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  1. Maybe. But I'm going with dream 2 weeks.... and even if she never wins again she'll always have that run and hopefully that money and some endorsement cash since she's attractive. Loses in first round at Indian Wells to #100 in straight sets, was never competitive https://www.telegraph.co.uk/tennis/2021/10/09/analysis-sudden-success-means-enormous-pressure-emma-raducanu/
  2. I mean I'd prefer to be the punter for the Chiefs and now at age 44 be retired and maybe doing punting clinics... but since I don't have an ounce of athletic ability, I think I have about the best gig I could land for my level of intelligence and skill set. Fixing teeth has good hours and decent pay.
  3. Look I'll eat my words if this gal is the real deal and has a nice career. But if what is far more likely to happen happens, which is her disappearing and never getting to another major final like so many wta one hit wonders then I'll stand by my statement that she just caught lightning for 2.5 weeks weeks in a week field. That said, she made monster money this week. You can't take that away, that victory is forever.. good for her. Hope she saves most of the money
  4. It's so impressive that it makes me think the entire wta must have been on their period this week and this gal is new to the tour and thus not in sync so she felt good and crushed
  5. I mean I'd be willing to wager that Raducanu never wins another major... even though she just won the whole effing thing without losing a set after qualifying to get in.. which is absurd. Trust me... another Ostapenko... she'll lose in the first round next year.
  6. Also a fed fanboy for life, but if he wins tomorrow... or wins another major sometime next year (likely), there will be no statistical argument that backs Roger or Ralph as the GOAT. He'll have everything you need... he just doesn't have the fan support or the class... but he's the GOAT. What will be interesting is.. if he wins tomorrow... and thus has nothing more to chase... will he still come strong next year or will he step off the gas? I mean something tells me he'd want to add a buffer one or 2 in case Ralph recovers and can nab another FO
  7. I think it's awful. Just another meaningless champion in women's tennis like an ostapenko. Women's game is full of these 1 or 2 hit wonders.. The top players are not really that great. It's pathetic and should get record low ratings... Though maybe not as bad as that all Italian final where the gal retired after the match
  8. Thank you. Weird, it didn't show up on my phone with a search for footballguys, but on the desktop it shows up plain as day and I bought and sent it to my phone and am using it now. Thank You Joe.
  9. Cool, so maybe in the next 7 to 10 days or totally not at all. Word
  10. Really enjoyed buying this app last year, looking forward to it again.. is it a last minute app that comes out next week?
  11. Man.. Federer back for more surgery. That's it for him. If he comes back at all which he probably shouldn't it would only be to make some appearances at maybe some of his favorite tournaments like Wimbledon and Basel. His days of competitive tennis are over.. frankly they probably were over right after the '20 AO.. but I didn't know the knee was that bad. As ardent of a Federer fan as I am, I think Djokovic has all the metrics to be the GOAT and neither Nadal or Federer will hold any of the cards necessary to keep him from that title. I really wonder if Rafa has another run in him or no. Man, I sure wish he would've converted one of those 2 MP's in the '19 WImbledon... it would be cool if he had 21 and Djokovic still needed 3 more to pass him rather than now just one more... What a career though.. was fun to watch. Also an odd career.. who is considered the greatest for half their career on the court.. only to be supplanted WHILE still playing and not be able to enjoy any of that title in retirement.
  12. Sound the bad beat alarm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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