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  1. I have Diggs in a bunch of places because I’ve not been able to quit him for ~3 years now, but I still keep wondering if this is a sell high opportunity. He’s great, but I really don’t believe in Allen just yet and the matchups have been pretty favourable. We’ll see, and maybe I’m just being overly negative but I can’t shake the feeling the floor is going to drop out at some point (similar to how I feel about Cooper in the one league I have him). I realize this is not insightful or based on anything tangible.
  2. Clearly none of us actually know, but I'm banking on him being a top back again/am trying to trade for him with the uncertainty depressing his value. Could obviously blow up in my face because the cost is going to be high, but hey, that's why we play Fantsy Football right?
  3. There's no way man, and I wish you were right. He gets at least 2-3 years to burn the franchise down.
  4. Second week in a row I played him over Gronk. Can't really believe I'm saying that.
  5. No-- the debate is who is the better running back. I have Conner in pretty much every league I play in, and I am banking on him effectively being a league winner for me. I do not intend any disrespect to the player when I say this, but Conner is not nearly the talent that Bell is and it is easily visible when you watch them. You can debate whether top talent is worth top dollar vs money spent elsewhere and there are other things you can nitpick, but you seem to be trying to argue that Conner and Bell are equivalent. You're going to struggle with that.
  6. Agreed. Unless you're stacked at RB and thin at WR, Cook can't get any lower in cost and I don't think Kupp can get any higher in stock.
  7. It's all team dependent. I had Mixon, Conner, D Johnson, White and Breida in a PPR redraft. I felt comfortable trading Kerryon + some other pieces to bolster my WRs. It absolutely could blow up in my face if he ends up being an RB1 this year-- but that's why I got some nice WRs back. I still have Kerryon in another league so I'm rooting for him, but right now he's a rookie that had one decent game in the NFL, on a team that got smoked by the Jets, lost to a mediocre 49rs and just turned in one stalwart game. We don't really know what the Lions are this year, and we don't know what Kerryon is which gives us a wide range of outcomes. If you can package that risk and sell to someone who is assuming his upper range of outcomes, I think that's a good move.
  8. What did you do? Team dependent of course, but in my league where I have Kupp, I personally would do that trade.
  9. I have no vested interest in Cook but I'd be interested in buying him low if people think this is the rest of his season. Vikings offense looked legit yesterday and the Rams have made most opponents look stupid this year. Combined with an awful game against Buffalo and injuries we've seen the absolute floor for Cook/Minnesota RBs. I think better times are ahead this year especially once the schedule starts to lighten up and he rounds into form.
  10. I traded Kerryon in a package for some WRs in one league, and have him in another. To me you're crazy if you wouldn't swap him for Mixon of the above (I have Mixon in the same league I have Kerryon so this is not an issue for me). I think Cook or Freeman are pretty tough to turn down too.
  11. I talked myself into Cooper being a ppr machine this year. Sight.
  12. It's like he's daring them to play Rosen.
  13. Is Rosen really worse than this? Bradford looks cooked.
  14. Think the Cleveland D is legit, his weapons are mediocre, and he's 21. Give him some time.
  15. Agreed at the top tier. What about the tier below it though? e.g. a Thielen? I still think it's worth the trade but less no brainer and could definitely explode in your face.
  16. Agreed. The "how he hurt his hamstring" issue sounds pretty odd too.
  17. I don't love it, but I too am starting the Jets. It's more of a bet against the Dolphins than a rousing endorsement of the Jets though.
  18. What a wild ride this has been. Is this the end for him?
  19. I also think it's comical that anyone pretends to know what is optimal move cash wise here. In the end, the one dude who has to live with the decision has evaluated the risk/reward and has chosen his path-- that some sit at their computers chugging Mountain Dews and proclaiming him an idiot is absolutely hysterical.
  20. Think a lot of it might hinge on how good Pittsburgh is and how well Conner performs. Leverage in the situation can shift wildly depending on their performance.
  21. I agree it gets muddied and I was perhaps a bit too harsh with the implicit linking between wanting Bell to play and supporting the owners. I also agree that most of the criticism is borne from fantasy or wanting your team to win and of course that these players ARE paid incredibly well. However, I think if more thought was put into the situation and people tried a bit better to understand where Bell is coming from, that it's a very reasonable position-- that it does boil down to a power struggle between the players and the NFL, and in my opinion given that context, we should be more supportive.
  22. It all ladders up to the agreement with the NFLPA, and the power balance between the players and the owners of the franchises. NFL teams want to minimize risk/maximize their chances of winning-- players want to maximize their income. The league benefits from being able to sign an RB for under market rate, run them into the ground knowing that they're toast in a few years at that pace anyway, and then go on their merry way. Bell's utilization is bonkers. In fantasy, one of the main reasons I would have taken him #1 overall is that I believe they WILL run, or at least would have, run him into the ground this year knowing he's gone next. If we accept that, then we accept that NFL franchises are totally fine running RBs into the ground, paying them "poorly" during that time, and that letting them go when their bodies breakdown. Bell is effectively, in my mind, saying #### that noise. He implicitly makes a bet that that he's a super important part of the Pittsburgh offense-- that they are significantly harmed without him in the backfield. If he's right, that's worth a lot of money and that's the leverage he has. If he's right, and this plays out, you could see this as the start of a negotiation for ALL running backs in the NFL that basically says they do not like the model of being chewed up and spat out. I personally think Bell is good enough that the math ends up neutral (give up ~8M now but make up for it in security/guaranteed funds later). The upside is that he changes the market/way that RBs are treated for all. The semi conspiracy theory downside is the NFL basically black balls him moving forward as a lesson to other uppity RBs to keep that from happening. The most likely outcome, in my mind, is that he gets a large contract from another team and makes his 8M dollar bet fairly revenue neutral, while not really changing the overall landscape.
  23. Yeah and to be honest, I completely agree with him that that’s a ridiculous offer and I kinda dig the idea of him going to bat against NFL franchises using up RBs and then spitting them out. I’m surprised at how quickly people line up to support the overarching owners of the league/NFL vs the guys who actually generate the value.
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