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  1. Flowers on the Wall Baby, I'm gonna leave you Combination of the Two U.S. Blues Skateaway
  2. My wife and I got married in Las Vegas back in 2010 and Elvis himself performed the wedding ceremony and sang a couple songs with us.
  3. Ugh. Right now., Gerry Rafferty. Followed by Mark Knopfler's Boom, Like That.
  4. I gotta tell you, Tim, I'm enjoying the hell out of this thread.... a real trip down memory lane with lots of these tunes.
  5. Friend of the Devil 9-28-1976. Off Dick's Picks Vol. 20. It's just what's on now.
  6. I'll hold onto my tix and catch them when they reschedule. Take care, Mick... health comes first.
  7. Your daughter got waitlisted at Harvard, correct? And she's ruled out Harvard already... if her number came up at Harvard, she wouldn't consider accepting?
  8. I just drink on weekends. Go to my local bar for 3-5 beers in the afternoon. The rest of the time I'm smoking the weed. I live in a legal state.
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