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  1. Baltimore is the 2nd team the Pats face with a winning record...Will be interested to see if New England really is this good or was their competition really that bad
  2. PFF ranks the eagles offensive line as the 2nd best through 8 weeks
  3. Debating sitting rivers for either Lamar jackson or baker mayfield. Rivers had 9 points late in the 4th quarter last week and chiefs went into prevent mode and he miraculously finished with 20.5.
  4. Standard scoring, appreciate your insight Need 1: Rivers vs Baltimore, Lamar Jackson @ chargers, Mayfield vs Cinci ( I also have Chubb and wonder if doubling down is dumb) Need 1: Ebron vs NYG or Jaylen Samuels (tightend eligibility) @ Saints Need 1: Damien williams @ seattle or Marlon Mack vs NYG Thanks Bloom
  5. How many touches are people expecting Damien Williams to get?
  6. The team in question would get the 3 seed if I throw the game which would ensure I don't face him until the championship if I make it that far. It would only effect the team that currently is in the 4 spot and could move to the 3. I'm not screwing any team from making the playoffs I'm just trying to avoid this particular owner.
  7. Was wondering what everyone thoughts were on intentionally losing a game in order to avoid/face certain opponent in the playoffs?
  8. Rivers vs Arizona or Lamar Jackson vs Oakland? Thanks Bloom
  9. Maybe too late to ask but worth a shot...need to pick 2 in standard scoring Mack, ESanders, Diggs, Kerryon. Thanks.
  10. I don't think anyone is arguing that Cohen is going to take over the backfield. It's turned into a 50/50 split and the problem is Howard can't do enough with 15 touches due to has limited play making ability to be anymore than a flex play. Cohen is dynamic enough to have an impact with 15 touches. Even in redraft Cohen is the more valuable of the 2 going forward and I don't think it's going to change.
  11. Going forward I prefer backs like Kerroyon Johnson and Marlon Mack over Howard. Howard is not very explosive so he rarely rips off long runs and he has limited redzone opportunities due to playcalling and Trubiskys scrambling. He's really a weak flex play imo.
  12. Traded Jordan Howard and Will Fuller for Joe Mixon before Sunday's game but the league vetoed the deal. Sucks because I have very little faith in Howard going forward and have been trying to abandon ship before it's too late.
  13. Has anyone been able to trade Conner? I'm assuming it's too late but he's about to become a whole lot less valuable.
  14. After seeing what happened to earl thomas, what are the chances that when Leveon comes back he has a mysterious injury and can't play? Would he still be an unrestricted free agent as long as he reports? Just wondering because it seems if he sat out this long it would be foolish to risk an injury.
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