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  1. Well yeah the other audits weren't conducted by Ninjas! No denying the Cyber Ninjas!
  2. Sorry you have to deal with this, mom was similar and wanted no help. We finally got it thru to her that we couldn't take care of all her needs. I'm sure this must be much harder to convey with dementia. Stay strong.
  3. I'm not ruling it out if it's required for travel but don't plan on it otherwise. I had COVID and survived. My wife had it and got the J&J shot. She got the shot approximately 2.5 months after having COVID and became sicker after the shot (about 6-8 hours after the shot) than while having COVID. Ended up needing to go to urgent care 48 hours later as she wasn't getting better, they gave her 2L of saline for dehydration and blood numbers came back very concerning about the status of her kidneys. She's been healthy before this (48 years old) and no know kidney issues. This was about 1.
  4. Thanks for cutting the onions in here.... It's been almost 2 years since we had to put our shepard/lab mix down. I know everyone says this but he was the best dog, I've had many dogs growing up and non like him. Anyone that met him felt the same, just something about him and the way he looked at you. He was thru a lot. While finishing our basement a half wall fell on his foot. Had to carry him out to the bathroom for a month or so until better. Around 10 years old was playing and he quickly changed directions and went down in a heap. Thought he broke his hip but turned out torn ACL
  5. He should tweet about it more often. All these people probably don't know how good the stock market is doing without the POTUS tweeting about record highs...
  6. Wasn’t that the big talking point of anti-maskers last year around his time? That people go go into a store requiring mask and just say have a medical condition preventing them from wearing one, but didn’t need to provide proof due to HIPPA
  7. No great suggestions for down town but if you have a day take a drive over to the smokey mountains if you haven't been thru that area. Beautiful scenery out there.
  8. Started watching Imposters last night. Pretty good, has us hooked after 5 episodes. Curious to see how it goes for 2 seasons
  9. Stolen from Twitter...when He goes to prison his son will be an empty Nestor...
  10. My mom passed away a week ago. Haven't dived into financial stuff 2 deep yet but one of the items was the house. My brother agreed to buy it for a set amount and then pay the remaining siblings and equal share of it (it's actually with the will stuff and a simple document was notarized with the price and how much he would give each of us). We are all good with this, I'm just concerned if he pays us it's going to look like a gift and he'll end up being taxed on the amount (approx $35k each). Is this a valid concern? None of us need the money so no rush to get this figured out, would prefer
  11. We were up by pictured rocks 4-5 years ago. They had a jet boat trip you can take out on the lake to see them. It was pretty fun, the "captain" was cool - take the offer to use the rain coat....We did the last trip of the day when the sun was setting, pretty nice. Other than that we hiked to a lot of the little water falls which we enjoyed. Also another trip we were up by porcupine mountains and hiked up by Lake of the Clouds and also another hike that had a bunch of little falls and then ended up by the Lake, can't remember the name of it. https://www.instagram.com/p/BX4GjHCAYDQ/
  12. Thanks, mom passed at 3:30 this morning. We were all there with her and we’re all glad she is at peace and no longer suffering. Appreciate your thoughts.
  13. So the last couple days have been horrible. About 4 days ago mom really got weak. She had been able to walk with her walker to the restroom with assistance but about 3 days ago she couldn’t any longer. She finally admitted she had pain and let us get her fetenol patches to help manage the pain. She’s been in bed since and about 2 days ago stopped eating. Yesterday she stopped being able to drink liquids. We were able to get our priest to come visit, pray with us and kinda give her communion. We were able to get most family up and her sister to be with during the prayers. Assisted living home i
  14. Pretty sure they were hoping he stumbled walking to the podium or couldn't take a sip of water so they could claim he's frail and in danger of being replaced by KH
  15. 20 more and he'll catch up to that other guy. Funny always hear the left leaning media cover for these guys yet I see news reports on this daily and interviews with the accusers on national news (not just cable channels). You would think those libs would cover for that guy a little more??
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