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  1. Slow draft from the 7 spot that just ended: Qb: Lawrence (12), cousins (16) rb: dobbins (3), fournette (8), mostert (9), j Williams (10), brown (14), Mack (18) wr: Adams (1), Hopkins (2), evans (4), thielen (5), Marvin Jones (11), Watkins (15), Kirk (20) te: goedert (6), fant (7), cook (13) k/d: gay and broncos Big question is whether I can find a RB2 out of the group. If so I think I have a good chance
  2. Tried one more. Really dont like the middle spots as I seem to be getting the 8 all the time but dont mind Kamara at all when he falls. QB- Burrow (11), Cousins (16) RB- Kamara (1), Dobbins (3), Moss (8), Drake (10), Bernard (14), Breida (18) WR- Cooper (4), Claypool (5), Golladay (6), Cooks (7), Corey Davis (12), Watkins (15), Peoples-Jones (20) TE- Kittle (2), Irv Smith (9), Uzomah (13) K/D- Gould, Broncos
  3. Did a couple drafts a few days ago after taking a year off: Draft 1: QB: Rodgers, Mayfield RB: Cook, Mostert, Williams, Gio Bernard, McKinnon, Damien Williams WR: Hopkins, Metcalf, Samuel, Smith-Schuster, Watkins, Mooney, Van Jefferson TE: Hockenson, Ebron, Henry K/D: Zuerlein, Denver Draft 2: QB: Lawrence, Mayfield RB: Barkley, Carter, Gio Bernard, Malcolm Brown, Drake, Conner WR: Kupp, AJ Brown, Lockett, Sutton, Tyrell Williams, Gage, Van Jefferson TE: Kittle, Trautman, Ebron K/D: Lutz, Patriots
  4. Sad because Broncos would have had a good chance in this game with Lock.
  5. Looking for a flex in PPR league. Would you go with LeSean McCoy, Jalen Richard or Emmanuel Sanders. In another PPR league, also looking for a flex between Will Fuller, Deebo Samuel, Darrel Williams or Tyrell Williams. Thanks!!
  6. My picks for the week in a very difficult week for selections: Denver +7 1/2 at GB: must win game for Denver. Denver seemed to figure things out offensively late last game against Chicago and I think that carries over this week. Fangio also knows Rodgers and packers extremely well. They may not win but they will at least keep it close. New England -21 vs jets: should be another easy win for the pats. Expecting 30+ point win. Houston +3 at chargers: injuries piling up for chargers and they just don’t look the same as last year. Lack of a kicker may hurt again as well for the chargers. Good luck all!
  7. Final main draft for me from the 9. Interesting draft where it went unusually heavy on RB early. QB- Wentz, Cousins RB- D. henry, Ingram, LeSean McCoy, Mattison, Edmonds, Hilliard, Mostert WR- M Thomas, Smith-Schuster, DJ Moore, E Sanders, M Jones, Arcega-Whiteside TE- Engram, Hockenson, Swaim K- Lutz D- Denver Draft was at 10am today: here is where some of the more interesting picks went: Antonio Brown- 4.1 Damien Williams- 3.12 Aaron Jones- 3.4 Davante Adams- 2.3 allen robinson- 5.2 david montgomery- 7.5 darwin thompson- 11.1 Good luck to everyone.
  8. Hate the sanders pick — I think he is a great dynasty asset but won’t do anything much in redraft this year with Howard and sproles soaking up the touches. I think the phi rb situation is a major avoid. That being said absolutely love the breida pick in the 8th (he went in the 5th in my main).
  9. Went heavy TE early to see how it would play out. From the 7: QB: Brees, Cousins RB: Michel, Lindsey. Drake, Ogunbowale, Hines, Mostert WR: Evans, Diggs, Jones, Gallup, Allison, Tate TE: Kelce, Cook, Swaim K: Elliott D: Rams RB is definite weakness of the team but hope to make up for it with WR group and Cook.
  10. Just did a main and Damien Williams went in early 4th so only down a round or so. McCoy went in 5th, Darwin was in 10th.
  11. Just finished a draft from the 1 spot. I like this draft much more than my last draft from the back half. QB: Goff / Stafford RB: Barkley/ Damien Williams/ Mack/ Pollard/ Ogunbowale / Adrian peterson WR: Allen / Edelman / Westbrook / Crowder / Stills / Trequan Smith/ Cobb TE: Njoku / Ebron/ Olsen K: Fairbairn D: Denver
  12. First draft for the year as I'm mostly playing dynasties this year. Out of the 11 spot which I think is a tough spot this year. QB: Big Ben, Darnold RB: James Conner, Josh Jacobs, Rashaad Penny, Jalen Richard, Tony Pollard, Ty Montgomery WR: Odell Beckham, Cooper Kupp, Sammy Watkins, Tyrell Williams, Golden Tate, KeeSean Johnson, DaeSean Hamilton TE: Evan Engram, Jared Cook, Jordan Thomas K: Prater D: Saints
  13. Yup, it’s like a completely different season. I’m assuming whoever wins this is probably coming from the bottom of the regular season list since so many key performers are now injured or underperforming.
  14. Good first week of the playoffs with all three of my teams that were in the playoffs advancing to the championship (2 main and 1 fbg). Only scored 117 in one where I was missing Gurley and hill but managed to sneak by with a .1 point win. Hoping for the best in week 13 and beyond. Good luck to everyone!
  15. I had four teams this year (2 main event and 2 fbg). Both of my main event teams advanced to the playoffs with one coming in second in the regular season (may be tough this week though as that team has hill and Gurley). 1 of my other 2 teams made the playoffs. It looked like all 4 would make it but one of my teams had a stinker this week and just missed making it on points. Onward to week 12. Good luck to everyone
  16. Last draft. Out of 9 hole. QB- Newton (9), Stafford (14) RB- Fournette (1), Collins (3), Williams (5), L Murray (11), Ivory (13), Edmonds (16) WR- Allen (2), Sanders (6), Fuller (8), Shepard (10), Golladay (12), Docston (15), Patterson (20) TE- Ertz (4), Njoku (7), Willson (19) K & D- Zuerlein and Denver Good luck to everyone this year.
  17. My main event last night. Mixed feelings at this point but I think I have a good shot. QB- Newton (9), Dalton (20) RB- Gurley (1), Williams (5), Lynch (6), Murray (11), Ivory (13), Lindsay (18) WR- Hill (2), Diggs (3), Fuller (7), Cole (8), Amendola (12), Sutton (15), Patterson (19) TE- Engram (4), Seferian-Jenkins (10), Willson (14) D- Broncos (17) K- Tucker
  18. I also did a draft last night but was not in your league. In my league, 9 TE's were gone by 5.5 so seems to relatively par for the course. I like Diggs more than Thielen but I think you got appropriate value for Thielen in the late 3rd and I suspect both will do well.
  19. Looks like we were in the same draft. I like your team a lot especially when Edelman is back. I also think Demaryius may be fazed out in Denver as the year goes on so really like Sutton especially late in the year .
  20. Did one more. Don't have the practice of most on the board so a little rusty but hoping for the best. Went 2 TEs in first 5 rounds. QB- Stafford, Mariota RB- Kamara, Peyton Barber, Breida, Montgomery, Martin, Gillislee WR- Green, Hogan, Funchess, Golladay, Calvin Ridley, Geronimo Allison TE- Ertz, Graham, Davis, Willson K- Elliott D- Broncos
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