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  1. yearly call to "cancel": Free ST Max w 1 year commitment $15 off/12 months $100 visa card 15 mins
  2. Just got off the phone with retention. All I did was mention Dish's latest offer and the fact that we love ST but can't afford it. Rep immediately came back with: $40/month credits for 1 year. ST Max free. Offered totally free Genie (free equipment for 3 TVs and free installation) - but held off on that since that would mean a 2 year commitment. DONE
  3. I just can't see a guy of his size and arm "strength" starting any games in the NFL. All this extra-curricular stuff aside... Brees, Wilson, Vick etc have the arms to make up for their lack of size.
  4. Are you sure? What about Cooper? or Benn? or Avant? Isn't both Cooper and Avant higher on the depth chart?Im sure. The others arent good "space" players. Well Benn might be but Chip loves desean in this offense so...
  5. Just got off the phone. (My contract was expiring this year.) Said FIOS was offering a better deal and we needed to save money. Also said we needed to view the games mobile since we travel. Right off the bat they offered: Free ST Free Max $20 credit/month for 12 months I only had to agree to extend my contract for 12 months. DONE
  6. Has any team ever stared 3 rookie skill position players?
  7. Wright and Hill will be overdrafted due to their speed (or perceived speed).
  8. Lewis has looked outstanding IMO. He makes the first defender miss constantly. Loved when they drafted him and still love it at the end of preseason.
  9. And you believed that??? Nobody will charge you retroactively 6 months after a service has ended. He pulled one over on you dude.
  10. One time credits are the only way to fly. Monthy credits = win for DTV.
  11. Just got off the phone with DTV. I am under contact for another year due to an equipment upgrade last August (whole home DVR, 2 new HD receivers), so I really couldn't threaten to cancel, but went to "cancel service" from the voice prompt. Got a very nice guy, I told him we need to lower our bill, wife was upset at seeing free ST commercials etc. After a few probing questions, he offered 2 deals. #1 $15 off/month for the next 24 months and #2 Free ST. I took door #2. The end.
  12. Same trajectory as Reggie Brown and Michael Clayton thus farReggie Brown was a 2nd...
  13. I am fascinated to see how the Titans use Johnson. Could be a very exciting player.
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