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  1. Question about weapon damage on enchanted items: If it says it does 15 and has a fire enchantment that does 10 points of fire damage... I assume that means it is a total of 25... If that is true, why is the value of items not more correlated to their damage? This is a problem because followers appear to use the value to choose which weapon to equip... Any recommendations, or am I missing something?
  2. My wife's chili recipe is watery and too-tomatoey. I used to make a mean chili with some college roommates that was similar to the recipe posted by the OP and I (FINALLY!) made my first batch of this yesterday, it has been chilling in the fridge all day and I can't wait to get home to eat some... We have a dozen friends coming over tonight and I look forward to telling them this is a recipe from the kitchen of "Judge Smails"
  3. Damn farmers and productivity.Don't blame the farmers: World War I was the catalyst for many countries adopting Daylight Saving Time, as the potential for energy savings was attractive. Germany and Austria were the first, in 1916, followed quickly by Belgium, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Italy, Luxembourg, Manitoba, Netherlands, Norway, Nova Scotia, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey, and Tasmania. Australia and Newfoundland joined in in 1917, and the United States was a relative latecomer, beginning Daylight Saving Time in the spring of 1918. However, it was so unpopular it was repealed the next year, and though some cities and states retained the practice, it would not become national law again until World War II.
  4. Haven't tried it, but it might be the single most annoying thing on twitter.
  5. That was a worthy link. Thanks.Not sure how many of us will actually use this App...but I thought it was pretty damn cool...
  6. coincidentally, i did too.... She offered to ship 2 of the jerseys that I wanted and randomly replaced the others with stuff I had ordered before.... just glad she responded... we'll see if this gets settled.
  7. I came back to this thread to see if anyone else was having issues. Looks like they are. I won't post all my details but an order I placed on Sept 19th for 25 jerseys came in missing 4, and one jersey the nameplate was off-center on the back. SHe responded to my first couple emails, explaining back-orders, etc. I sent her substitute jerseys/sizes and asked to please ship those, or refund me for the entire balance she couldn't ship. It took several emails but on 10/15 she refunded me for one jersey, and I haven't heard from her since, despite weekly emails asking for updates. Ugh.
  8. That is funny... How is he 'showing' availability? Just using a list? He obviously can't send them to the website, since they have prices listed...
  9. Just sent them a message asking them to add some Minnesota Wild jerseys... Boogaard, Clutterbuck, Havlat and Backstrom. We will see if they respond...
  10. Joking or reselling at the game?Not joking.... my buddies and I all got in on them... I bought a couple extra figuring I will have friends that will want them.Pretty psyched b/c my fantasy draft worked out last night that I ended up with Brady/Favre at QB. When I checked Brady's BYE week, I realized the one week I will need to start Favre is week 8. I will be at that game. MN @ GB. Hell yeah.
  11. The 14 Favre Jerseys I ordered just hours after he signed have finally shipped... Hope to have them before this weekend...
  12. I ordered a bunch of Vikings jerseys... and the colors are fine. I compared it with my store-bought and they are the same
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