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  1. I don't know if this was discussed here, but the guy who plays Ray, Scott Ryan, is also the show's creator and writer. It has some great music too.
  2. Meh. Any realism problems are made up for in the scene where he has to choke the chainsaw and pull it several times to get it to start, then feather the throttle to get it to run. In every other show the chainsaw starts and runs with one pull. This has NEVER happened.
  3. I've had 2 friends die in the last 3 weeks from Covid. Don't know anyone with long term effects from the vaccine.
  4. So here come two words for you...
  5. This was my league for our first 10 years at least, except rather than a letter, you had to stop by the bar to check the results/standings.
  6. Just got an email saying the same thing.
  7. Have you called this year sho? Every year this thread makes me nervous I'm finally going to have to do the whole disconnect dance, but it hasn't happened yet.
  8. Reading "Joe" by Larry Brown after catching the movie on HBO recently. It's very good. I will be reading more of his stuff.
  9. Why do we use brain activity, or lack thereof, to pronounce people effectively dead, but heart activity to pronounce people alive?
  10. Can you expand on this Ivan? How does the reward provision help them dodge judicial review?
  11. See supermike80's link. Pure conjecture. Other Presidents are equally capable of throwing money at issues. Isn't this a big beef with Biden?
  12. I never made any claim of the sort you suggest. Fight your own strawman.
  13. Back at you. I don't even know what point you are trying to debate. There were no human trials, right up until there were human trials, which was right around the time Warp Speed came into being. They don't do human trials the first day of vaccine development. This isn't that hard.
  14. No it didn't, and no I didn't. Maybe you should read the links you post.
  15. How about you provide a link that it did? That's how proving things works. You prove that something did happen, not that it didn't. I used those specific events to illustrate that vaccine development was well underway in advance of operation Warp Speed. You are naturally trying to split hairs to try to refute what is plainly obvious to most people. So have fun with that.
  16. True. It was the Trump administration. They probably decided to call a program "Warp Speed" then ####ed around for months bringing it online.
  17. I said there were human trials before Warp Speed came online. Human trials on Pfizer's vaccine candidates were announced on April 29th, which means they were already well-immersed in the project. Operation Warp Speed was announced on May 15. April 29th is before May 15th. I don't know how to make it any simpler for you to reconcile.
  18. Saw it. Doesn't change anything I said. If anything it makes it clear that most of the infrastructure necessary to develop the vaccines was in place well before Trump and was operating fine independent of Trump.
  19. We knew it existed in late 19 early 20. The WHO pronounced it a pandemic in March. Pfizer announced human testing on their vaccine in late April, Warp Speed was announced in mid-May. And why only talk about this and that American administrations? Was the rest of the world just going to sit on their nuts and watch their people die waiting for us to come up with a vaccine? Pfizer partnered with a German firm for their vaccine, just FYI.
  20. C'mon now. The Pfizer vaccine was already in human testing stages when Warp Speed was brought online, and others were in various stages of development. It's nice Trump threw the resources he did at it when he did but to suggest there would be no vaccine(s) without him is silly.
  21. Which has ZERO to do with the fact that the last election came down to a choice between Joe Biden and the guy who had already shown a willingness to do everything in his power to destroy every check and balance we have to try and maintain power. So stop trying to bust the balls of those of us who chose Biden over that.
  22. Yeah, really wishing I would have voted for the guy who was willing to destroy American democracy on the spot when he lost the election.
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