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  1. I recently (yesterday) traded away: Rhamondre Stevenson Emmanuel Sanders 2023 3rd rounder And got in return Leonard Fournette Rashod Bateman I did not want to include the 3rd rounder, but trades have been tough to finalize in our league this year ands I needed a RB and really wanted Bateman.
  2. Mine too. Trying to drop Ty"Son for Williams.
  3. I am hoping so, but think at TE there are few "reliable" starting TE. Most are hit and miss.
  4. Same situation here, and I am starting Harris as well.
  5. I have had him on my trade bait in my league two weeks and not one offer, not even an insulting, crap offer. RB hungry teams in my league are not buying into him. Fine by me, I will just hold and flex him.
  6. Yeah, I thought about dropping Myers for McPherson, but opted for Prater in that offense and those conditions instead.
  7. I was offered Mooney and I passed. I love the prospect of Fields to Mooney, but not enough to give up on Aiyuk.
  8. I keep reading about McPherson. Would anyone drop Myers of Seattle for him?
  9. Right nowI am starting DJ Moore over him in my flex, non-PPR. Not sure if I will switch them or not.
  10. Team A gets: JuJu Smith-Schuster and a 2022 4th rounder Team B gets: Brandon Aiyuk
  11. Sticking with DJ but will watch Dillon out of interest.
  12. I am considering him in the flex over DJ Moore. Not sure if I can do that though.
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