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  1. How can this be a great place when no responsibility for American lives is on the President’s plate? If not him then who?
  2. America doesn’t feel GREAT does it? There is so much this administration could have done and did not. South Korea isn’t feeling like their leadership led them into a hole of despair with neighbors dying all around them.
  3. What is he doing to help matters? Was assigning Jared to tell America that our national stockpile was not meant for states something he should take credit for?
  4. Yep OMB. But guess what? He is doing a terrible job and people are dying as a result. So yes OMB.
  5. What does help? Singing the praises of a charlatan that is doing nothing (besides casting blame on others) to help our country through this difficult time?
  6. Does the crowd here think this is a Great Place when 10,000 Americans will be dead on President Trump’s watch?
  7. I doubt it. The virus doesn't care how you got it - whether you got it on the beach at a party or at the once a month grocery trip you made. Rural folks will be farther from medical care if they might need it, but urban folks are going to be fighting for space at the crowded medical centers that get slammed by everyone needing help at the same time.
  8. So no election, just add 4 years to Trump's term? And when a D wins office (it might happen sometime), you'd be good with them doing the same? Or are we just joking around?
  9. Hey buddy, I just added to your crap pile. I can't help it that you #### in your own thread. How can we know if my opinion differs from experts that Trump silences? Maybe it doesn't. Look at Italy. Just because Trump doesn't want to rock the boat and enforce closures nationally yet doesn't mean it isn't coming. And it would be better if he did it sooner rather than later.
  10. Anecdotal, but doctors are already calling in prescriptions for this for their families that don't even have Covid yet. Fun society we have here.
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