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  1. He’s only had 4,873 chances, guys! The man deserves at least one more.
  2. I just offered the Steelers a Slim Jim and my Sheetz card. They said they’d call me back.
  3. If a team offers a stick of chewing gum, he’s gone.
  4. The team will trade him before the deadline. Pretending to have no interest in doing so just drives the price up.
  5. I'm looking for opinions on the dynasty value of a few players relative to each other, and I believe other posters would also like feedback on guys in their leagues. Hopefully, we can use this thread to gauge one another's thoughts on the long-term potential of multiple guys. Feel free to post yours, and maybe we can get some good long-term value discussion going. How would you guys rank Jordan Howard and Kenneth Dixon, relative to each other, in a dynasty league? How would you guys rank Bortles, Mariota, and Wentz, relative to each other, in a dynasty league?
  6. On the bright side, he wasn't really all that talented. It's not very difficult to throw alley-oops to Mike Evans in college with an O-line that gives you 30 minutes to run around.
  7. Please make the background on the message board yellow, instead of white, to make it easier on the eyes.

    Thank you.

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