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  1. He’s only had 4,873 chances, guys! The man deserves at least one more.
  2. Anyone know how to ask him when it will be available?
  3. This has probably already been stated here, but some of these guys are opting out, and taking the $150k, because they know they were likely going to be cut before week 1.
  4. Good. Now, he won’t miss any games during the season for a virus that is zero threat to young professional athletes who are in top physical condition. 👍
  5. I offered a guy the 11th pick and my first round pick next year for his 5th pick. He countered with his 5th pick for my 6th pick, my first round pick next year, AND Ezekiel Elliott. 🤦‍♂️😂
  6. Mahomes may regret this in a few years, if QB salaries increase significantly. ...unless he negotiated his salary to be a certain percentage of the cap each year. 🤷‍♂️
  7. Matt Carey at the help desk was not able to help me. I am unable to click on any of the links, so please refund my subscription fee. Thank you.
  8. Thanks Joe, but that page is also completely unresponsive on my end. Do you have a direct email address for someone that can help me?
  9. Is anyone else having issues with the footballguys.com main page? I am unable to click on any of the links, stories, or anything. Nothing responds to my clicks.
  10. Free speech in opposition of the leftist mob is hate speech. Welcome to the new America. 👍
  11. LeBron is way too soft for football, even with the modern rules.
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