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  1. Actually just left Memphis, in Nashvegas today and tomorrow. Need some names of some good places around you to buy from
  2. Saw Akron with a worse record tonight, however thats the beauty of MACtion right?
  3. Hello friends... Been traveling a lot for work, and finding some little spots that have some of my favorites, one of which is Widow Jane. Anyone tried that yet, if its been mentioned earlier my bad, but Im not scrolling back through all the pages.
  4. did they give a reason? I have every channel but 703/704 yet Ive paid for everything...WTF
  5. nice lil 4 team parlay tonight, had the Panthers -1.5 last night Football - NFL Preseason [253] Atlanta Falcons 08/10/2017 (06:00 PM) (Pending) -1½ Points -110 for the Game [260] New England Patriots 08/10/2017 (06:30 PM) (Pending) Money Line -175 for the Game [261] Denver Broncos 08/10/2017 (07:00 PM) (Pending) -2½ Points -110 for the Game [264] Green Bay Packers 08/10/2017 (07:00 PM) (Pending) -1 Point Even for the Game
  6. ahhhh, back to the Grambling thread. A few I've already placed, Oakland -1 vs Titans week 1. (Homer Play) UAB over 2.5 wins -140. Win the opener and they should have at least 3 wins. Not bad for a team that didn't have a team last year. Lots of JUCO talent and a great staff of coaches around those kids.
  7. can't believe they didn't profile any of the special team players.....smh I met DJ Law when he transferred to UAB, but now he's gone. If he was healthy enough, he could have been a major contributor. I too felt sad at the end, as there was absolutely no discipline on that team for the most part. Wonder how much Buddy makes coaching there. Other than free swag from Adidas and a new truck it looks like he's stuck there. Surprised that OC didn't go anywhere, even a major high school.
  8. He's renting the spare bedroom to him. He's going to be my guest in my club's fall tournament. We should be the favorites at the calcutta.
  9. from CBSSportsline regarding tomorrow's pairings: Bubba Watson (9:25 a.m.) -- Watson, playing alone, as someone on Twitter pointed out, maybe he should use the hovercraft. Also Thor is playing with the 14 year old. Thor hits it a mile, what a contrast between those two.
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