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  1. Didn't perform at combine because of hammy. Ran a 4.53 or so at pro day. rumored to of had some medical red flag which dropped him
  2. KB's strength is/was beating CBs off the line with strength + explosiveness and having a my ball mentality Both of those things are arguably very important for rookies to be good at for immediate success as a WR1. Both of those things are weaknesses to Funchess game right now. I do think Panthers are aware of this and are attempting to get him to learn to play big quickly but it will be tough. I could see a situation where he catches on late in the season.
  3. Tolbert is the FB, and I will be surprised if they cut him.Tolbert is a Rivera favorite and is pretty versatile. If there is someone behind him though that can do his job I could see us getting something for him in a trade.I just don't see a 30 year old FB with a 1 year 2.5 mill contract having any trade value.
  4. Tolbert is the FB, and I will be surprised if they cut him. Yep, staff seems to love him so it would be a surprise but would any cut really be a surprise after Smitty? seemingly a lot of reasons stacking up 1) Tolbert turns 30 in November (and broke his leg last year) 2) He is a FA after this year and he doesn't seem like a probable resign unless he settles for a big pay cut 3) a cut would save a lot of cap money this year ~ 2.5 mill I think 4) He has one of the last Hurney's contracts. This was not gman's guy originally.. 5) Tolbert hasn't been effective at actually blocking IMO and we haven't been very good in the red zone of late with him 6) Is Lee Ward the next Brad Hoover? might be good to give him PT if Tolbert isn't the FB of the future
  5. I think you have to consider Tolbert as a surprise cut with Ward's play. Maybe Broeckel too I also think Trusnik is a potential cut as Wegher has been playing so well on STs. We could go with just 5 LBs which would make space for Wegher.
  6. Bloom seems split on Funchess too. He had him in his "undecided" range predraft. Post draft he moved him up to 19th explaining that Carolina doesn't have room for multiple FF WR2s. Short term I agree with that. Long term, I think Funchess vertical role in a potentially budding Cam pass offense is somewhat intriguing. The overwhelming consensus of the FF draftniks seems to be a lot of negativity. In summary: Some tape disagreement Measurables disagreement with the combine vs proday difference of his 40 time Some disagreement on the intangibles Very little pre draft buzz vs lots of draft day buzz with the trade up A very young player Maybe some disagreement on the potential of this offense All in all a very polarizing dynasty add that could be had in the 15-25 range
  7. Yes, seems to be lots of disagreement on his playing speed. I think his 40 time threw people off. The tape shows he can get separation vertically and also in short areas. A Josh Norris quote on him... Funchess can be a lethal vertical receiver, thanks to his downfield speed and potential catch radius. He might not be quite as consistent Benjamin on 50/50 balls, however, Funchess is better in the short to intermediate areas and after the catch. He doesn't play fast. He wins with physicality, solid routes and good change of direction.Well there are some people that think the tape shows that he does create vertical separation with his speed (ie Josh Norris, Gettleman)
  8. Yeah Gettleman went through the process in his presser. He said his NFL scouts told him there were 6 teams ahead of them who had needs at WR and they felt Funchess was a first rounder soo they made the move. That and rumors were cleveland was taking Funchess at 43 I think one big misconception about the NFL is everyone is too honest. Agents/media folks like Schefter are in cahoots with teams and will exchange favors to help eachother. This is one reason why you see UDFAs signed basically before the draft even ends, teams and agents are trading favors during the draft. If there were 6 teams attempting to move into that spot the Panthers likely had very good information on where Funchess was going.
  9. What did he say? Something about how Arians was the only coach he would play for. He also talked oddly about having to start. I am likely making something out of nothing but it rubbed me the wrong way.
  10. The value just screamed bad for OT this year. With Lael dropping everyone jumped a spot. Scherff was a reach. Flowers was a reach. Peat was a reach. Ogbuehi won't play this year and went 21st. I actually could see all OTs being misses relative to where they went. Expecially Scherff and Flowers. Humphries was the one guy that made sense but seeing his post draft comments I'm glad we missed on him.
  11. Yes, seems to be lots of disagreement on his playing speed. I think his 40 time threw people off. The tape shows he can get separation vertically and also in short areas. A Josh Norris quote on him... Funchess can be a lethal vertical receiver, thanks to his downfield speed and potential catch radius. He might not be quite as consistent Benjamin on 50/50 balls, however, Funchess is better in the short to intermediate areas and after the catch.
