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  1. Bodes well for $AMC and $GME. To the moon boys! 🚀🚀🚀💎🤲🚀🚀🚀🌕💰💵
  2. I’ve been watching the Raiders closely all year. Derek Carr looks to be a slightly below average starting QB that is being maximized. He doesn’t check the ball down on easy reads, struggles to make a play when the first read isn’t there, doesn’t have any wow talent, and consistently misses open reads and is often too hesitant. It still looks like the past injury is in his head. It’s no wonder now seeing Amari Coopers big break out last season after going to another team. Mariota looked to be a better fit last week IMO and I would cut bait. How many other Starting QBs in the AFC would Carr start over? Not many, and the ones that Carr is better than are most likely drafting QBs this season. Move on.
  3. That goal line slide is going to cost me the championship I just know it. So glad the Raiders ended up losing that game.
  4. Haven’t seen Terrell Owens yet. He had a pretty good run. Also Ahman Green had a good run in the early 2000s.
  5. Tank the season and go after Trevor Lawrence. Maybe package Zack Martin and their high 1st round pick for the first pick if it’s someone like Cincy who has a QB already
  6. I’ll be heading over in a week but I’ll be on the water. In my opinion deployments are much tougher for the wife/spouse that has to deal with the burden of the house, kids, errands, job, stuff breaking, etc usually in a state away from family with little support while worrying about their significant other. Someone brought up communication, right now the most popular way to communicate is through google hangouts. It seems to work better than other apps and works well on limited bandwidth.
  7. IMO, all of these late entries are due to the old deep state big money players in the Democratic Party that don’t want to see Warren or Sanders in the General election. If Biden had any momentum the debate stage would be shrinking.
  8. I really don’t see the purpose of a recount right now for Bevin, he’s down by like 10,000 votes
  9. How much they pay for coverage, which was a good reason Trump was elected? The idea that a middle class family is okay with paying thousands of dollars for something extra to provide for a low income family is nothing more than a pipe dream.
  10. I think Tulsi would swing lots of independents and Republicans
  11. Depends on if they were previously covered or not. Middle class and above were hit hard under Obamacare, while lower income families did better.
  12. Obamacare was effective in that it got more people healthcare coverage. It was ineffective in addressing the cost of coverage, and led to many price increases.
  13. I do wish they would make up their mind if they are trying to Keep America Great or Make America Great. They keep saying both however each mean different things.
  14. Kamala just killed her campaign with that twitter raid.
  15. No chance. She’s the easiest candidate for a Republican to beat of the big players, I can’t see how more people don’t see this. Maybe not 1984 level, but there is a decent chance she wouldn’t win but a couple states not touching an ocean.
  16. Can we lower the number of participants? Such a long time period between debaters.
  17. Pete making Warren look awful tonight. She should have been honest about an obvious thing that taxes will go up
  18. So let me get this straight, the Republicans sat on a Supreme Court nominee for a year until the elections but some of you guys think they are going to impeach a president from their own party in about the same timeframe?
  19. The Ukraine impeachment leak was always meant to hurt Biden in the primary. Not sure if a Republican leaked it to hurt Biden or if it was someone from within the party to move up the ladder. I can’t see how more people don’t see this. He was the one candidate Trump would have had major difficulty beating, and the biggest beneficiary seems to be Warren, the one candidate I don’t think Trump could lose to. Maybe Trump intentionally started this whole thing?
  20. Democrats scare their base off of Nuclear power to fund their green energy industrial complex much like Republicans scare their base with terrorism to fund their military industrial complex.
  21. There are 7 billion humans that are radioactive. Again, saying something is radioactive is pointless without levels above background and comparisons to other areas. Almost everything living is radioactive, which is how scientists use RADIOACTIVE carbon dating for age. Japan is one of the cleanest places in the world to live by the way.
  22. For commercial use, probably 25-35 years out if I had to guess, if ever. Definitely worth the investment to try. The UK and other European countries are now investing in the technology as is China and Russia. We are currently on the brink of reliably creating more energy from a fusion reactor than it uses, which is a monumental accomplishment.
  23. Naval Reactors has regulated Navy Reactors and they have traveled over 200,000,000 miles over 50 years without one nuclear accident, traveling to every continent and ocean on the Earth in extreme weather conditions. The NRC and DOE layout many civilian reactors. The Atomic Energy Act of 1954 was a baseline for practices we still use today.
  24. Punchlines like “nuclear plants leave contamination everywhere” or “it only supplies energy until a disaster strikes” have to take things into context. I’ve worked in the nuclear power field for several years, and would get more exposure from the decay of Radon in the dirt in one day working outside than what I’ve received in a year. These exposure levels people receive in the power plants are so low they make an X-ray at the doctors office look like Chernobyl. Bananas are a healthy food and also radioactive due to the decay of potassium, would you say they are polluting the planet? So many things in the world are radioactive or decaying, because nothing in this world is stagnant. We are all evolving slightly one way or the other. There isn’t any way you can replace anything with out contaminating it slightly, so the whole argument is misconstrued. Basically, saying nuclear power has contaminated the oceans is like saying you contaminated the oceans if you swam in it, boated in them, or peed in them. Many recent disasters would not happen ever in the US due to safer operating regulations, and increased redundancy and coincidence for things like backup shore power, emergency diesel generators, etc. The current solution is in fact nuclear fission, but the future solution to achieve 100% carbon free energy is most likely nuclear fusion. With nuclear fusion, you have virtually unlimited amounts of fuel as a resource, and could potentially create enough energy to power the world several times over. China and Europe are ahead of us in this technology, and we should look to even the playing field. Nuclear fusion has the potential to be the most important solution to a problem in our lifetime.
  25. Buying Greenland is one of the better ideas he has had. The military is beefing the second fleet back up significantly to counter Russian aggression. We sent a carrier up north last year on a deployment for the first since the 80s. New Russian class subs spying on European countries from the North. It would be a great buffer for the continental US having Alaska/Hawaii in the west and Greenland in the East.
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