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  1. Hmmm, so now we are backing worker strikes? My times have changed from a couple years ago when "right to work" laws were being passed to phase out unions
  2. She's cute but I don't think I could do a road trip with her...Bad situation all around, hope they find some more clues but like others have said, could see her doing something rash such as jumping off a cliff
  3. Last night watched some of season 5, up to where Beth gets caught trying to escape the hospital and ends with Karen (think that's her name, short hair lady) is brought in. That's disappointing that it goes off the rails, was enjoying it so far. No commercials on Netflix so each episode goes by at a good pace. So when it was on AMC was there nudity? Keep seeing the rating at top with gore, violence, nudity but haven't seen any yet
  4. I know I'm waaaay late to the party but started watching the Walking Dead a couple weeks ago. Just finished season 4, can't believe how many episodes each season is...not sure if I can make it through all of them but giving it a shot!
  5. Unless you have an awesome job that you can never replace I would move to a less expensive area where it doesn't cost 1 rack to live in a makeshift room/apartment.
  6. This - I would at least contact the parents and say your daughter left with _____ in a _____ vehicle. She told me to go on without her, just letting you know. Side note, conversion vans are bringing big money right now (I've been looking for one for over a year), if she's on the title of the vehicle no way she just let him leave with it...
  7. That may be the case, I'm just saying as an independent I'm all for making voting as easy as paying your taxes. Better yet, lets move the election to April 15th, you can vote when you pay your taxes (or better yet you can't vote unless you pay your taxes). Maybe this will also make candidates more aware of the need for tax reform. Win/win all around.
  8. Used to feel a little sorry for her, but now I hope Trump lives to be 100 and she's stuck with him well past her "glory years"
  9. I can get down with this and allow online voting. We trust our SS # and banking information when we do our taxes online, we should be able to vote that way also.
  10. Guys the report must be coming soon. Biden's vaccine mandate is a diversion to take the focus off the audit. I hope the results/report are able to break into the news cycle.
  11. Many people say they are suckers and losers. If you call that making fun of them that's just your opinion man
  12. According to some of my FB friends making kids wear masks to school
  13. I like this thinking, I can go rob a bank and if I get caught just say "I never robbed a bank before, why you prosecuting me?"
  14. As soon as a person uses the term "the jab" I tune them out, no matter the side (pro or anti) they are on. Is that wrong?
  15. Wonder what she is scared of that she has to threaten the phone companies 🤔 https://twitter.com/acyn/status/1432866784432979969?s=21
  16. My wife was a middle school teacher. Had her masters and over 20 years experience, was making good money, I believe around $65-70k with pension. The kids at the school were terrible. They would tell her to F off and no support from the principal. There was a guy that came into the school after the school day that came into her room to ask to use a phone. Was sketchy looking and she was smart enough to say lets go to the office and use the phone. While walking down the hall she encounters the principal and tries to alert him to the situation and he doesn't get it. Anyhow almost to the office and the guy bolts. They call the cops and find out this guy just assualted someone and the cops were looking for him. Anyhow she raises a stink about the security and the principal turns it around and blames her for the situation. She had it and just up and quit. I was pissed at the time because I told her we could've figured a way to make the situation better but it is what it is....We don't have kids and I make enough to support us. Anyhow the following year she found a job at a private school (parochial) and loves it. The principal is supportive, the kids are well behaved and she enjoys teaching again. The pay is almost half (think $38k) and no real pension anymore but she is happy and not complaining about work every day....so anyhow do what makes you happy, wish I had the courage to do that!
  17. He was defensive most likely because he knows it's true and he's embarrassed by his actions. Hopefully he takes it as a wake up call and starts to spend some time during his retirement with your family
  18. Thanks for providing the link. I read it and didn't see anywhere where it said there was evidence of a hack of the system. The article is from December, you would think if everyone knows there was a hack there would be some proof almost 9 months later.
  19. I don't think anyone would question that....but poor excuse for the party of personal responsibility/accountability
  20. Explaining why what the Cyber Ninja's are doing is dangerous and isn't a real audit is "losing your mind". But typing in caps and asking the same thing over and over isn't, hmmm....
  21. It makes sense when events are handled poorly. It should reflect that. Glad the "media" isn't protecting him like some media on the other side protected the former guy no matter what he said or did
  22. Because it fans the flames and then events like Jan 6th CAN become more rationalized, more common and more dangerous.
  23. You seem to be exchanging "audit" with what the cyber ninjas are doing. No one is against an audit that is out in the open and performed by a legitimate auditor. This is dangerous because it's everything but this.
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