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  1. Yeah but how many teeth? Could’ve just yanked a couple out and stuck them in the skull of the homeless guy he offed
  2. A friend from high school recently passed away. I was told cause of death was cardiac arrest. His wife posted this on Facebook last night telling his story. Long read but if you have the time might be worth reading. This friend was taken over by conspiracy theories about 6-7 years ago; I.e chemtrails, Sandy hook and 911 being false flags for what it’s worth: What follows below is a look into our family’s journey over the last few weeks. I share this to help anyone who may be on the fence about getting vaccinated or has chosen not to. Eric stayed home from work on a Friday because he had had a slight fever, chills, and was achy, and he had the most awful cough. On Saturday he felt like he had a simple cold and thought it was silly that in order to go to work on Monday he had to be tested for COVID. He spent most of the day doing stuff in the garage and that afternoon went in for his test, which came back positive. Sunday he still felt fine until the afternoon. Then he started to feel nauseous and was super tired. On Monday and Tuesday he stayed in bed the entire day. He was super weak and coughing a lot. He didn’t want to eat because he had lost his taste too. Wednesday he felt a bit better but he started to have stomach issues. While his other symptoms got better the stomach issues were bad. He couldn’t eat anything at this point. It was also this day that Carson and I got tested. I tested positive while Carson tested negative. The only symptoms I had were a runny nose, a slight cough usually due to a tickle in my throat and I lost my sense of smell. My symptoms lasted about two days. Eric’s stomach issues, weakness, and tiredness lasted through the rest of the week. On Monday he attempted to go to work but was home by 10:00. The next day he finally went to the doctor because he was still having issues with his stomach. They told him to stay hydrated, attempt a bland diet and return on Monday if symptoms were still an issue. So Tuesday through Thursday he napped, slowly introduced more into his diet and finally seemed to be coming around. Friday I could see him outside in the garage and cutting the lawn while I was at work. Saturday he continued to do stuff around the house. He wasn’t back 100% but he was definitely better and we all felt he’d be back to work on Monday. On Sunday morning, as I came downstairs, he asked me to take him to the hospital because he was having a hard time breathing. I told him to go get dressed and I brought the laundry basket I had down to the basement. As I was down there, Carson heard him yell for me. I went upstairs and he asked me to call an ambulance. His breathing was more labored and he couldn’t get up. The ambulance arrived and they had him hooked up to oxygen instantly. They brought him out to the ambulance and left with just the lights on. Just around the corner from our house they had sirens on. The ER doctor said he went into cardiac arrest in the ambulance. They were unable to bring him back once they arrived in the ER. The ER doctor believes it’s possible he had a clot that caused the breathing issues and the cardiac arrest. He had high blood pressure but it had been under control. COVID caused his death. I’m certain that if he hadn’t had COVID he’d still be here today. Eric wasn’t vaccinated. He didn’t believe in the shot and also didn’t believe COVID was a big deal. During a few conversations he had while at home he said he regretted not getting the shot. I received my second shot on the Friday Eric stayed home initially. We obviously had the same strain of COVID. My experience with COVID was not even close to Eric’s. I simply felt like I had a normal cold. Would Eric still be here if he had gotten the vaccine? We will never know but COVID is the reason he’s not here. I fully believe that if he hadn’t gotten COVID he’d still be here. If you are still reading this and haven’t gotten the vaccine…..Please go get the shot! Don’t let your family go through what we are going through. I’ve never been so devastated in my entire life. I’ve lost the person that’s been by my side for the last 31 years. My kids have lost the man they called Dad and who was by far their biggest fan. If you don’t want to do it for yourself, get the shot for your loved ones!❤️
  3. Not harmed by the vax but led to diagnosis of cancer....Wife received the J&J shot, felt ill about 6 hours latter. Was sick the next 48 hours so went to an urgent care after calling Teledoc. They gave her fluids and did some bloodwork. Bloodwork came back with high protein levels in blood and said kidneys were at a failing state. Wanted her to go to ER but said she could go home after she felt much better after getting 2L of saline. Went to a kidney specialist, more test and then he sent her to an oncologist. He diagnosed her with Multiple Myeloma, a form of bone marrow cancer. Kidney doc said if she didn't find out this way she most likely would've had kidney failure before this was found out (she was healthy before this with no issues). Anyhow currently going through treatment for this cancer, reading about it most are diagnosed after breaking bones (sometimes femur and back) while doing everyday task so glad it was caught early.
  4. He reaffirms peoples beliefs and they can point to him as someone that is "well known" so believable
  5. Awesome, couldn't wait to have the first Brandon sighting here!
  6. Is there really a difference between not letting news get out or making it so no one believes the news that gets out? I can see where you are coming from but in my opinion I think it's pretty similar when you can get a large group of people to believe a proven fact is not true.
  7. And the red team has been a massive cheerleader for stifling of free speech under the guise of "fake news". We have seen this play our when they stifled speech ended up being true - paying off mistress, no contact with Russia, Covid no big deal. Over and over and over again.
  8. I don't know how it's accomplished so both sides are happy but there has to be a way to prevent stories/theories that can easily be proven false from being posted on social media. I know some may say that violates rights to free speech but you aren't able to yell fire in a theatre, why can you spread a bunch of lies that rile people up? Families and friendships are being torn apart by this and no way the country is going to come together with the current state of affairs.
  9. Probably should unplug it and plug it back in. That's always the solution for the IT department where I work...
  10. I lol'd at this "lot of top tier vaccine scientists going to have a tough time with their independent research now that facebook is down"
  11. The fail was to note vote useless Tiffany that can’t scooch her way across a beam with becoming exhausted
  12. Agree a fail by them, but actually smart to note vote Xander. Since he was honest and told them he has no vote until the others find the idol, they can drag him along and know he can’t vote against them
  13. I might've been a bit premature on you missing the leaves. Seems the last couple days they have been changing so your trip to door county might have some good viewing. Wood Orchard Market going up to door county (Egg Harbor) on the right hand side is a store that has a lot of cool cherry jams, salsa, donuts, etc. Haven't been there since Covid but they used to have a lot to sample, hope it's still run that way for you to try before you buy.
  14. Wausau and Devils Lake have great hiking/biking opportunities. If you make it back go to the other side of the UP and visit Picture Rocks
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