barkley is a stud. I love Guice. A WR will land in a great spot in first round. Then you have another 5-7 RBs, 6-7 WRs, 2-3 TEs and some intriguing QBs. That's almost 2 rounds there, which is why I tried to get 2nds. Likely will trade back when possible and roster space
  7. I have no doubt that Barkley will be a first round pick in dynasty leagues next year. Everybody has their own predilections when it comes to ranking and tiers. I like Barkley as a prospect more than I did Fournette, that's all. Fournette has had a great start to his career until the ankle. 20+ touches. 3+ targets. Not many RBs get that kind of work load.
  8. Barkley is still an elite prospect that will go top 5. No concerns about a slump now Hunt, Cook and Kamara were not 1st round picks.... But I'm confident Guice will be and could be 1st half (top 16)
  9. let's assume this season is over, because if not, you are getting great production out of Kamara with the playoffs coming up 1.01>>Kamara>Fournette I'm ready to put Barkley on the Zeke, Bell and Johnson tier I'd put Guice on the next tier with about 6-8 others including Gurley, Hunt, Kamara, Fournette, Cook, Gordon (have to think on Freeman's health and offenses struggle and McCaffrey's rushing production)
  10. offered Fournette and a mid 2nd for Kamara and the potential 1.01? I don't think Fournette is worth that much more than Kamara right now (I'm sure some would rather have the latter, like you appear)
  11. I gave up a late first and second for Ingram. No regrets. Win now team. PPR. He'll get his touches. Kamara is more exciting and younger, but Peyton likes to mix it up
  12. i have no problem running him out there as a flex in PPR when he is at home or on turf. AA caps his upside, but he'll get targets
  13. I'm still bullish on the QBs (but if Darnold goes back it does hurt a bit). RBs has an elite prospect, and I think Guice and Chubb are first rounders. Good depth. WRs I don't see a Top 10 talent unless someone tests off the charts, but see a good 8+ picked in the first two days. TEs I like a couple of the prospects (Andrews and Gisicki) Because of the depth of the class, I've been trying to pick up 2nds on the cheap
  14. Always appreciate and enjoy your work, ZWK! I already regret trading Washington before the season to clear a roster spot.
  15. obviously I'm not ZWK, but I can see why Riddick is ranked in that range. He has a clearly defined role in an above average offense. He has three years to go on his contract with favorable team terms. His QB situation is stable. Past two years averages 5 catches per game. In 2016 he was in 8th place in PPG before getting hurt. In 2015 he was 19th. With AA back in the fold, I expect it to be closer to 2015 production. There are certainly a place for an unsexy RB like Riddick when constructing a roster. He is a high floor RB in PPR. If I am a contender, this type of player pr
  16. This reminds me of a scouting report on Juan Gonzalez: he crushes mistakes. point being you still have to execute and take advantage of mistakes. NFL players miss assignments. And CAR has an easy rushing schedule, FWIW
  17. received this one yesterday in my Catch 22 ppr league: Get: A Brown Give: M Gordon, J Nelson and Gronk
  18. I have Samuel in a few dynasty leagues, but expect nothing from him this year. I am very curious to see how the new offense shapes up... Olsen is getting up there in years, Benjamin literally needs to shape up, Funchess is unproven and McCaffrey is the shiny new toy. There are targets to be had, I think it will take a year to see how the shake out. For this year, I see Benjamin and Olsen being the top tier in targets with about 120 each Second tier is Funchess, McCaffrey and Samuel in the 60-80 range each (which is great for a RB, not so much a WR)
  19. RB: Barkley PSU, Guice LSU, Chubb UGA, Ballage ASU, Jones III USC, Scott MSU, Freeman OSU, Scarbrough ALA WR: Sutton SMU, Washington OK St, St Brown ND, Cain CLEM, Tate FSU, Ridley ALA, Kirk TA&M, Calloway FLA A lot can happen between now and the 2018 draft
  20. this thread has taken many turns... we are not at the backlash stage of him being a Top 10 NFL pick (and Top 5 FF Rookie). I had him in a pair of Devy leagues, so I drafted him a year ago and got the "I just don't see it" response from league mates. I see CAR phasing out Stewart as he doesn't have much to offer anymore. It is safe to assume everybody thought CAR would draft a RB. They drafted one with their 1st pick with a different skill set than what they already had. Maybe Stewart can still be the short yardage/GL back, especially if they are going to dial back Cam. Stewart h
  21. I know Metcalf was a highly recruited player, but I prefer my devy picks go to players who have actually produced something in college
  22. I'd be curious, too. Usually, the Top 1 or 2 Devy picks have more value than Rookie picks because of the depleted Rookie pool.. and everyone wants the next Elliot or Sankey, etc. That number increases by a function of how many Devy players are rosterred. I'm in a pretty serious 14 team Devy league with some posters here, and the rookie draft we just finished is fairly depleted: The Top 6 were Mixon, Ross, Kamara, Njoku, Foreman, Engram (so one consensus Top 6 pick, and the rest late 1st and early 2nds) The Top 6 in the devy draft were Jones II, St Brown, Washington, Harry, Weber
  23. Wow! That seems a bit harsh: I think the paradigm you're using is flawed and it's time to rethink it Nothing wrong with disagreeing and rankings/projections are a combination of science/art, but no one person is right. I appreciate the effort and time ZWK puts into these rankings, plus answering questions when people have a different opinion. A RB named starter in May with not much of a track record in the NFL and doesn't have much draft capital is not a lock to start on opening day. He has the inside track to an open competition, and maybe gets more reps the first week of camp, but that'
  24. I have the same issue with picking Frosh after one year. Unless there is some production, then you're are basing the value on how many stars they got out of HS a year earlier. For example, I took Harry over Metcalf because the former actually was productive as a true Frosh. With Sophs, at least the hold isn't as (potentially) long.
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