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  1. Anarchy You mind providing an update on your take? I know it's not near fair w/ a somewhat big unknown at RB w/ the Mack injury Also a number of divisional games to be played Personally I would say the Aint's game could get ugly Anyway at this point it almost appears you may have had the Colts pegged as the AFC representatives in the SB???
  2. (Most recent owner due to trade) Anyway, you mentioned the longest run earlier You know Bell has one for 13 yds? (Bell also running at a crisp 2.9 avg) Not making no argument I'm just pointing out possibly a bad example I mean its almost the same OLine that Howard at times ran behind It's going to be a few games before he gets Detroit so hopefully, the bye helps Only so many games at the Pro level just yet Let's not forget this is HC Nagy's guy Basically, he might be a buy low as opposed to Bell...
  3. Think he might be ready for my lineup w/ byes coming up
  4. Yeah but just think how happy you make some dude IF AB gets signed Potential Top 5 WR off the wire now that's a score
  5. Wrong thread but hasn't he turned down "prove it" contracts w/ a chance to earn a starting gig?
  6. Think there's any chance he makes restitution to any of these people IF so would you personally be okay with a team deciding to sign him? It's a long list I believe $700 picture $1000 mural? 32K catering 10K Doctor (I'd estimate maybe 4M for the alleged rape victim) I understand it would probably take a court of law to get any repayment more than likely But the man has said things like "It's not about the money" I also figure that some including his agent may figure the man owes nobody and should be allowed to play (work) in the league period
  7. Falcons have great speed on defense That's why I figured they would try n' favor Howard
  8. yeah Heres some pic's https://twitter.com/PSoregi/status/1173299300346081283?s=20
  9. Can you break that down a bit? I mean I don't even think any comparison could really begin to make any sense I'm just saying that maybe some folks will begin to doubt your savvy Personally, I have never been one to draft a Rookie QB in the first round So I have watched quite a few fails over the years for teams who really deserved a break I mean its only two games and whose for certain the level of competition but man I'm stoked (Gotta be my best pick ever) 2QB league if not quite obvious
  10. Preston Williams? WW picked to the bone and I had an open spot w/ Guice on IR Seems like a lot of QB and noted deficiency on defense to not take a look at their WR's
  11. @Anarchy99 One small deviation aside from one case involving separate woman on two different occasions could involve the NFL's view on changes (Survivors rights) The term "sexual assault" means any nonconsensual sexual act prohibited by federal, state, or tribal law, including when a victim lacks capacity to consent. Believe that pretty much makes it somewhat open and shut... A woman is at a club has a few drinks which are followed by sexual relations. The law of the land which the NFL may want to consider as somewhat important dictates that punishment should ensue in some form (NFL certainly seems to have embraced punishment for physical abuse) (Basically, the drinks makes it somewhat similar) However, it does appear that the NFL does not seem to care that the incident involved alcohol Maybe it is a 6-week suspension at a later date?
  12. IF true Not trying to imply it isn't Boy they have this meeting early next week and then decide to place the player on the list? But I dunno all it could take is breaking down if/when she intends to file a report (Ben had to serve four in a somewhat similar allegation)
  13. Speaking of whose this other player at the strip club... What are the chances it is Cam Newton? Cam has been known to visit a club Cam is also who trained with AB at some point
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