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  1. Now there’s a meta post if ever there was one. Kudos!
  2. It’s a good thing the Sterile water shortage is resolved, though the rest are kind of freaky. To beat a dead horse, if this drug does have benefits of saving lives for Covid, isn’t that going to be the priority of usage over a Lupus treatment?
  3. Providing documentation helps the many even if the one you intended doesn’t accept it. Please don’t let a bad experience shift your behavior. Same applies to Mr. A. Information is power, please share if you have it. Thank you.
  4. I hope Ice Cream isn’t the cure, because then it will all be sold out, and I don’t think any of us want to live in a world without ice cream.
  5. Any drug that shows promise, Trump or not, is going to see a run on supplies. This country is waaaaay too dependent on pharmaceuticals.
  6. Nope. They are doctors, with a license and duty to practice medicine. Prescribing this to healthy people is unethical and it is their fault not his.
  7. Further, if this drug does end up being a substantial help against Covid, those patients should get priority over Lupus patients. Lupus patients are not entitled to this drug just because they’ve been taking it for years.
  8. This is not Trumps fault. Any doctor prescribing this for a healthy person “just in case” should have their license suspended.
  9. Good thing we don’t make things here anymore. Then we get to be at the mercy of whatever country does make it.
  10. Maybe he will see JBizzle’s experience and bring up Ice Cream tomorrow. Now that’s a cure I’m sure we can all get behind.
  11. Did your significant other get pregnant? If not, ice cream is confirmed as an actual prophylactic.
  12. How can this be a great place when no responsibility for American lives is on the President’s plate? If not him then who?
  13. America doesn’t feel GREAT does it? There is so much this administration could have done and did not. South Korea isn’t feeling like their leadership led them into a hole of despair with neighbors dying all around them.
  14. What is he doing to help matters? Was assigning Jared to tell America that our national stockpile was not meant for states something he should take credit for?
  15. Yep OMB. But guess what? He is doing a terrible job and people are dying as a result. So yes OMB.
  16. What does help? Singing the praises of a charlatan that is doing nothing (besides casting blame on others) to help our country through this difficult time?
  17. To be clear I wasn’t saying “you”, I meant Trump blaming governors, hospitals, etc.
  18. We all have our outlets. It’s easier to show frustration here then to let it show to the ones we love that are stuck in quarantine for weeks on end.
  19. Does the crowd here think this is a Great Place when 10,000 Americans will be dead on President Trump’s watch?
  20. Here’s the problem. People are dying on his watch. Don’t tell us how it is everyone else’s fault. He is the President and the country is woefully unprepared to handle this and people are dying as a result.
  21. At this point, the pressers are just campaign events. No need to pay attention.
  22. Yeah, drink water everyone, it might help, what do you have to lose?
  23. Hint: it might have been when the President was talking.
  24. Which part of the press conference was fake news?
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