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  1. Look I'll eat my words if this gal is the real deal and has a nice career. But if what is far more likely to happen happens, which is her disappearing and never getting to another major final like so many wta one hit wonders then I'll stand by my statement that she just caught lightning for 2.5 weeks weeks in a week field. That said, she made monster money this week. You can't take that away, that victory is forever.. good for her. Hope she saves most of the money
  2. It's so impressive that it makes me think the entire wta must have been on their period this week and this gal is new to the tour and thus not in sync so she felt good and crushed
  3. following.. huge fan, seen them twice in concert... still can't name 200 songs.. i maybe like 50
  4. I mean I'd be willing to wager that Raducanu never wins another major... even though she just won the whole effing thing without losing a set after qualifying to get in.. which is absurd. Trust me... another Ostapenko... she'll lose in the first round next year.
  5. Also a fed fanboy for life, but if he wins tomorrow... or wins another major sometime next year (likely), there will be no statistical argument that backs Roger or Ralph as the GOAT. He'll have everything you need... he just doesn't have the fan support or the class... but he's the GOAT. What will be interesting is.. if he wins tomorrow... and thus has nothing more to chase... will he still come strong next year or will he step off the gas? I mean something tells me he'd want to add a buffer one or 2 in case Ralph recovers and can nab another FO
  6. I think it's awful. Just another meaningless champion in women's tennis like an ostapenko. Women's game is full of these 1 or 2 hit wonders.. The top players are not really that great. It's pathetic and should get record low ratings... Though maybe not as bad as that all Italian final where the gal retired after the match
  7. Thank you. Weird, it didn't show up on my phone with a search for footballguys, but on the desktop it shows up plain as day and I bought and sent it to my phone and am using it now. Thank You Joe.
  8. Cool, so maybe in the next 7 to 10 days or totally not at all. Word
  9. Really enjoyed buying this app last year, looking forward to it again.. is it a last minute app that comes out next week?
  10. Man.. Federer back for more surgery. That's it for him. If he comes back at all which he probably shouldn't it would only be to make some appearances at maybe some of his favorite tournaments like Wimbledon and Basel. His days of competitive tennis are over.. frankly they probably were over right after the '20 AO.. but I didn't know the knee was that bad. As ardent of a Federer fan as I am, I think Djokovic has all the metrics to be the GOAT and neither Nadal or Federer will hold any of the cards necessary to keep him from that title. I really wonder if Rafa has another run in him or no. Man, I sure wish he would've converted one of those 2 MP's in the '19 WImbledon... it would be cool if he had 21 and Djokovic still needed 3 more to pass him rather than now just one more... What a career though.. was fun to watch. Also an odd career.. who is considered the greatest for half their career on the court.. only to be supplanted WHILE still playing and not be able to enjoy any of that title in retirement.
  11. Sound the bad beat alarm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Don't worry, again I can get ahold of him in seconds and get a thread responded to. We're best friends.
  13. He got banned for getting liquored up and saying some inappropriate things. LIfetime ban. I know him personally though, so if you need him he still visits the forums.
  14. It's an interesting arc of Federer's career. He played, started to be considered the GOAT around like 2007ish.. punched it in 2009 after beating Sampras... played the next 10 years of his career being called the GOAT.. and then will still be playing or just recently retired by the time there's pretty much no one that can accurately call him that. Barring something nuts like he wins this wimbledon... I'm still so bummed he didn't win in '19 with the two match points on serve... just atrocious. But what other athlete has an even remotely comparable career. I mean the NFL equivalent would be if Brady played 8 more seasons and Mahomes won the next 8 super bowls... which of course won't happen. Like Brady will die as the NFL goat... most players get to at least enjoy some of their retired career as a "goat" To lose it while actively playing feels weird.
  15. i like chess but watching it isn't so great but I do watch some occasional youtubes on it. I have a running daily game with a friend. I have been playing a lot more 5/5 blitz lately and i'm terrible... just got my ranking up to 800. With some time to think in like a 15/10 format I can get up to about 1000. Never taken a lesson other than the chess.com lessons or read a book on the subject though.
  16. I was watching teen wolf last night, looked up the IMDb and saw Michael j fox dad in the show James Hampton died a month ago. Rip Harold howard
  17. Sex Packets was my first "parental advisory" CD in 1990. I adore this album to this day. Underwater Rhymes, Packet Man, Doowhatchalike, Rhymin' on the funk... Gutfest '89
  18. You're right. But i get 10 days there with my epic local pass that everyone in my family has (only going to use 4), I have my own equipment, i get 20% off ski school and on food with the epic local pass, and the place has a kitchenette so I can eat most of my meals in. So really the only expensive part is the lodging.. and I found a reasonably good 2 bedroom place in that arrowhead village for $400/nt which wasn't a lot more than the river run places I was shopping in Keystone. I'm considering Breckenridge for my Easter '22 trip though since that's the spring skiing place in the epic network.
  19. I just booked my trip there. You're right, they don't have much. one restaurant. It looks good enough though. Shuttle looks like it can take me to town and Edwards, CO is only a few minutes away. I wish I could afford the main village, but it's absurdly expensive.
  20. Da raiders, I found a spot in beaver creek I can afford, but it's over near Arrowhead village rather than the main area, do you think that's a problem for food, ski school, etc?
  21. 15 kids? Wow... just wow.
  22. Yes, I won't visit another mountain on the trip. Too tough with 7 and 6 y.o.
  23. Looks like keystone wins and unfortunately my vacation week is mid January like 9 to 12.
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