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  1. With Collier inactive do you think Rasheem Green continues to impress?
  2. GECKO

    FBG IDP Content

    I feel the FBGs commitment to DFS a couple years ago spelt doom for IDP. Unfortunate.
  3. Morning Sig! With Engram out do you like Kaden Smith on MNF or Fells vs DEN. NYGs get some weapons back so I hesitate even tho Kaden is getting targets. Thanks and Good Luck this week!
  4. Sig, Your latest tweet my sway me from Mack to Brian Hill. Good move??
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpAi70WWBlw Seattle is Dying documentary when I first moved to the area I initially thought that the local news caster who produced this video was kind of a hack. This video is pretty much spot on, I've witnessed everything he addresses during day visits to the city.
  6. IMO Hightower is at best LB3 worthy and depending on your roster size barely roster-able.
  7. No more reaching for this guy, He'll go late 1st early 2nd on hype alone
  8. Great discussion! Smallwood or Lewis here. Likely come down to how my match-up is going by the late games. If I need a home run (Lewis.) high floor (Smallwood.) Just wish Smallwood wasn't playing on MNF. Am I looking at this correctly?
  9. Does anyone picture Lockett as more of a "gadget" player? I can't compare him to A Brown but insert Lockett into the Cobb role in GB and he would produce similar numbers IMO.
  10. Here is how I see it as a Cobb owner and Graham owner I would trade Cobb for the 1.2/2.11 I would not trade 1.9 for Graham. To make it work for me as a Cobb owner that 1.9 would have to be 2.3-2.6 range.
  11. Easy, sure is a lot of love for Gordon this off season. Off the field issues be damned!
  12. Pruitt is better than Escobar IMO. Like that side much more.
  13. AT&T bought out DirectTV correct? What happens when they officially take the reins...
  14. Sitting him for Herron without question
  15. Just called, I was very polite and inquisitive. They offered premium package that included all their channels for $130. Sunday Ticket/RZ not included. Representative insisted that Sunday Ticket is a subscription and I would have to pay full price.
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