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  1. well mostly because they still only have one center (Sturm is a player but not a top 6 guy) and Zucc is too good on that line. hopefully the youfs get in the lineup soon.
  2. it’s so cute how excited you guys get the first week with all that hope
  3. anyone know how this espn+ thing is supposed to work? are all games on there? is center ice even necessary now? somehow the wild opener is only on + and hulu probably because no one cares about the ducks.
  4. what's with so many players entering protocol? I thought the whole leeg was vaccinated? are they violating rules or are there that many positive tests coming back?
  5. secured a couple wilds, took best duck available to piss of getz, already been called a cheater, and got drunk. perfect draft, A+ grade
  6. Pulock and Dahlin were both annoying because I needed D pretty bad but when you went Larkin and DrD went Bob I was so rattled I auto picked before I could click Allen. woof
  7. Did you keep dues for this season or do I need to send $30 back?
  8. but Getz already did days of research algorithmics based specifically on two utilities. season ruined
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