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  1. NFL ‏@NFL 8m8 minutes ago Browns will cut Johnny Manziel when new league year begins on March 9 (via @RapSheet): http://on.nfl.com/1QYaSdk Can't cut him till the new yr starts.
  2. Johnny Manziel to be released by Browns after latest incident 12:31 PM ET http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/14697600/cleveland-browns-moving-johnny-manziel-latest-incident-source-says
  3. Even if he wasn't a dumpster fire to accentuate the point, he's proven to be stunningly average at best, and really has no athletic upside for all his scrambling ability. And the main point is that douchbags exist across the NFL landscape, but they all have in common that they can play the game at a high level. Manziel is a garden variety douchbag. He won't last in this league for long playing like that.
  4. His lowest trade value was a few weeks ago. If he flashes at all, you are going to pay up and even if he doesn't, if an owner has hung into him this long, he's going to wait for Ben.I got rid of him weeks ago in dynasty because to get to this point in his suspension process, he had to have had multiple #### ups. And I'm just risk averse to have a Josh Gordon or Justin Blackmon type knucklehead on my roster. I might have sold low, but I'm ok with my decision.
  5. I don't trust him to mind his p's and q's. He obviously knew he was being tested. Knew the ramifications and got caught anyway. Not sorry for doping, just sorry he got caught. Without a come to Jesus type intercession, whether it's of his own volition, family, or his coaching staff, he's going to get bored and go right back to the well again. At least that's my bet, though I honestly hope I lose that bet and he pulls his life together.
  6. I probably sold low, but what CSTU posted scared the bejeesus out of me. I was ready to move on with something than take nothing later. But I'm admittedly risk averse.
  7. I was a staunch believer in Martavis, but the warning flags can't be avoided. I sold him for a couple of picks and am not looking back.
  8. Man...I was on the fence between Martavis and Adams in slow draft a couple weeks ago. Kept hemming and hawing. My gut told me pick Martavis.
  9. I'm a believer. Camp reports sound 180 degrees from where he was at last year this time, when he was floating on inflatable swans holding bottles of bubbly. He looks humbled, and ready to overtake the old veteran journeyman QB in front of him. I've been one of his biggest critics, but you'd be blind not to see this coming. Manziel show coming soon. McCown won't start 16 games for Cleveland. No way...no how.
  10. I like Connor Shaw, it's nice to hear he's getting his shot. Yeah, but from the practice squad to starter in one week? I dunno man.
  11. @JeffDarlington: My man. RT @AroundTheNFL: Rex Grossman reportedly turns down Browns to hang with family during the holidays http://t.co/5BqTCncASE Cleveland QB job not very attractive these days. When Rex turns you down, it's bad.
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