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  1. Bodes well for $AMC and $GME. To the moon boys! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸ’ŽπŸ€²πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸŒ•πŸ’°πŸ’΅
  2. I’ve been watching the Raiders closely all year. Derek Carr looks to be a slightly below average starting QB that is being maximized. He doesn’t check the ball down on easy reads, struggles to make a play when the first read isn’t there, doesn’t have any wow talent, and consistently misses open reads and is often too hesitant. It still looks like the past injury is in his head. It’s no wonder now seeing Amari Coopers big break out last season after going to another team. Mariota looked to be a better fit last week IMO and I would cut bait. How many other Starting QBs in the AFC would Carr
  3. That goal line slide is going to cost me the championship I just know it. So glad the Raiders ended up losing that game.
  4. This is an important topic that I feel like is not getting any coverage. Please don't turn this into gun control, this isn't meant to be an anti gun or anti hunting thread, I used to be an avid hunter. I remember shooting, skinning, and packing my first deer, and the appreciation I would forever have on nature afterwards, along with the great deer jerky I enjoyed in the months ahead. But why would anyone need to kill an elephant? Seeing a lion or elephant tusk on your wall does not make you a tough guy Elephant populations are decreasing rapidly and people are trying to justify bringi
  5. Noted... but that's on you. When we win... you get your share. What you do with it/how you split it with dschuler is your responsibility. Also... any non-jackpot winnings will go into our slush and dschuler has no claim to it. Understood.Don't care about the change . Gonna be rich soon
  6. Yes, I'll do it.Sweet. Thanks. The pictures of the tickets are in the other thread floating around from ECB. Good luck
  7. Does anybody on the list in this thread want to take half each other's stake? I'm on the outsiders list on the other thread . We have 320 tickets from 32 people. Looks like it would be about 30 mil pre tax. I would split it 50/50 with whoever lets me in on this one 50/50. Thanks in advance and good luck.
  8. As long as we get the tickets before I'm down
  9. I was wondering that too. I'm down to drop some $$$ for this thing to increase my odds.
  10. Their receivers are just outclassed. They look like boys out there. Outsized and out athleted.
  11. Happy birthday!

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