  12. Panthers sign UDFA Brandon Wegher A longshot but I like him. A bigger Danny Woodhead?
  13. Lots of criticism for Gettleman right now similar to this. I think some are missing that Panthers had 9 picks and a roster good enough they could not fit 9 rookies. No doubt they overpayed to move up, but Cleveland was rumored to be selecting Funchess at 43 and traded out when he went off the board. Losing a 3rd round pick is somewhat mitigated because they could throw in extra picks in a later trade to move up to get who they wanted in that range - which they did at the top of the 4th with the Daryl Williams selection. If you look at Gettleman's comments I think they were going for a specific scheme fit - a big catch radius that can create vertical separation. Considering the personnel with Olsen Benjamin Cam it makes sense. Gettleman is big on being able to help early on and theoretically Funchess could do that in his vertical role.
  14. Whats the blueprint exactly? bull rush our o line to pieces because they can't stop it? drop 8 in coverage because you can get to the QB with 3 because our o line can't stop a bullrush and/or we can't run the ball
  15. Hill flopping Is somewhat baffling considering DHB was never cut. 40 ish career college catches. Sanchez/Tebow debacle at QB one year and then Geno's rookie year the next. I can't be too surprised about the lack of production. Considering his youth/injury history I like the low risk gamble but I have zero expectations.
  16. Way more valuable in real life than fantasy Gentleman's shtick even when talking about WRs has been "answer is on the roster" ... Now Bersin is the only one left from when he was preaching that. Just coachspeak or is the staff really confident in Bersin? we'll see
  17. I'm surprised we haven't heard more talk about the possibility of Peyton going to a more physical run heavy style this year. Consider their runs since the superbowl win... 2010 - beastmoded 2011 lost divisional at san fran despite Brees throwing for 462 4tds. The RBs totaled 32 yards rushing. 2012 Missed playoffs despite a record setting pass offense. Worst D in the league. 2013 A top 5 offense and defense. 25th in rushing. They got out physicalled at seattle. Brees throws for 300+ vs Wilson's 103. Lynch goes for 140 and 2 TDs. Sure it should be a "believe it when I see it situation" But at the RB44 range - is there anyone with better upside on opening day (saints vs falcons week 1) ?? I love to have clarity at week 1... we should bet that with Ingram
  18. Has anyone tried to order ST streaming only by lying about your address?
  19. Not sure how many total targets he will get, but I think he is going to be the main red zone target this year, so I am definitely high on him for TDs. The Panthers have no real red zone threat as a RB/WR/TE other than Benjamin. Tolbert is a big back, so he will get a few, but even he has less rushing TDs the past two years than Newton. Benjamin's size and the his strengths above really lend itself well to catching TDs. I think it was posted a few times, but I would almost be shocked if he doesn't catch 8 TDs this year. That is assuming he is healthy and starting like it seems like he is. I wouldn't be surprised if it was ten or better. I think they are going to give him a ton of chances in the red zone. I'm optimistic too but lets keep in mind how rare 10+ is for a rookie. It would be a surprise historically speaking.
  20. Jacquizz esque but I think he runs a little hotter Balanced. Real low center of gravity.. Does not have elite speed or explosiveness. Physical and sturdy but isn't a human bowling ball even though he has a similar size to a young MJD. Pass catcher.
  21. Josh Norris pre draft top 200 38. WR Kelvin Benjamin, FSU NFL Comparison: Plaxico Burress Where He Wins: Huge frame and length to win at the catch point in contested situations. Very good body control to slow down, time catch, and contort frame to haul in a catch. Long strides allow him to get downfield. Unafraid to work across the middle on deep posts. Able to make adjustments with the ball in the air that other receivers can’t. Displays strength after the catch.
  22. That is nice early on, but when your ignore a guy with a 2nd/3rd round grade still on board when you take a RB to backup Stewart, Williams, Tolbert and maybe Barner, you need to adjust your view point. I don't think we did a good job at all in the UDFA pool like we have done in the past. OTs sitting there ripe for the picking at pennies on the dollar. Maybe the draft on Skype is OK, but I think our effort at T in the UDFA market was really poor considering the potential that was there. I would not ignore Norwell as a 6th OL/development OT type
  23. Gettleman said. "Once you got past that top tier of tackles, there was a huge drop-off. For us, we just felt that the guys we have on our roster that are going to compete for those spots are just as good if not better than what we were staring at. The value wasn't there."
  24. He played a lot of SS. I think he will play more FS in the NFL.He's a converted CB so his calling card should be cover skills. Unfortunately he is sloppy in his back pedal and out of breaks. I'm not a huge fan of the pick, though I agree help in the secondary and S was a big need. I'd have rather them taken Brock Vereen at that spot who was also available. I think he's far better in coverage and more of a fit for what Car needs given their dominant front 7. Better movement skills, better coverage range and more immediate understanding of the position.Brock Vereen also had knee issues IIRC
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