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  1. Damn it. Now that you called me out, I can't post sometime witty like I haven't change my clock in over 10 years.
  2. I think honestly this year will be a year of consolidation. That being said, I also believe one of the smaller lesser known guys will raise. Its going to come down to adaptability and being ahead of the game. Can't change tracks that fast with such large corporations.
  3. Aah.. typical excuse. I know I have used that before..
  4. Seems like a couple years ago all over again for Bronco fans. Last time it was 3 games left, just need to win one game and they were in. Of course, they lose all three.
  5. No, he just realized there wasn't much he could do so he flew over to the Lions and help ensure the Broncos don't lose ground to them.
  6. I swear this is comedy gold. On Mon-Sat, #### talking on how this week will be the week where the "real" tebow loses. On Sun, excuses on why he didn't lose.
  7. Anything Citrus or if it's good vodka, just rocks and water.Sometimes tonic with a lime is good.I drink Vodka with any soda in the house... :-\
  8. Not yet...although only 35% of people have redeemed them. No team for details right now..but will add to this later.BTW, I just emailed you an article you migh tbe interested inAll in all I had a good experience, and I'm going to do another deal like this; except will be using a groupon competitor: Yollar (they are owned by a media conglomerate who owns a TV station in my area). Will me making a few adjustments to try to increase my expected margins this time.Being in the industry as a sales rep, send me a pm. I'll give you some insight on the proper words to say for your deal structuring. (IE; making it more favorable for you)
  9. Anybody got suggestions to replace Bones? My wife and I just blazed through 5 seasons in 2 weeks.
  10. That stupid kid that owns Groupon should have sold high while he had the chance.Google won't pull it off. There is only a few companies that might take them down.
  11. He has great information, but in the DSLR community he is considered more of a salesman than true fact finding. Basically, he became so popular he lives off the sales from his site, and thus pimps what he thinks will sell. At least, that is what I remember from nikonians.org
  12. Just picked up a 510 and 901 to expierment with which I will like better. Loving it so far though.
  13. http://slickdeals.net/forums/showthread.ph...8&t=2394485 There is the slick deals thread.
  14. Supposably certain TJ Maxxs have the WiFi for $399
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