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  1. He's only played one game without Wayne and got 60 yards abd a 2pt conversion... not seeing why that single datapoint is conclusive that the season will be "more of the same".

    I see a young talent on a competent pass-happy offense with not much competition for targets... and a serious red zone threat with size/reach/hands. Sounds like money to me (even if separation and tacklebreaking are mediocre).

    My guess is mid TE1 down the stretch... but I suppose we'll see!

  2. Buy this guy imho.

    Receiving options have thinned obviously and hilton has asserted himself sufficient to draw some doubles. The colt running game is a shambles and fleener is often split wide. He made a great catch against double team for a 2pt conversion last week and was wide wide open on another.

    This guy has serious red zone upside and yet the last few mediocre weeks have kept his perceived value down. I think he lights it up this weekend against saint louis... so buy now.


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