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  1. Started watching Dirty John. Starts a little slow but getting interesting
  2. Oh I agree that his advice is questionable. I was just mentioning the age part to see if others may have found out if there is a age that makes most sense to purchase this insurance. I’m leaning against any and self insure but would hate for me or the wife to burn thru a bunch and then the other has to live a meager retirement
  3. Are you guys looking at any long term care insurance? Going to self fund it? Recently had to move my mom into assisted living, she didn't have a huge nest egg and no long term care insurance. The place is over $4k/month so $50k a year for one person can eat up a lot of savings if both you and the wife need this. Did look a little after we did this and Dave Ramsey is saying don't buy any LTI until 60 years old so guess I have a little time (11 years) to figure that out
  4. What not to do-stay in left lane after you pass someone, on a two lane highway speed up when you get to a passing zone and then slow back down in the no passing zone areas, on a road trip when nearing a time zone change let your wife drive, she’ll say she was driving 2x as long as she has....
  5. Agree 100% and they should have someone in their life guiding them on this. Groot just asked why someone would go in debt to be a teacher
  6. If enough people start to distance themselves from him he has threatened it. Do you think NH would've distanced herself from him a month ago? Mitch?
  7. Not everyone believes making money is the end goal in life? People feel they can help others by teaching? Have a connection with kids? Enjoy the reward of seeing someone succeed? Enjoy vacation time in summer?
  8. Could be, but remember 3 short years ago when the GOP control everything? You really think things are going to go good in 4 years for the GOP if Trump is allowed influence in the party or better yet starts a 3rd party? GOP isn't thinking long game, they are given the opportunity to take Trump our of running ever again and aren't going to take the opportunity. It's a blessing for the Dems if Trump is found not guilty of the impeachment charges
  9. Because the people in charge (Trump administration) wanted it to happen? Aligns with the reason he didn't call the National Guard ASAP when it started.
  10. Yep, he can’t mean tweet about them anymore. Why are they afraid of doing the right thing?
  11. Do they have to have a certain grade point to get the loan paid? Or are they going to pay off loans that someone dropped out because they were failing? I’m all for 0% or low interest student loans, but this complete forgiveness is crazy
  12. Lets Make a Deal and Family Feud...now that I think about it the Trump family would be great guest on both shows. Wonder what they would dress up as on LMaD??
  13. If you are in the country there shouldn't be zoning to prevent you from putting up a building but all areas are different. Also are there any convenients when you purchased your property to prevent you from putting up a "plain" pole shed? When we were looking at properties, some areas required that the 2nd building "match" the house or have "X" amount of brick/stone. This kept us from buying properties as my wife didn't want a 2nd garage to match the house and look like two houses next to each other. We eventually found property that allowed us to do what we wanted to do. Although zoning m
  14. On Sunday they called with my results. Positive. In Quarantine until this coming Saturday. Overall feeling pretty good, just a little fatigued. Thankfully the wife and I seemed to have gotten by with mild cases. I never loss my sense of smell or taste, she did but has regained it.
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