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  1. Maybe in some alternate reality where Dennis Hastert never existed.
  2. Meanwhile, over at the Fox News front page... CNN star legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin missing from Chauvin trial coverage as masturbation scandal lingers https://www.foxnews.com/media/cnn-legal-analyst-toobin-chauvin-masturbation-scandal
  3. belljr's link takes you to another link which takes you to the story. Pretty crappy job of a "complete cover up". And by "live reporting" we mean a story from Feb 22, almost a month after even CNN had published that the fire extinguisher story was inaccurate.
  4. I never saw anyone claim that Sicknick told his father that he was hit in the head. Why are you twisting the facts? Just because it was subsequently proven to not be true, that doesn't mean his father didn't believe it at the time, likely based on the statement from LE. There is nothing to indicate that any of it was a lie by the media.
  5. I don't know. But there are posters here suggesting the statements by the family should have immediately cleared things up. That was not the case.
  6. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-election-policeofficer/u-s-capitol-police-officer-who-died-after-violent-assault-loved-his-job-idUSKBN29E0QE
  7. In the video it's around 3 minutes. Kueng checks pulse at 18 minute mark, EMTs get Chauvin off Floyd around 21 minute mark. https://minnesota.cbslocal.com/video/4659904-raw-video-ex-officer-j-alexander-kuengs-body-cam-footage-in-george-floyd-arrest/
  8. Softball scouts, particularly from a prominent program like Michigan are going to be putting a gun on her to see her velocity, looking at how many different pitches she throws, how much movement they have, etc. This is going to be an ongoing process. Probably a multi-year process for pitchers. They're not going to make that decision based on a one game sample. Every pitcher has a bad game, trans or no trans.
  9. Meh. It's a small price to pay to ensure we can effectively control the feral hog population.
  10. We did have a nice run though. Haven't had a mass shooting with more than 3 dead since April 7. 9 whole days.
  11. Is this the Reseda incident? If so then that's a nope, only three victims there. Gotta have at least 4 to qualify as a mass killing in this day and age. Also, subsequent reporting has indicated they were drowned. Also, also, even if I spotted you this one, I think you know ### for tat, stabbed for shot is not a game you're going to win.
  12. Any mass stabbings in our country today? What about mass baseball bat killings? Surely we had a couple mass bombings? No? Just another mass shooting? Weird.
  13. Saw last night that Nick McGlashan died of overdose around Christmas. Smart, capable, funny guy. Such a waste.
  14. I think Brendan had a group like that working on his behalf but I don’t remember that for Steven. He may have had a public defender for his appeal though. Regardless, it’s hard to imagine why anyone in Steven’s corner would sit on it, particularly after MaM and all the publicity it received.
  15. He also says he reported it to Steven’s lawyers after watching season 1 of Making a Murderer. It debuted more than five years ago. Wonder why Buting and Strang ignored it for 5 years?
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