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  1. Sex Packets was my first "parental advisory" CD in 1990. I adore this album to this day. Underwater Rhymes, Packet Man, Doowhatchalike, Rhymin' on the funk... Gutfest '89
  2. You're right. But i get 10 days there with my epic local pass that everyone in my family has (only going to use 4), I have my own equipment, i get 20% off ski school and on food with the epic local pass, and the place has a kitchenette so I can eat most of my meals in. So really the only expensive part is the lodging.. and I found a reasonably good 2 bedroom place in that arrowhead village for $400/nt which wasn't a lot more than the river run places I was shopping in Keystone. I'm considering Breckenridge for my Easter '22 trip though since that's the spring skiing place in the epi
  3. I just booked my trip there. You're right, they don't have much. one restaurant. It looks good enough though. Shuttle looks like it can take me to town and Edwards, CO is only a few minutes away. I wish I could afford the main village, but it's absurdly expensive.
  4. Da raiders, I found a spot in beaver creek I can afford, but it's over near Arrowhead village rather than the main area, do you think that's a problem for food, ski school, etc?
  5. 15 kids? Wow... just wow.
  6. Yes, I won't visit another mountain on the trip. Too tough with 7 and 6 y.o.
  7. Looks like keystone wins and unfortunately my vacation week is mid January like 9 to 12.
  8. bummer.. loved his tracks in the late 90's early aughts #barkingsound
  9. I'd wake in the morning and thank god I'd have my mom make me a breakfast, but skip the bacon. Get a all from a girl I'd like to hang out with Get in my convertible with a drop top and hydrolics Feel fortunate no one jacked my car at the red light. Another girl Kim sent me a text to meet up later. I meet my friends for a game of basketball and have an amazing game, scoring a triple double. Then I'll hit the shower and watch a little classic MTV - Yo! Raps I proceeded to make it to a friends house who was hosting an improptu craps game, got a good score
  10. Ok. Well let's say my number 1 ski interests are no lines and maximum ski in ski out. That's what made winter park last week so great. What would you recommend for that for a mid week January trip?
  11. Damn.. beaver creek is an expensive place to stay... whew baby. Is it that much nicer than Keystone?
  12. I've been there, it's great, but not on epic pass
  13. Did Winter Park for Easter weekend for the first time. took my wife (new skier this year), and my 7 and 5 y.o.'s (also first time skiers this year) it was awesome, we had a great trip. I'm already thinking about next year. My local hill is on Epic Pass and If I buy Epic Local I get that hill and the colorado resorts Vail owns. What do you think would be good for my next ski family destination? Keystone? Beaver Creek?
  14. I have live video going. My wife can live stream me pooping, rubbing one out, working, walking, sleeping, picking my nose, etc. It's just better that way. Then I can never be accused of looking at, speaking to, or interacting in any way with another live female.
  15. I booked Easter 3/31-4/3 at Winter Park (never been there before) for my wife and 2 boys - wife and boys worked hard on the local hill this year with their lessons and got competent so I'm ready to show them what they did all that learning for!
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