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  1. Not starting either but stashing both just to keep my opponent from using them against me in a championship final I’m favored in
  2. Runner up bowl #2 (start 2 QB, 2 TE, 2 DST) PPR Brees/Ryan/Foles Elliot/White/Coleman/Lewis/Ballage/LMiller/ADP Allen/Foster/Nelson/DJax/Stills (must start min 3 ugh!) and I just lost Boyd Cook/Kittle Lutz/Gostkowski LAC DST/DAL DST/SEA DST/PHI DST Struggling with my RB's, my wr's suck and it's why I'm in the runner up game. that and Allen giving me a zero last week. thoughts on my putrid WR's? Isaiah McKenzie is available. thanks Sig
  3. Runner up bowl #1 PPR Luck/Watson/Winston M Gordon/Dam Williams/E McGuire M Thomas/Hilton/R Anderson/ARob/Pettis Ebron/Cook S Gostkowski Indy DST McGuire is a flex, I could put Cook in there or Arob or Pettis. Not much is on the wire. thanks!
  4. Ship #4 Superflex IDP, crazy scoring I can't explain, other than you get bonus points for first downs. A good WR can get 100 points in this system. Trubisky/Foles/(Stafford/Driskel/Heincke on the wire) D Cook/J Williams/Samuels/McGuire/Wilson Jr./Drake Julio/Cooks/R Anderson/Sutton (worried about Julio obviously) TE Kelce K Succop DST TENN IDP players: T Smith Jax B Wagner Sea C Campbell Jax C Jordan NO Sorry this is so loaded. I want to ask a simple question. I'm torn on benching McGuire for Anderson (flex) and how do you handle the Julio situation? thanks!
  5. Ship #3 Standard non-PPR J Allen/(Foles, Winston, Mariota on Wire) Dam Williams/J Williams/McGuire/Wilson Jr. TE Samuels/Engram (yahoo rules) Diggs/R Anderson/Allen/Evans/Golladay/Sutton Zuerlein Colts DST (Cleveland/Dallas on the wire) Most rankings say I should dump Allen vs New England but he's had the hot hand and got me this far. Tough to sit both Allen and Evans. Thoughts? thx
  6. Ship #2 Super-Flex PPR Foles, Carr, Mullins, Keenum Lindsay, Dam Williams, Carson, Jamaal Williams, J Howard AB, MThomas, Evans, Godwin, Kittle, Cook Zuerlein Vikings DST Some tough starts/sits here... right now I'm benching Mike Evans and Jamaal Williams and Jared Cook. Do you agree or tweak this lineup. Thoughts Sig? thanks and merry christmas
  7. For the Ship!!! (Excited!) superflex ppr Ryan/Watson/Foles/Johnson White/Dam Williams/Wilson jr/ADP/Kelly AB/Thielen/Jeffrey/Westbrook Cook/Rudolph/Goedert Gostkowski Rams DST my starting lineup okay? Would you consider Wilson or maybe even Kelly if Gurley sits?
  8. Cut bait with Stafford in superflex keeper league. Foles or Driskel in the FF playoffs. Pray for me
  9. Been a fun ride. I'm out. Crazy after finishing top 100 last week and near the top of the leader board for weeks before that. I could not survive another Gronk bye week and Julio together. This would have been my last bye week hurdle, but just not enough production to stay alive. Good luck to all still in this contest.
  10. My options this week are not that great to begin with (Terrance West, Rashad Jennings, James White). It's pick your poison time. I think any of these guys is a soft ceiling of 6-8 points in PPR. Even if Rawls is a COP guy for his first game back, I think he can surpass 10 fantasy points on just one good run. I'm plugging in and praying.
  11. Dropped for and added Percy too...seems to be a trend.
  12. Between his health issues making his snap count and availability a wild card, and the arrival of C-Mike, I am having a hard time seeing any upside left for Ty. I have to rationalize it through squinting eyes to see it. Potentially a WR4 on a pass happy offense with a lousy defense? When he was the starting RB, you had something to hang your hat on. Now Starks took that baseline of points away from him. Not that I'm worried about Starks staying power. If I start hearing practice reports about C-Mike being "woke" again, I can't continue to roster Ty. And I really really like his upside. Those back to back ten catch games especially in PPR are fantasy gold. Hard to let go of that. Maybe I'm late to the drop Ty party?
  13. Hilton looking awfully low in this weeks early rankings. Is there something I should know about here? An injury maybe. He's been a WR2 at worst with WR1 upside all year.
  14. I know nothing about how sickle cell affects or physically limits an athlete like Ty from hitting the field and performing his duties. But just to know it can crop up as a non-specific injury not easily tracked on a Friday injury report has me spooked about ever starting him again. Hard to drop him because he has so much upside, damned either way I guess.
  15. Wow! I just was guessing there were a ton more Gronk owners than not. That's a huge chunk of dead money for a few of us next week.
  16. Gronk being out is like adding another bye week. Sucks but at least there should be a healthy hit across the board. Also glad to be still alive in this thing this late. Other bye week issues I have to hope to get along without are Julio, Hunter Henry, and the Jets DST.
  17. I was worried about making the cut this week with 5 of my 20 man rotation on bye. But going into SNF I am sitting at #30 overall with Gronk still to go.
  18. Finished with 174.05. Next week will be tough with 5/20 of my roster on bye (all Oakland Raiders). If I can survive that, bye week issues are mostly behind me.
  19. Julio with a typical game 9/111/1 good for 25.1 points. Nice head start heading into the weekend.
  20. Who's starting him this week? Anyone? Anyone? :tumbleweeds: FWIW, I like his deep passing stat potential this week against the undisciplined and oft burned Jacksonville secondary. I'm not looking for top end numbers but still think 200 yards and 2 TD's isn't out of the question. For my scoring rules in start 2, I'll take that.
  21. My deepest run yet and I only have 20 players. But key is I don't have any dead money. This contest is as much luck as any other metric anybody wants to beat thier chest about.
  22. Or it could go the other way. I'm heavily invested in Michael on my fantasy teams but don't have him in this contest. I've been shopping him but not getting any decent offers. My concern with Micahel is Russell Wilson's lack of mobility coupled with Seattle's patchwork OL and I'm not very bullish about the Seahawks ability to rush the ball rest of season.
  23. Wow! I was way off on my calculations. Ended up with 189.45. #195 overall. (so far I should say) ETE
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