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  1. You think KO or decision? Im leaning decision Got a link, Pinky?
  2. Canelo night! Is this fight even worth watching let alone paying for?!
  3. This is actually a pretty spot on thread bc Redford always does seem to play a clever or thinking role, but this movie popped into my head immediatly. All Is Lost is the name.
  4. That went sbout as close as i expected..Garcia a great gatekeeper, Spence legit p4p special
  5. Thats why his record is so nice, im sure he fights well even if in loss tonight. Im shocked by their ages though. I thought Garcia was close to 35 & Spence was close to 27..but naw, 32 and 30
  6. Id say late prime for Danny, but hes an overachiever to me. Hes solid, but im surprised he only has 2 losses right now. At this point, id think hes a guy with 5-6 losses, but hes had a few nice wins
  7. Saw Spence earlier this week on first take, hes basically considering this a tune up fight..ive never liked Garcia but hes solid..def better than id expect for Spence first fight after a brutal crash
  8. I know Iron Mike isnt contending for the belt, but this is must watch imo
  9. Why am i so tempted to actually buy this Tyson-Jones PPV?!? I think the last one i actually paid for was my boy B-Hop vs like Winky wright
  10. Not sure i agree with that decision on 1st fight...looked like Maloney beat him, didnt see any headbutt. Also not sure ive seen a decision take that long
  11. With The Mandalorian coming back, i had to get back on disney+ so i guess ill finally get to see those espn+ fights
  12. Cant wait for Crawford tonight...i think this is a better fight than most think, Kell brook is solid
  13. Looks good, only reason he doesnt have a big night is if GB goes up 3+ TDs in first half...but hopefully Jones gets a score & is a part of that
  14. I started Hasty last week too bc i was confident he would get the majority of rushes...as long as the game dont go bad early, he should once again get 15+ touches.. Mckinnon on bench, but if CMC is active so would Dobbins....crap idk
  15. Not confident in Jones but i cant keep him on the bench if hes active Starting Hasty too, but moreso bc i have 3 starters on byes..may god be with me
  16. hes in over gallup, slayton & gesicki...great matchup & chark is out. i hope i dont regret it.
  17. When i made early february i used 1lb chorizo, 2lb italian sausage i think. First time i tried it with chorizo, not a fan. It ended up ok, but i felt like the chorizo flavor overpowered the subtlties that makes this recipe great. About to put a pork shoulder in the crock pot for pulled pork..anyone have a good recipe for that? Way simpler than chili but was wondering
  18. I dont know if the ruptured ear was the difference or not, but i noticed it like 3 rds before announcers mentioned it. Id have to think it was the difference though bc Wilder looked completely off, not shook by a punch or two, but way off the reservation. Gotta be a trilogy.
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